Flash Fiction Friday, The Bath…119 words

He’d no idea where her inner Domme came from, but He’d play it out her way. For now. Give her a little leeway, see where it ran to. She’d sent him into the bathroom, to lay in the water she’d drawn, scented lightly with some exotic, intoxicating scent.

She came into the tub, the coy smile on her face fair warning as she slipped down onto him. Piercing deeply into her body his cock was  enveloped.

In warmth, he lay back into the water, feeling the dual wetness, against his back, and surrounding his shaft. This put a new spin on good clean fun, was his last coherent thought before she began riding him, making waves, and him, come.

thanks Panser for an inspiring picture! exactly at the word limit, tho i did consider going over, just to earn the spanking! If YOU want to join the FFF fun, go visit Panser’s site….there are many different writers who have presented their own take on this picture and you’ll enjoy reading them…Panser has the full list!

go. read. enjoy. (short smut is still *good* smut!)