One More Real-Life nilla ~ love letters

Spent the day at work writing like a fiend. i plan to spend some time later today spell checking, proof reading etc, so y’all will get some nice juicy stories this week.


i could not let one more day go without saying publicly, LOUDLY, how very much i love my Master. Every day, He has written to me. At first, in January, as we began to reknit our relationship, it was hammering out our rules, our guidelines.

Since that work is behind us, it’s usually little things that have come up in conversations that he plays off of. Some deeply and richly sexy, sensual, hawt. Some, funny. As you may have guessed, laughter is verrah important to me. His humor dovetails beautifully with mine, and i kid you not, this Master of mine often leaves me in tears…laughter tears, after a phone call.

As He says, nilla, you’re laughing yourself to sleep again, aren’t you? And i have.

Today i opened my email and there was my morning note from Master.

a love letter.

Thoughtful, caring, D/s…..and it made me cry…beautiful happy tears sliding down my face as my kids ate breakfast three rooms away.

So fucking moved, i could not have spoken a word, my throat clenched tightly, my heart swelling full of love for this Man, my Master.

i know you come here for smut, and hawt sexy, and a bit of romance, and i know i’ve denied you that for 3 fucking days….(denial is good, you know that, my subbie slut sisters…coz the resultant explosion is exponentially more potent…)

…and today i’m feeding you a little bit of *my* romance…



Glad we have 2/20 forever.
Glad we have 3/20 coming up.
Glad we laugh together – you’re a great audience.
Glad you’re smart enough to fear what you don’t know.
Glad you’re curious enough to seek out that which you don’t know regardless of the fear.
Glad you’re curious about pain – it’s still very early in your learning sphere.
Glad you’re a slut – you really are.
Glad you’re submissive – it’s a mindset and mannerism that was designed for you.


and there is more before, more following but He ends with this:


Glad that there is nothing more beautiful on this planet than you wearing my collar.



i know this isn’t gonna move YOU the way it moves me but gosh…as Will Crimson said on his blog, (and i’m paraphrasing since i am too lazy to go quote now, sorry Will!)….everyone deserves that time in their life to be so wanted, so desired…