Pocket Rocket

for a certain monkey who inspired the thoughts…such a naughty monkey!! ~n~

She closed her phone and sighed.


That story made her pussy throb, her body yearn. She still had 5 hours to go on her shift, and here she was, squirming a bit on her chair. She knew better than to read porn at work!! Now she was all kinds of stirred up.

She could feel the wetness there,  the liquid warmth of her pussy as it responded to the naughty words she’d read, and internalized.

She could so imagine being that “leading lady” and being taken like that…submitting because she wanted it;   no- needed it. And getting royally fucked?

She tried to focus on the piles of paper on her desk, but the need to squirm in her chair was growing rather than abating.

She knew what that meant, that she’d have to do something about it. She reached into her desk for her purse, and headed to the ladies room. What harm could a little pocket rocket time cause? She’d be back well before anyone really missed her anyway.


She came, hard. Panting, her face flushed, legs splayed as she sat upon the john, she felt the wetness sluicing from her body. Grabbing a hunk of tissue, she wiped up as best she could, the rough-textured paper making her moan as it rubbed against her throbbing clit.

Rising on trembling legs, she re-ordered herself, and washed her hands in the sink. She saw her face, dewy and flushed with her orgasm, and smiled.


She pulled open the door to the ladies room only to draw back suddenly. Drake was right there!

He pushed her back inside.

“I know what you do in here on these little ‘breaks’ of yours, Amanda, and it isn’t pissing.”

She started, guiltily, her hand rising involuntarily to smooth her hair.

He locked the door, and grabbed a hank of her hair, pulling her against him, and kissed her hard.  She didn’t fight, or resist.

Interesting, he thought.

“Turn around, put your hands on the sink and look in the mirror” he ordered gruffly.

‘yes sir’ she murmured. She’d known he was a Dom, the gossip circled around here like water in a whirlpool. “He’s into that stuff” she’d been told on more than one occasion. “He’s into S & M, you best steer clear of that one.” Or the even more enticing “He’s such a bad, bad boy,” with the little winks and nudges. Oh, the appeal was there, even for those women who were too, too proper about sex. No one knew of her own predilection for submission, for pain. Somehow it didn’t seem a career-building opportunity for a woman.

Which totally sucked, really, since Drake was a big mucky muck, and he could be ‘out’.

Her hands grasped the cold porcelain. His eyes met hers in the mirror.

His hands grasped her warm hips, and tugged down her panties. They lay in a small, incriminating pool around her ankles.

“One word will stop me. Tell me what it is.”


He smiled. He had seen her at the last munch.

********************nilla note************************

i was going to stop the story right here, just keep it a hint of sexual misadventure…but then i thought…hell,  i’d like to tell more, and i am sure most of you would want more, yes? So i’m making chapter 2 here…all one story in all one place, but broken into two parts in case you only wanted to be a bit …tantalized. If that’s the case, don’t read any further…*smiles*

Do let me know which *you*  chose…the full version, or the stop right here? ~n~


“The next time I hear that word from your mouth, this stops, and we’re done, capiche?” He waited a heartbeat, until he saw her slight nod.

Gods, he could smell her cunt.  His fingers slipped from her hips to her pussy. She was so wet she was dripping. He looked at her in the mirror, eyes closing as his fingers drew across her folds.

“OPEN those fucking eyes, slut!” he barked at her.

The hard tone jolted her, and her eyes widened. At that exact moment he drove three fingers into her wet channel, and fucked hard.  Her head canted back and her breathing became audible, raw and gasping.

Three short pumps and she began begging. Good, the little whore knew to ask, rather than just spurting.

Just as she was on her third “please Sir?” he pulled his fingers out, wiping them on her ass.  He loosened his pants quickly, pulling his throbbing cock free, and stepping up closer to those  lovely round globes, he slid into her.

Their eyes met in the mirror, hers deeply blue with lust, his dark. The slightly parted lips were enticing, and he knew his cock would do a turn there, too.

He drove into her quickly, bringing her back to begging in record time.


He fucked harder.

please, Sir, please…”


Her soft ‘ung ung ung’ as he drove his shaft deeply into her spurred him on. The sounds echoing off the walls, the slap of thigh meeting ass, those sexy grunts every time his cock hit ‘home’,  all worked to build him to a fever pitch, and with one last, deep thrust, his seed boiled up his shaft and deeply into her dark, warm tummy.

“cum” he gasped, and he felt her convulse around his gently twitching cock, as if her pussy was planning to milk every last molecule of his seed.

He pushed away from her ass, sticky and warm from the pressing of flesh, and bent to pull her panties up. His hand patted the crotch, already beginning to dampen as his essence and her juices began to sluice from her.

He pulled her upright by her hair, pulled her hard against him. His arms locked around her, his eyes taking every nuance of expression from her.

His lips found her ear.

“You will wear these panties all day. If you need to piss or shit, you come here to do it, and only wipe the piss or crap…my cum stays.  Understand so far?”

She nodded, a small, wincing movement with his fingers still wrapped in her hair.

“When the day is done, I’ll take you home. We’ll finish this there.”

She nodded again.

“or perhaps,” He added, with the second smile of their encounter, “we’ll just be getting started.”