Naughty Masturbation Fantasy ch. 2

ya’ll  know that subsister sin has *made* me do this. Okay, she will say (and she’d be correct) that there must be a part of me that *wants* to say it. And maybe there is and i want to make sure that you all know i’m a good girl, really i am.

You’re not buyin’ that i see.

Smart on you. *smiles*  There is a darkness in each of us, and i am not always in a dark place, or a bad place when i whip out this fantasy. To me it seems very dark and disturbed. Maybe to some of you it will be relatively tame. (if it is, i want to hear yours…i really do, coz yanno, i’m always collecting fodder, and you can write it to my email and i’ll keep it anonymous.)

i am broken, after begging him to fuck me, after cumming hard, once, twice, a third time. Ashamed, beaten, i feel his hands twisting my tits as he pushes deeply inside of me, filling me with his fluids.

And rolls away.

i think it is almost over, two more to go, and i’ll be done, out of here, heading home….

“I like my girls to experience more…” says the voice from the left. His voice is gravelly, raw, hungry. His breath is horrid. i turn my head away, and am slapped for my ‘rudeness’. He holds me with his fist in my bangs and tells me he will “teach” me “his way”.

i lay there and think, just fuck me and be done, but am not brave enough to say it.

“Pleasure and pain, slut, pleasure heightened by pain. I’m gonna see you hurting, gonna see you spray cum everywhere when I give you my pain.” There is a note of glee there that is terrifying, and my heart races.

“Please ….” my voice is shaky…” please don’t hurt me..please…”

“Too late!”

The sing-song words are attended by a sharp pinch on my nipple and i cry out as he twists it brutally. He’s squeezing my little sensitive bit between his fingers so hard, and turning it, torturing it painfully. Fingers slide into my pussy, still wet from his friend’s deposit. His thumb rubs over my clit as his fingers curl and pull inside me, and i’m overcome by the pleasure as he skillfully strokes my g-spot. Gawd! Please!

and i’m moaning, tossing my head as the pain in my tormented nipple, squished, rolled, pulled, twisted begins to transmit some primal code to my clitoris. In a rush i’m thrown up the mountain and crash over it, the orgasm ripping through me fiercely, as i am fingerfucked blissfully, and tortured cruelly.

i lay, open, gasping, my tits heaving as i try to slow my heartrate…try to draw breath through numb lips.. i can feel the wetness pouring from me, the warm wet trail of it sliding towards my asshole, before it drips into a pool forming under my ass on the bed. .i hear a jingly sound and think he maybe taking off his pants? Coins jingling? i’m not certain, and am completely unprepared for the hard bite of a clamp as my crushed nipple is pulled between the tight-gripping rubber lips. Cold, cold metal falls across me as a chain lands there, oh gawd…and i know what is coming, as my  untouched nipple awaits its own dose of hurt.

Clamped, cold metal joining my tits, i cry out as the chain is lifted from my torso,and pulled upright. My tits are pulled, pulled hard, pulled harder, and i’m crying and begging for it to stop. And he slips the chain into my mouth.

“hold it there slut. You drop that fucking chain and you will regret it.”

My nipples are pulled, distended, filled with fiery pain. The bed moves again, and i feel him between my thighs. A thick cock, thicker than the first one, probes at the entry to my tummy. He lies on me, pressing the clamps into my tits increasing the pull and making me wince and cry out around the chain in my mouth. His cock presses, presses, and he begins to fuck, easing into me, and out, his rhythm slow and steady. He is groaning in satisfaction, and the dirty words flow from him…’fucking whore, tight so fucking tight your cunt hole, take it take it little fucking slut…thats it, good– good…” His words wind down into a guttural growl.

His mouth grinds down on mine, and i struggle to hold the chain. He tastes terrible. Smoker, i can tell, and god only knows what he drank or ate last…i shudder yet cannot move my mouth away for fear of dropping the chain.

