Naughty Masturbation Fantasy

okay, here it is, the first dark oogly tale…you’ve read variations on this theme here before, as i’ve danced around this naughty fantasy. It is also a fantasy that has multiple “chapters” which, when i’m “engaged in activities,”  i switch around to suit my mood. This will be version one, chapter one. oh, and sin? it’s l-o-n-g….verrah long…(one might say…suitably long?! *laugh*)
He approached me in the bar, his buddies grinning behind him like the drunken louts they are. He asks me to dance, but i refuse. He hangs around me at the bar, and since i am a pretty polite person, i talk to him–mostly answering his questions, not curtly, but succinctly, hoping he’ll grow bored and go the fuck away.

Yeah, just my luck he is persistent. I wonder why i even came here? i’m not a bar sort of girl. Too loud, too stinky, and i hell, can buy booze i *like* at the liquor store and drink at home if i want to. The drinks here are either watered or simply bad. But. Here i am.

I excuse myself to go to the ladies room, thinking i’ll have one more drink, and then go. The music is decent, and that helps. The people-watching is excellent, and good story fodder. Who is here with whom, and who is hunting?

i return to the bar, and yes indeed, Mr. Persistent is *still* there.

“I got you another of those” he says, pointing to a fresh new Screwdriver on the bar.

i smile, a bit tersely. This guy was really hoping here.

“okay, thanks but look, Mr…”

“Bill,” he interjected.

“Bill,” i say, “i just want you to know, this isn’t going anywhere. i’m not here looking for a date, or to have sex…nothing like that. Just here to listen to the music, have a few drinks, that’s all.”

“Sure, sure, fine, but you can do that with a little company, right?” he says. His face is puppy-dog innocent. i’m not completely fooled, but yanno, i’m not used to such direct come-ons. I’m sure i can handle one hopeful fellow.

“okay, just, you know Bill, kind of laying out the ground rules.”

“Right. No sex on the first date.”

i laugh a bit at his tone. “It’s not a date! i only just met you.”

“Hey, a guy can hope, right?”

i glance over at his friends, making a bit rowdy at a table not too far away.

He catches my look, runs a gentling hand down my arm, tracing his finger on the back of my hand. i hate that i feel a tingly response to that brief touch.

“Hey, you know how guys are…we come in together but if someone finds a hot lady, like I have, all bets are off. We don’t tend to travel in posses like you women do!”

And he laughed. A nice rich laugh. i admit it, i’m a sucker for a guy with a good laugh.

The drink was making me mellow. I also felt warm and tingly. Not sexual tingly. Not really. But the conversation flowed and as i came to the end of my drink,  i was sorry, a bit, that it was time for me to go.

“it was nice meeting you, Bill,” i say with a light touch on his arm. Daringly, i lean forward and kiss his cheek. He turns his head and we wind up in a liplock. His hand rises to the back of my head, holding me there, and i relent. His tongue slips between my lips and slides across mine, tracing my lips, my inner mouth, exploring.

An arrow of pure lust shoots straight to my pussy, and i struggle to pull away. NFW! i am not not not going to leave here and fuck a stranger. He releases me, and still holding my head close, he slowly licks his lips, making an “mmmmmmmm” sound.


i feel my nipples grow hard, but i deny my body, and say “bye” in a breathless tone.

I turn to leave. The noise is very loud, the press of bodies, intense. I feel a bit light-headed, woozy. Geeze apparently two drinks is my limit…and i’d had three. I make my way towards the exit sign, blurry-eyed.

Stepping out into the fresh night, i shake my head in an attempt to clear it, but the haze gets stronger. i take a deep breath, and feeling like i’m going go fall, i stagger across the parking lot, wondering how the fuck i am going to drive myself ho………
Cool air over my pussy.

A vibrator pressing against my clit, rubbing up and down my slit. i feel the wetness. For a moment, it’s all i can focus on. Velvet black darkness, and the feel of cool air and clitoral stimulation.


i shake my head a bit. Did i fall asleep while fucking myself? It wouldn’t be the first time i had. But how was i moving the vibe in my sleep?

