The heat was almost too much. Sitting back in the cloudy mists of the sauna, wrapped lightly in the towel, she closed her eyes, took a slow, cautious breath.

Her shoulders relaxed first. The loss of tension was a blessed relief. The muscles in her neck began to ease, and the headache that seemed to live perpetually behind her eyes began to fade.

She felt as if the heat were unzipping her skin. Tension slid down her spine, to pool in a liquid mess under her ass. With a soft sigh, alone in the sauna, and at peace, she turned to lay, belly down,  on the warmed wood of the bench.

She wasn’t sure what it was that woke her.

There was heat, and steam, but something had changed. She lay, splayed out on the bench. She must have turned onto her back at some point, her hands grasping the top edge of the wood for balance.Her legs were open, toe-tips just pressed against the floor. A towel plopped across her face.

“HEY!” she yelped, but a hand pressed against her mouth, silencing her.

“ssshhh….”  the voice was soft, barely audible, and definitely male.

“No, no you are in the wrong sauna” she began, trying to talk around the pressure against her lips–but again he bid her to silence.

“shhhhh….”  he repeated.

He lifted his hand from her mouth, and she felt him begin to run both hands down her shoulders, around her throat, and to her breasts. A gentle tug pulled the towel free, and there was a rush of momentary coolness, before hot hands began to draw circles around her breasts.  Her moan was involuntary.

Fingers pinched and tugged at her nipples, increasing the pucker. He squeezed her tits, the tight buds pressing into his palms, as he none-too-gently palpitated her.  Time had no meaning, as she floated on sensation.  Why wasn’t she fighting this…assault? It was intensely sexual, but she didn’t feel threatened. She lay, open, willingly exposed.  His hands slid from breasts to waist, from waist to hips, cupping under her buttocks, lifting her. The bench creaked, and she felt warm breath across her pussy.

‘ohmygod‘ she exhaled the words,  feeling the heat of the sauna pressing on her flesh, the heat of his mouth blown across her sensitive lower folds. Then his tongue began to explore those valleys, the deep cleft, seeking. Lips encircled her clit, and began sucking, alternating gentle and harsh. Teeth grazed, a snippingly sharp counterpoint to the gentle lapping of tongue and lips.

She arched into that unknown mouth. His fingers pulled her apart, exposing her, and the slurping sounds of feasting competed with the constant moans coming from under the towel.

And then he stopped.

She panted, moaning louder. Her head thrashed. ‘nooooo…’ Did she say that aloud, that moan of loss and longing…? So close…

Without a sound, without warning, his fingers filled her. Two? Three? She had no idea, but they were thick, long, heavy, and they pumped into her cunt with force, driving her up, and up.  She humped up to those fingers, until he curled them inside of her and tugged. Her orgasm exploded, and she felt the release of her wetness.

She lay, dizzy, drained, heated, wet.

A faint sound came to her, and she couldn’t identify it. Her pussy continued to clench and shudder, and she felt small electric aftershocks tingling. Her clit was turbocharged, so swollen and sensitive, that when his cock touched her there, she shrieked, arching away. His hands took her hips, and his cock pressed against that swollen bud again.

Again she flinched, moaning…”please…” but please what? Stop? Go? More? She whimpered.  His cock slid into her, slick and lubed with her juices.

“Oh Gawd!!” she cried out, feeling her inner walls contract around him.

The thick rod in her belly pumped in and slid out, stretching her, rubbing in all the right places, until she cried out through another orgasm. He pumped, faster, harder, and deeper as she convulsed, and she tossed and moaned with the overwhelming sensations. Her nipples throbbed, she was sheened in sweat, having trouble catching her breath under the towel.

It could have been 20 minutes, or it could have been 20 hours, when she felt him stiffen, and explode. There was no liquid release, and she concluded that he was being safe. Thank god. He must be wearing a rubber.  When he pulled away, there was silence…or perhaps she couldn’t hear over the sound of her own rapid, raw breathing.

She must have slept again.

She woke, less steam in the room now, naked and sprawled on the bench. Her pussy throbbed. Did she dream it …what  had happened here? There wasn’t any sign of a towel near her face, on the floor. Surely she would have awoken when “he” pulled it off her face?

Slowly she sat up. Nothing on her body, no welts, no cum.  Maybe it had been a dream. Wow. Helluva dream! She gathered up her towel, wrapping and tucking it around her breasts. She stood, and with shaking legs, headed for the door. Something crunched under her foot, sticking to her sweat-damp sole.

The top edge of a condom wrapper.