Fucktoy (pt3)

She straddled the Cowboys lap, facing her Master. She felt his thick hard hands grabbing her hips, pulling her ass back against his belly. She could also feel the thickness of his cock pressing against her butt. Her eyes met those of her Master across the table.

Half-hidden in the gloomy corner, she felt them boring into hers, reveling and absorbing her every reaction.  Cowboys right hand came up under her blouse, fondling her right tit, while his left slid over her hip and up under the minuscule skirt she wore. His rough and calloused forefinger rubbed her slit and he chuckled aloud.

“This shore do be a wet cunny here, Mister. Thinkin’ I’d like to give yor gal a lil finger action. Whadda ya think?” His fingers pinched against her nipple hard, and she moaned low in her throat. Her pussy clamoured for attention. Oh, gawd. Oh, gawd! She needed to be fucked so badly!

She no longer noticed the crowded room, the sad excuse for music playing on the other side of the room; nothing existed now but her Master across the table, and the raw, craven need that rumbled in her cunt.

She shifted her hips a bit, rubbing against the probing finger enticingly.

Masters brow raised fractionally and she froze. He smiled. His control of the situation, of her actions and Cowboy’s was immense. She knew it fed Him plenty to be able to create the dance-tune they moved to. She mouthed to him “please, Master”, hoping that He would relent.

He shook His head, no.

She tried to not roll her eyes, a very rude response, but her pussy was screaming. She mouthed again…”please, Master”, her eyes begging, pleading.

Cowboys finger had found her sex button and had begun rubbing it. Round and round, then across it, hard and rough. There was no finesse to his groping, no pattern, and she ground her hips down when her Master gave a slight, nodding assent.

“May i cum, please Master?” she said, her voice whisper quiet.

“Cowboy, that slut on your lap wants to cum all over your hand. How do you feel about that? ”  Master was the epitome of sincerity.

“Shore she can, c’mon lil filly, let ‘er rip…”

As the orgasm rolled through her, he shoved three fingers up inside of her as he separated his legs, opening her wider. She was lost in the grip of a powerful cum, feeling it splashing from her pussy, wetting his fingers, his hand as he shoved his thick, work-toughened fingers up her fuckhole.  She wanted more, more of this rough handed dude. She ground down, her orgasm rolling through her.

Spent, she would have fallen forward, but for the hand holding her up by her tit.

“Thank you Master, and thank you, Sir,” she murmured, as her head fell back against Cowboys shoulder.

“Oh, but you are not done yet, little fucktoy,” her Master said. “Get your ass down there between our friends legs and clean up. Clean up his fingers, his hand, and his jeans. You suck that pussy cum right off that denim, got me, slut?”

Silently she nodded. Sliding off Cowboys lap, she knelt on the floor between his legs, taking his hand in hers and guiding it to her mouth.

She felt the wetness on the floor and knew it to be her own juices that she was kneeling in. She had a moments gratitude that He’d not made her lick it up from the disgustingly dirty floor. She sucked Cowboys fingers clean, one at a time, and lapped at the webbing between.

She licked his palm, the back of his hand, until all traces of her juice were removed. He moaned as she slowly pulled her lips from his fingers.  Finding the big wet spot on his jeans,  she placed her lips upon it and began sucking and licking it.

His hand came down on her head, holding her against his crotch as he moaned once again.

“GAWD” he grated out, his head thrown back, teeth clenched,  even as he pressed her harder  into his groin,  overwhelmed by the sensation of her mouth, and the teasing rasping as her lapping tongue stroked across the wet denim.

“Fuckin’ A, friend, i shore do hope that mouth gets put to more use, and soon!!”

“Soon enough, my friend,” He reassured Cowboy.  “She knows she needs to clean up first. Then we’ll see what other goodies she can offer to you.”

She felt Masters eyes on the back of her head as she worked. Her pussy throbbed.

She wondered exactly what ‘goodies’ He was talking about.

She didn’t have long to wait.

*** *** ***

Master bid her to rise, and drink her beer. She rose, carefully, her knees aching from kneeling so long.

She sipped at the beer, made a face.

“Don’t dawdle,” Master ordered, gesturing for her to drink up. She grimaced, then chugged down the last of the vile stuff. He took a hank of hair, and pushed her forward towards the bar’s exit sign, glowing a lurid neon red in the dark and smokey room.

He bobbed his head towards the older fellow who’d been watching the action here at this table for the last hour, and Cowboy. The age-old  gesture was universally known, and the two men rose and began to move towards the exit.

