Fae 4

They walked.

Everywhere she looked it was magical. She for sure wasn’t in Kansas anymore. The closer they got to the castle, the more fairies she saw. Some walked, but most fluttered. A few zipped. Some did double takes, but everyone, everyone came to greet Kalen and gawk at her.

The women were all pretty. Of course they were. Cute little pixies with iridescent wings, thin thighs, long hair. Faces all oval sweetness, smiles galore.

She felt like a Kraken whenever one of the fae girls fluttered over and gushed at Kalen. She was way taller than them, although the elf lord was taller than her. Their waists were almost waspishly thin, with tiny little breasts. Even their toes were tiny.

After the umpteenth encounter, Kalen pulled her none too gently into a small stand of trees.

“What ails you, little one?” His voice and face was all solicitude, and it really pissed her off.

“Look, elf lord,” she began, but he held up a hand.

“I’m not any ‘elf lordling’ of which you speak. I am Fae.”

“Sorry. Fae. Fine. I don’t understand this….” and she waved her hand around.

“These are but trees…”he said, a bit puzzled, “but methinks you are meaning aught else. Tell me of your bemusement, little one.”

“Why am i here? How did i get here? What…how…?” She sighed in frustration.

He pulled her down to the soft pink moss at the base of the tree, wrapping his arm around her shoulders. He snuggled her tight up under his arm, tucked against his body.

As before, she was suffused with the scent of cinnamon, and the heat of him. She thought she’d never pass that cinnamon bun shop again without thinking of this moment. And beyond that, she felt…safe.

Funny, she didn’t really remember feeling unsafe before. But she felt sheltered here, being held by Kalen. They didn’t speak for a long while, then she heard his words, through his chest, and through her ears…they were soft-spoken, yet filled with richness.

He spun her a story of need. Of his need. Of how he had not been a happy fairy. He did what was required of him, but he hungered for something nameless.

It was the Tree who first sent him into her world, and at first, he’d been as bemused and nervous as he imagined she was now. He’d sat, hidden in the branches of the Tree, and watched the comings and goings of all manner of people. He’d seen lovers, and children, muggers and joggers, women and men and dogs and cats. All manner of activities that simply had no meaning or reference for him.

She listened enraptured by his story. At his serious anger when he stopped a woman from being assaulted right under the Tree. At his laughter as he watched a dog catch a flying discus for the first time. At the strange longing in his voice when he recalled the children laughing and dancing and exploring at the park.  She laid a hand on his chest, and curled into him even tighter.

She was surprised when he stopped.

She looked up at him, inquiringly. She didn’t resist the urge to trace the outline of the ear closest to her. He froze, held himself rigidly as her fingertip lightly caressed the folds, trailed up to the tip of the point, and slipped back down.

He grabbed her hand when she would have repeated that gesture.

“No. You may not, little one. Tis too early for such familiars yet.” She looked so cutely puzzled that he smiled. “It is a gesture of sex.” he said.

He reached down and slid his finger along the curve of her breast, pinching her nipple quickly, then releasing. Her quick gasp of understanding, and the deep blush told him two things. First, she was not unaffected by him, and second, that she was quite embarrassed!

He placed his finger across her lips, silencing her as she would have begged an apology.

“shhhh…we learn each other slowly, little one. All in good time, yes?”

He replaced his finger with his lips, his kiss soft and gentle upon hers.

He enjoyed the bemused look on her face when he pulled away.

“uhmmm..wh-what happened next?” she asked, trying to shake off the lust that was beginning to build far to fast for her liking. She’d not had sex since she and Marcus broke up and this was…this was sexual overload.

“Next?” he asked, looking at her enchanting face.

“In the story…you stopped when you told me about the kids, and the dogs and…i wondered what happened next.”

“Ah.” he smiled.

“Next? Well, little one, next I saw you. “