The burning pain in my tits is building a fire  between my thighs as his cock plows into me. Not as much depth as his friend, but i can feel the thickness of his rod stretching me. My pussy is throbbing, throbbing, and i want to scream. So fucking turned on and i shouldn’t be–just  shouldn’t be– this is so fucking wrong and yet ….

I cum, my pussy clenching around his shaft as he begins to pump harder. Being fucked while cumming is a new experience, and he pushes through my squeezing walls, driving my orgasm higher, tighter, longer. Wave after wave of pleasure crashes over me, my clit throbbing, screaming with sensation as he continues to shove his dick into my hole.

He fucks a long time before he cums, my pussy sore and tender now.

He lies on me gasping for a few minutes, his cock still inside me. i can feel it. My tits are on fire with hurt now. The clamps biting cruelly, i am wracked with pain.

“Please,” i beg, “please take them off, they hurt, they hurt so badly…”

His hand moves to unlatch one but the voice from the right stops him…”nah, leave ’em Jeff.”

Tears slip out the sides of the blindfold, and i wish i was stronger, able to not whimper and moan. i hate giving them the satisfaction.


For a few minutes there is only the feeling of my throbbing pussy, and my aching, burning tits. Little licks of pain-fire lap around my breasts, spreading outward from the center point of my nipples. The hurt is amazingly intense, and i pull and tug with my arms, trying vainly to free myself. Then a sharp, driving pain on the underside of my right tit.

And another.

The chain is still in my mouth, but it falls free as i open my mouth to shriek.

“Go ‘head and yell, whore.” the voice is dark and mean. “Room is soundproofed, best home-improvement project I’ve ever done.” There was a wicked laugh, one with no humor in it at all, but something deeper, and more frightening. A lust, a hunger. More swats to the underside of my tit and i feel the twin pains of flesh beginning to welt, and the resulting ripples of pain from my clamped nipples.

And then he strikes on the nipple, clamps and all.

i scream. Cry.

He hits again.

i start to beg. Almost incoherent, i beg for him to stop. He hits my nipple again, and then higher, onto the top of my tit. i can hear movement during the brief surcease and i know he’s moving to the other side of the bed, and i beg louder, longer, the pleas falling from my lips until he strikes my other breast. Same pattern, underside then clamp, then the top. My tits are burning fires of pain, and yet, there is a hot wet puddle continuing to grow under my ass. i want to believe it is their cum leaking from me, but i can feel my pussy throbbing hotly, wetly. And i know when he eventually fucks me that i will be ready for him.

but i want him to stop hitting my tits.

Amazingly, he does.

His hand slaps down on my exposed pussy.

AAAAAAaaaarrrrhhhhh! i scream. His hand slaps down again and again. My clit is swollen and hard, and his hand hits it repeatedly and somehow my fucking traitorous body is cummingandcumming and…i arch my back no no no not into the blows but yes yes yes into them, and my mouth is opened wide,  as a scream silenced by the tautness of my throat ripples along my open lips.

The bed shifts yet again,and a cock is rammed into me, even as a second cock is suddenly pushing into my mouth. Fingers are slipping into my ass as every hole is taken for a ride.

“Hot little cunt. You want this, you want us to use you like the little whore we know you are…Yessssss fucking grade A whore, take it take these cocks, we’re gonna fill you with more cream…make you a creampie whore…

i can’t breathe around the cock in my mouth, my ass aches with the fingers jammed up there, deep in that forbidden place, and my pussy, freshly spanked, is squishing wetly as the third cock of the triad begins to slam into me. Long, thick, meaty, he is ungentle as he fills me, fills me, fills me with his cock. Hard, slamming thrusts that are meant to hurt. i grunt and gurgle with each hard hit of his hips into my soft belly, snatching breath, gagging as the cock in my mouth slams into my throat, then out. The rhythms are discordant, and i am consumed by trying to breath. I feel the third guy stiffen and moan, his hands fisting around my aching, throbbing, hurting breasts. He spurts so hard that i can feel it, accompanying each surge of cum with a little hip thrust. The guy in my mouth is taking forever to cum, and i continue to choke and gag and gasp, helpless to stop him.

