Rut ro..

writing first-person today…but not from experience…this is all from my head…

He grabs a hank of hair and pulls me from the bed.

“Didn’t i tell you, slut?”

Half-awake, stunned, i am shocked into full alertness as He pulls me out of the warm bed to land in a disordered, naked heap at His feet.

Quickly i scramble to my knees. i try to scroll through what infraction i’ve done that has Him in this mood so early in the day.

“I specifically told you to get up and attend to your chores by 8:00 a.m. Do you have *any* idea what time it is, slut?”

Clearly, i do not, since i was asleep, but i wisely shut my mouth and shake my head slowly side to side, no.

“It’s 12:30.”

Dayam! i knew it was a bad idea to go back to bed this morning. Those damn room-darkening curtains had done their job, only too well.

“i’m sorry Sir.” My voice was soft. Husky with sleep, yet sincere. i was sorry. i was about to be much sorrier.

He pulls me to my feet. Stumbling in my fuddled state, he shoves my shoulder roughly pushing me downstairs.

His best friend and co-worker Alec is in the kitchen, sandwich raised to his open mouth. A mouth that remains wide open, as wide as his eyes as he sees me pushed, nekkid as a jay bird, through the kitchen and outside.

Bad girls have to go onto the chain in the backyard. Damn. i hate this punishment. Loathe it.

He stops at the back stoop, watching me for a moment before turning back to the kitchen.

“C’mon Alec, let me show you how this D/s thing works for us.”

I sit on my haunches while Master makes his way down to the yard. Bending he takes the chain from the overhead run, and hooks it to my collar. From the nail  at the top of the support post, he lifts the silver padlock.

oh. fuck.

i look up at him, imploring.

“Bad girl!” He grabs my collar and hooks the lock on. The key is in the kitchen, by the back door, well out of reach of the run. i can go back and forth for about 40 feet.

“Go Piss, badgirl. You know you need to…”

i burn with embarrassment, knowing that Master will watch this avidly, comment loudly. i go to the farthest distance i can, and shove my ass half under a bush, while staring at the ground before me. The relief from my full bladder is patently obvious on my face.

“Oh my, look at that badgirl piss. Such a bad little girl she is, pissing all down her leg like that. Look at that lil river running between her legs. Oops, going to get her little front paw wet…don’t you fucking move that ‘paw’ badgirl…”

i feel a rivulet of my own hot pee on my hand where it braces against the mulched bed of the garden. i am blushing deeply with shame and humiliation.

“come here badgirl,” and He fucking whistles at me, while tapping his thigh. Sometimes he gets way too carried away with this badgirl doggie thing, i think.

i glance at Alec, who is eating his sandwich but gazing with intense interest at the scene before him. Master takes his cock out and relieves himself on my upturned face. I close my eyes and whimper.

Master turns away as he puts his now-drained dick back into his pants, heading for the house. He stops for a moment and speaks quietly to Alec. Alec comes down the steps towards me, a speculative smile on his face.

Fuck no!

Yet, he does. He takes his cock out and proceeds to piss all over me. He hits my face, then hoses down my body. Honestly, has he peed at all today? There must be a fucking gallon of piss streaming from his shaft.

My eyes are closed, stinging from the first drops of Master’s piss. Thankfully none of Alec’s made it into my eyes. Hearing nothing, i open my eyes to see him still standing in front of me, a drop of piss hanging on the end.

“Lick it off,” he says, his voice husky.

Shuddering, i do.

Master returns, a bowl of clear water in his hand. He puts it in the shade, at the very end of the dog run.

“You’ll stay out here the rest of the day, badgirl, and I’ll consider letting you in when I get home tonight.”

They fall into conversation as they go back into the house together.  Just before they go inside, Master turns to me.

“Oh, and badgirl?”

i look but i know i may not speak. That is not a privilege for bad girls.

“Alec will be coming back here for dinner. We’ll bring takeout with us, and you can show him all about being a good girl, eh?”

i sit in the sun and feel the piss drying on my skin, the smell of it so strong when heated, the itchy feeling of it on my tender flesh.

And wonder what, exactly, He means by ‘show’.