His slut was quiet, and He felt the shiver run through her. She knew He wasn’t done yet.

Smart cunt.

He’d parked the truck purposely ’round back, where the trees broke the parking lot light into dense shadow.  He popped the back open, and turning her to face Him, he lifted her up onto the tailgate.

She saw that company had come to visit right off. Her gaze flew to His face. Before she could open her mouth, He told her gruffly to shut the fuck up.

She fell silent but He saw the worry. The nerves. And the lust. She could hide it from many, but not Him. This was pure fantasy come to life for her.

And Him.


The three men gathered around her in the back of the truck. He’d put down boards and a sponge mat earlier today, knowing that His own knees weren’t up for much hard surface.

“G’on and make her nekkid,” He said, watching as Cowboy, and their new guest, Blake, began touching her avidly. He reached up to the corner, and grabbed his rope, and took her hands. He wound it round her wrists, between her hands, over her hands, effectively embalming her fingers. He tied off the rope tightly over her head as she lay stretched out and bare.

They’d solved the problem of the blouse by ripping it from her, using Cowboys knife to help part reluctant seams.

Oh, this just got better and better.

He drew a condom from his back pocket, handed it to Blake, who grinned.

“Like a man who comes prepared,” he laughed as he tore open the foil pack and rolled the rubber over his dick. “Any special order You want this in?” he asked.

He shook his head. He wanted to see how it all played out first.

“I’m going to watch you two for a while.”

“Drinkin’ it all in, eh? She’s a fine lookin’ whore.” Blake slapped her belly. “On your knees, cunt. Oh, quit whinin, you’ll figure it out.” He spoke curtly as she strugged to obey with her hands tied to the crossbar.

Cowboy crawled up to her head and took her head in his hands, his stiff cock pulsing visibly. “I’ma gonna use this lil whore’s pie hole, but good…” and he slid  his pole between her lips.

“Fight my cock, you dirty lil whore,” he ordered. She tried to clamp her mouth shut and he shoved hard against her lips. She felt and tasted the drop of precum that lubed against her lips, felt her teeth cut at the inside of her lip as he battered her mouth.

At the same time, she felt the other strangers fingers probing her wet pussy, smearing her juice up to her asshole. Gawd…he was going to fuck her asshole?! She wanted to yell, to cry to her Master, but she’d been told to obey and she was so well-trained.

A thick finger poked into her tailpipe.

She moaned, and Cowboy pressed hard against her lips, popping the head of his dick into her mouth. She thought fleetingly of struggle, even knowing it was impossible; but as Cowboys cock filled her mouth, pressed toward the back of her throat, all she could focus on was breathing.

He took advantage of that,  sliding  a second finger into her ass. Pushing, stretching, twisting, he loosened her reluctant butthole. In one fluid, forceful motion, he slid his fingers out and his cock in. He might have been an older guy, but he had experience on his side, and his cock slid home in two strokes.

She moaned around the cock in her throat, making Cowboy groan. “oh HOT baby, so fuckin’ hot, your lil whore mouth, cm’mmmmmmon whore, suck it suck it.” He pulled out, slamming roughly back into her face, his fingers tangled in her hair. Spit glued hair to her cheeks, irritating. She could barely breathe, and her ass was on fire as she was taken from opposite ends, simultaneously.

Her Master was nearby, she knew, but she trembled from the stranger fucking. Fantasy blurred under realities relentless  onslaught. Her ass stretched, accepting, her throat gagged, but her tongue lapped each time the shaft in her mouth pulled out.

And she needed to cum.

His voice surrounded her.

“My fuckin’ lil whore, look at you, taking two strange dicks in your slutty dirty holes. My dirty nasty whore, look at you….you need to cum all over the place don’t you, don’t you?”

She nodded.

“Then cum, whore, cum for your Master!”

She spurted, her pussy convulsing, as tears of relief, pain, ecstasy, lust coursed down her face.

When they were done, they collapsed into a pile of mixed bodies.

He helped their guests out of the truck, watching them weave their way back into the bar.

He watched as they stopped to collect the drunk who had collapsed. Poor bastard, wait until they told him what he’d missed out on.

He untied her hands from the rod in the truck, but kept them bound. He hefted her over his shoulder, and pushed her into the passenger seat of the truck.

Putting the truck into gear, he headed home with a big smile on his face.

“Daddy’s turn next, slut,” He crooned at her. She was a delightful mess, makeup in ruins, body bare and showing signs of bruises already.

She was so fucking perfect!