HNT–New Swirls

Swirls shine with a soft golden gleam, yet things on the outside oft aren’t what they seem;

While ‘ladies’ cover themselves for discretions delight, tis indiscretions that fill my heart with dark light.

And filled with those secrets of lust and desire, i give myself over to swirls of sex-fire.

A lady i’ll be when we meet on the streets, yet here in the ether i’ll be less discreet.

15 thoughts on “HNT–New Swirls

  1. Ahhh, the endless possibilities of a fabric stash!!!

    BTW, walking through Joann’s the other day, all I could think of was ‘wow! Nilla would look great in that!’ as I cruised through the fancy fabrics.

    1. oh, fabric. *swoon*

      this is actually a scarf that i got for 5 bucks at a NYC street vendors cart. I bought a lot, a LOT of scarves from street vendors…no way can we find them up here for that little….


  2. short but beautiful, love the color of your gorgeous flame red hair, you continue to amaze me with your writing Nilla.

    1. Thank you thank you Ava,

      for the ‘new’ updated color, you can see it better @ nillapix (link on the blogroll) in todays HNT

      off to write.

      1. thank you thank you. i was nervous about it, actually coz it is verrrrrrry intensely red…Himself saw it last week…and loves it.

        Thank god.

        (tho if i want to tweek him, i threaten to put a neon pink stripe in it (and he’ll stripe my ass if i do…)!!!)


      1. Next time you are in Maine, go to the old port in Portland, they have a lot of scarves at mexicaliblues also on line. Go on a Friday night the area is a blast. Tip

      2. For as many times as i’ve been to Maine, and Portland…can you believe this? i’ve never once been to Old Port. Sigh. i know where Joannes is tho…*laughing*


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