Antiquities VII


She stood, alone in the middle of the crowd. She felt fear and nerves, and a sense of hushed anticipation.

What the fuck did Gene have up his sleeve? That naughty genii had been all about re-awakening her lusty dark desires. How he’d discovered her submissive side, she didn’t know, but really, she still wasn’t completely sure how it was that he’d bullied her into attending this munch, either.

He was certainly a people manager.


And here she stood, alone in the middle of a crowd of pervie folks, in pink high heels, and pink and white lace. She couldn’t have stuck out more differently than if she’d come in here dressed as “church lady”…

She heard footsteps approaching.


No answer. Whomever it was, had walked around her. Now behind her, then on the other side of her. Circles. Circles around her. Oboy.

“Hello?” She damned herself for the nervous quiver in her voice. Where was the strong business leader? The footsteps passed behind her again.

“Pretty. Daring. Coming to a munch with this crowd and dressing in virginal colors. Takes a lot of cojones to do that…”

His voice was mid-ranged, and he was very much taller than her, even in the heels. She felt heat near her hands, cuffed behind her.

“Look at you, all wrapped up like an offering. Why, I could do just about anything to you, all goosed up like this…”

“Back off.”

The words were terse and spoken from directly in front of her.

“hey, man, finders keepers…and she’s offerin’ herself here…”

“Trust me, you are NOT going to be doing this. I can take it up with Dwayne if you want. But the club really can’t afford another of your incidents, and I know you’ve been warned.  Now, back. Off.”

“fuckers.” She reeled as she was pushed, hard, from behind. She fell forward, balanced precariously as she was on her heels, and blindfolded.

She was caught in strong arms.

“Whoops! i….”

“Shhh…you’re okay…”

They spoke at the same time.  She thanked him for catching her, and he kept his arm around her, steering her away from the center of the room. He slid her blindfold off, while asking who the fuck had left her alone and unprotected like that.

Gene decided to show up and take that blame, before he could leave his brilliant matchmaking to run its merry path.

“Mistress!  i am so sorry, i ran into a  friend and got talking and i …are you okay?”

She looked up at him through narrowed eyes.

“Yes, Gene. Just fine. Gene, this is…” and she paused, fully looking at her ‘rescuer’ for the first time. He was only a few inches taller than her, and a bit stocky. His hair grayed at the temples, and thinned a  bit at the top, but something about him just clicked for her.

“Bryant. You should know better than to leave your mistress unattended that way.”

“i’m terribly sorry Sir, i …” and Gene trailed off, looking appropriately appalled at himself.

“Go, Gene.” She looked up at him. The little genii ringer! She knew that Bryant had just been ‘played’. The least she could do was set him off to find his own amusement.

The clever bastard!

She explained to Bryant that she was merely ‘mentoring’ Gene as he looked for a partner, that he was gay and new in the area…and she felt herself blathering blithely on…until Sir B took his hand and put it up over her mouth to stop the flow of words.

Her eyes looked up into his amused ones.

“Done?” he asked, his hand still pressing firmly against her lips.

She nodded.

“Thank god. Are you here to play? Hook up with someone in particular? watch some demo’s?”

“uhmm. well…i’ve been out of the community for a while now. A long while. And…well, Gene kind of got me to come here as his mentor i am.”

She felt his eyes digging into her. Like she was a soft shell crab and he the Master of the Sea. Like he could see all her needs and wants right there on her face.

“Well, since you’re all trussed up, how about a little spanking..just to get your evening off to a better start?”

“uhm…will You be doing this spanking, Sir?” she asked, almost shy. She really liked this guy.

“You didn’t think I rescued you just because I loathe Richard, did you? You’re a pretty intriguing package, girl.”

He took her arms and assisted her to the spanking bench. She was suddenly suffused with joy. She wondered where Gene had drifted off to…

Gene stood behind a support beam in the large open space, eyes focused on his “mistress”. Things were progressing so well. He could almost feel her pleasure as her soon-to-be new Master paddled her ass.

“come here alone, often?” The voice behind him startled him out of his reverie. He turned, and looked into the face of his Adonis.

For the first time in centuries, he was at a loss for words.

13 thoughts on “Antiquities VII

  1. Oh! I love it…gene is about to have some fun, too. But you need to keep writing, nilla. Back to the keyboard with you! Please!

    1. *blows on fingers, buffs chest*

      tis done.

      hee. oh, not the reading part. but the writing? tisfinished…yah me!


    1. yes hint taken, laugh.

      since this one is finished i guess i need to sit my ass down and finish up on Stranger, eh?


    1. i know you do and this one is all written and in the can so to speak.

      no, not my can.


      more coming soon….


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