At long last he spurts. I swallow to avoid drowning, but he pulls out and i feel the hot thick wads of his cum landing on cheek, in my hair, on my throat.

“Cum whore” he says, panting, “Wear my pearls for me…” and he laughs. Somehow this is more degrading than swallowing it.

From across the room, i hear a door open, footsteps receding. The door closes again.

“Lucky girl” he whispers in my ear, “Jeff’s off to fetch his dogs from the backyard. His pooches just love the taste of two-legged bitches…and here you are, all spread out and eager for them…”

His laugh was cruel, avaricious. “We’ll sit in here and recover, since you’ve drained our hoses pretty well. Let the dogs have at you for a while. When you finally leave here, you’ll know you’ve been a real bitch…nasty little whore will cum all over for those lapping doggie tongues, won’t she?

He chucked me on the chin, and i moaned, begging him “nooooo, please…please…”

He laughed. “poor lil bitch whore,  you’re just not ready to be done for the night…and Jeff’s dogs really do need a drink…”

The door opens and i hear the scrabbling of dog claws skittering across the floor. i hear the clink of bottles, and the scrape of chairs, and the conversations of the three men as they pull up their front row seats.

i feel the warm breath, and soft snort of a dog snout scenting along my foot.


22 thoughts on “Naughty Masturbation Fantasy ch. 2

    1. *smiles*

      it’s not the ending but that’s it for just now, methinks…i have a few alt versions that i might, might write…someday…


    1. yuppers, verrah dark…and yanno…i had to stop twice? three times? while writing it coz it was turning me on so much. gawd.


      1. i had to stop writing.

        i was writing offline at work; there were times when there were no kids and it was “dead”…so i filled it up with writing…and had to stop because i started getting…excited. verrah excited. Flushed of face, wet, breathing hard, you know.

        naughty girl.*grins*


  1. Pant. Dammit. Pant pant. i did it to myself again…. this mornings’ get up get breakfast get the kids to school routine was little tense for mom! don’t have to be at work for a little while though, so maybe i’ll just borrow this….cause it really is right up my curvy corkscrewed little alley.

  2. Definitely dark… But why is it that most of your really dark ones all have dogs in them? Last time it was peanut butter and dogs… Or was that the time before last time? Damn woman!

    1. i know, i know….the dark ones do have dogs in them…i guess coz it’s so dark, so perverted…so….bad? That forbidden taboo that makes it wrong and yet clicks my engine over every damn time.

      dammit. i are twisted.


    1. *grins*

      how can i even reply to a comment like that without a big smile on my face (and who else would get that but one of my readers??)

      i’m glad you enjoyed it.


  3. Just a Fly on the wall here, you guy’s should have seen nilla writing this one. Tits all clamped and chained, she even put the chain in her mouth, then she took to bouncing on the plug, while sitting in the chair as she was typing. She had to get up and get some weights for her nipples as she didn’t have enough to satisfy her. She can type fast, but she has to hit the back space key a lot because she does get very excited when typing these damn fucking hot stories. Fly

    1. Laughs

      laughs more

      laughs even MORE…

      so that *was* you…lucky i couldn’t find my swatter, since i put it away for the winter….

      and yes, i did get VERRAH excited writing this (had to take 3 breaks before i spontaneously combusted)


  4. This is another favourite of mine (I have so many of your stories bookmarked!) that I’ve come back to read again. Very slippery fingers here…damn, but that’s hot! It’s the ending that tips me over…

    xx Dee

    1. Dee…I was thinking about you the other day…and then you pop up here. Funny how that works!!

      Slippery fingers are lovely!! And I thank you for your hawt review. I’d forgotten about this story. I said to myself…wow, I don’t even remember —oh. oh yeah. I remember now…hahaha…that ending. I haven’t written anything recently with that thought, have I? (I’ve gotten “tamer”…hmmmm)…yet it is still the thing that will make me explode when I am getting my own slippery fingers…


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