Note to self…..

When the Boss says “nilla, do not shave your pussy, because I will do it the next time we are together” He was NOT joking. And when one sends one’s Master a text *after the fact* and says “btw Master, You *were* joking about that whole shaving thing, right?” one should expect ones Master to not be terribly happy about that.

Which, of course, He wasn’t.

my bad.

and now the punishment for my crime?

i have to write some smut today, and wear clamps at all times that  i write…and not just tonight (which is my usual task).  He knows i have several stories to write. He wants me to write them. Strongly encourages me to write them.

my bad.

Your good smut.


19 thoughts on “Note to self…..

  1. ROFLOL!!!! You would check After you’ve shaved! LOL… Have to admit that being shaved by someone else is so erotic/submissive/helpless/terrifying and sexy.

    1. i know. that was the most dumbass thing. i didn’t even remember the conversation until i was *done* shaving…and suddenly the tape started playing in my head and i was …Oh. My. Gawd. wtf did i just do?????

      rut ro.

      and to top it all off…pain…and no orgasm today/tonight.



      1. And then you read my blog too… When you finally do get to hit orgasm, we better be ready for an explosion!

      2. yes, big, huge, ginormous orgasm…

        and i’ve been forgiven, AND forcefully reminded, that i am His…and you know what? It was a good lesson…and made me very very happy. Silly, how the submissive mind works, but ….it is what it is.

        and that was one hella, hella hella hawt story.


  2. GREAT shoes Nilla, even better than I was expecting :drool: Where are they from?

    Oh and if a little pain means more smut, then, well, ya know, we all suffer for our art 😉

    1. if i recall correctly (and monkey i hope you are reading comments, coz i need to tell you too…!) the name inside the shoe is “Baker” …i am not sure where He purchased them, but they are the specific brand He wanted (He knows His shoes!)And they are so wicked awesome aren’t they? i’m so so lucky. (i’ve never, ever been a shoe gal before this …in vanillanillaville…i wear shearling slippers nearly year-round)

      and yes. smartypants. we do suffer for our art.


  3. Ouch! Do you think our guys really understand how much nipple clamps hurt, even after they come off? Wait, they lean toward the sadist persuasion! I guess they do!

    Not to be rude, but your pain-our gain!

    Please thank your Master for Bill and me. Have I mentioned that Bill reads your blog every day, too? Loves it!


    1. LOL, yes, i did a lot of fine-tuning of 4 or 5 stories, and wrote a new one, to boot.

      i didn’t know Bill was a reader (waves to Bill…)…and Sir? nipple clamps hurt like holy fuck=all. just…keeping you in the loop.
      oh. you knew that…?



    1. thank you Mick! There be a lotta lotta happy memories in that pic…course, you can’t *see* that part, but trust me, they’re there!!


  4. Sorry ’bout the pain for you, but yeah, like everyone else, pleased with our gain. As for getting shaved – ahhhhhh. Nothing like it. Next time, you’ll be glad you didn’t forget.


    1. i’m looking forward to it. i justhought he was, yanno, joking. my bad. and yes, a bunch of new stories emerged.

      *rubs nipples*

    1. hi Sir Tip!!! He did, he did…and you know what? i truly appreciated that He did.

      glad you like the new header *smiles*


  5. Nilla, I’m so glad you liked that story. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I got it “right” if you know what I mean.

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