So fuckingly muzzy-headed.

i move to stretch.

i am already stretched.  i can’t move a fucking inch. What the fuck is going on here?

i try to lift my head, to see what and where i am. i can’t see a fucking damn thing…but i can feel….constricted.  Arms pegged wide, when i twist them i can feel a rope. It’s tight, constricting but not painful. I try to bend my knees, to close my legs, but like my arms they too are splayed open. i can’t get enough slack to even bend my knee a fraction. i toss my head and murmur.

“aaahhh, here’s our little slut princess, wakey wakey….”

The voice is somehow familiar, the tone, mocking.

“She’s slept long enough, let’s get to the good stuff man…” another male voice over to the left.

“Yeah, why did we have to wait for her to wake up, anyway? a cunt is usable whether the eyes are open or not…” yet another voice, from the right.

“w-who is that? where am i”….my voice is gravely, husky, soft.

“Well, slut princess, you’re with us, so you’ll be fine. Well fucked, but fine. Except..that little condition, no sex on the first date, slut?” there was a tut-tut sound, and a tone of false regret.

“I’m afraid we simply can’t accommodate that little thing. Coz….yannoooo slut? You cunt is wet. We’ve been playing with you for quite a while and your body is very responsive. Lovely hard nipples…”

he pauses, and i feel a squeeze on my  left nipple, then my right. The sensation is zipped right down to my pussy, and my clit throbs, as the vibe continues its slow dance up and around it. i can’t stop the moan any more than i can stop the tide.

“Thing is, slut, we’re going to use you. Use you hard, and rough, and for as long as we want to. And we’ll make sure you cum. Coz if you go running off to the cops later, they’ll find your pussy juice all over the place as well as our cum…and it will look like buyers regret. Course, you can try going that route, but all those pictures we’ll be taking of you…well, lets just say there are places that will publish them, no questions asked. Got it?”

i’m moaning with fear now, and i’m so turned on at the same time.

“I. Don’.t Want. This.” i am crying now, and tossing my head, helpless.

“Sure you do, slut. Your cunt is empty, and throbbing, and I can guarantee that you’ll come in seconds after I do this…” and i feel the vibe slipping down my slit, then up and pressing hard against my clit. He pulls it away and thrusts it, hard and deep, into my cunt. My body arches as he fucks the vibe in and out, in and out.  Shamefully, in seconds, i am cumming. Hard.

i scream out my orgasm, then lay spent and panting when he withdraws the vibe. i feel the bed shift, feel him moving over me, feel the probing of a hot and hard cock at the entrance to my soaked and throbbing cunthole.

“See, slut,”  he growls in my ear as his cock begins to stab into me, then out, short little jabs of his rod, “you want this. Fuckin’ little whore, tell me you want this cock inside your fucking dirty hole…

His cock slips in and out, only the head, rubbing against my  inner lips, slipping and popping into and out of my body. I feel my cunt grabbing at him, feel the forbidden need rising in me, the need to fuck building, rising, like a tidal wave, unable to be held back.,
and i know he won’t fuck me until he has me begging for him to use me.

“It’s not rape when you’re begging for my cock, whore; i know you want my cock jammed up inside your steaming fuckhole. You’re so fucking wet, so fucking hot. I feel your pussy begging for it, little cock whore.”

my control breaks then, and i whimper. I can’t see him, and i know that he and his cronies have blindfolded me. Robbed of vision, sensations explode along my body. i feel his fingers pinching my nipple as he waits.

‘I’ll wait for you, I know you want it, say it, say it fuckhole…tell me you want my dick up in your belly…”

Broken, i begin to cry, and beg. “fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me …”
Chapter break…..and oh,  have you cum yet? okay…. this ends part one and i *know* sin is going wait, wait –where is that dirty lil thrill on the end…it’s coming, it really is…just…not yet. I’m writing it the way i fantasize it. Promise. Coz yanno? there are those two other guys….