It kind of rolls off His tongue. Tooorrr—ture… He loves that word. Well, all things being fair? So do i.

This time? It’s allllll different.

We don’t play with a “menu”, Master and i. He brings things He might do, but doesn’t feel wedded to a specific script.  He…goes with the flow.

Last time? Wall time was long. For at least 15 minutes i stood, forehead on the wall, not that i could really tell time, blindfolded and wrist bound as i was.  But i serve corner time a lot for Him, as a way to focus on things He wants me to think about, and i’m a pretty good judge of how long 15 minutes really is.

After all that ‘thinking’ time, the torment time sped up…and then…slowed to a crawl. OH, He hit me with His hands, the fucking pink brush, the crop, the crop handle, the silver cake thingy and His belt. My ass was welted, bruising already…and then He bit it.

He says tenderized, bruising flesh is deliciously succulent.

Why do i love it when He bites me? i dunno, i’m not a shrink, but i can interpret that it is likely a primal response. If He is biting me, holding me in His teeth, then 1) i’m not getting away without some really deep marks, (the kind that last a while–you know, the good kind)  and 2) i’m on the brink of being utterly possessed.

i like the thought of that. i love being restrained and He does it in a variety of ways, His teeth in my flesh is  just another way of Him doing just that. And no, He has not “bitten through”…just in case you were worried for me. *smiles*

i love when He is laying on me, my hands clasped inside of His. i have very tiny hands, thin wrists. Almost child-like. And tiny feet.  He likes being able to swallow up two of my hands in one of His, if He chooses. One Master hand completely engulfs two of nilla’s hands. i love that feeling of being fully, totally possessed.

hmm. not that i’m possessed… laughing here now…you know what i mean, right?

So, we’ve been talking some about our next playdate. We’re both pretty desperate for it. And we have nearly no chance to get together for even a quick visit, at least for the next few weeks.  i hate when Vanilla-ville interferes with the important stuff!!!

Anyway, the Boss has been talking torment and torture with great glee.

His new target?

mah feet.

Seriously. i know if sephi is reading this she is already cringing.

The thing is, i am *extremely* ticklish. i’ve been able to hide this fact from Master for nearly a year. Most of our play has been pain-play.

He discovered it by accident, i know i wrote of it awhile ago (at least i think i did)… He was fucking *delighted* to discover that His subgirl is so tickley.

(is so a word. just invented, hot off the presses.)

(o. just looked it up and urban dictionary has it. rats.)

Anyway, the discovery that i am  outrageously ticklish has sparked some …. dismaying tendencies in my Master. He loves to attack me. His arsenal is vast and varied…hands, fingers, nose, teeth, lips…tormenting my hips, breasts, sides,  armpits; in fact, just about my entire body. He’s found so many little “special spots”…which drive me wild until i  become a writhing, wild animal laughing and screaming and begging for mercy…

He’s been recounting me with “The Plan” for many days now. He said last night…”nilla.”

(yes Master)




(yes Master)

“definitely Bloggable. in fact, I insist. Before. and After.”

(sigh. Yes Master)

And He laughed that delicious laugh of His that wets me and makes me shiver with lust.

So. Here it is, for all of you to delight in the ‘torment of nilla’, the subduing of the subgirl,  the delightful decline of  da slut….

The Tickle Plan.

(egads, i just shuddered, typing that!).

Mah feet. (goosebumps are popping out all over me now. i hope you’re happy about that, Master!)

His mouth will trail over my ass, down the center of the back of my thigh. Over the little dimpled crease behind my knee. Down the center of my calf (oh! it just twitched when i wrote that!), biting up and over my heel, and then tracing his damned talented tongue up and over the bottom of my foot.

And then?

He’s going between my toes. Yes. as in “oh my fucking gawd, between mah tootsies.”

But wait! There’s more! For the low low price of writhing in tickletorment…’ll also get this special offer:

He’s gonna bite them.

Yes. He. will. bite. my. tootsies.

The other leg will receive the same treatment. Then coz He is enchanted with the idea, he’ll tickle both, simultaneously, with his fingers. And then, for good measure, the bristles of the pink hairbrush will follow the fingers, down over my overstimulated flesh.

oh. my. fucking. gawd.

i told Him last night…”Master?”

“yes, nilla.”

“You are so going to need to tie me, Master. i don’t mean to tell you what to do…”

“Good idea, little girl, not telling me what to do”

“Yes Sir, just, i’m concerned for You.”

He barks out a laugh. “What??!” His tone is one of incredulous humor.

“Coz Master, i’m so gonna fight You doing that to me.”

“Well, god, nilla,” He says, “I certainly hope so!! I do love it when you try to fight me, little girl.”

and then He laughs.

i am so fucked.