She knelt in the bottom of the shower, the cold porcelain a rude and chilly awakening after a warm night of snuggling.

He’d been so sweet last night, holding her tightly, cock laying flaccid between them, pressing twice in the night against her ass…and she’d woken, wondering of what He’d dreamt.

His terse “get in the shower now, slut” had been a dash on her ego, that he’d go from tenderly holding her through the night,  to Dominant bastard in the morning light. She shivered.

She had no idea how long she’d knelt here, but her knees were sore, her body shivering, trying to avoid contact with the chill of the tub. He finally sauntered into the room and looked at her.

The look on his face made her shiver far more than cold tub walls ever could. He leaned, comfortable in his nakedness, against the sink, arms crossed. His eyes burned their way from her face to her tits, lingering on the marks freshly made last night.  He continued that long, slow perusal, smiling that wicked smile that did crazy things to her belly.

Not to mention what it did to her cunt.

Did she think she’d been cold? She felt…charbroiled under that gaze. And she was sure she wouldn’t like whatever was brewing behind that smile. Yet, whatever it was, made her pussy drool.  She loved and hated when he fucked with her head this way.

He leaned forward and flicked on the water. She yelped as the first, cold drops splashed upon her, and she was sputtering and shivering and moaning as the cold wetness coated her. Trickles and rivulets ran from her hair, down her back, down her tits, pooling where her arms crossed at the base of her spine.

“MASTERRRRRRRRRRRR!!” she hollered over the spraying water.

He leaned forward and turned the mixing valve onto warm. For 10 seconds, she sighed, eyes closed, head bent upwards in supplication to the sudden warmth.

She opened her eyes and looked to Him when the flow was abruptly cut off.

His cock was in his hand and he caught her full in the face with the first hot gush of piss.

Her yelp was unstoppable as the urine burned like hellfire in her open and vulnerable eyes, and he quickly took advantage of her open mouth, jetting more piss between her lips.

She choked, swallowed, almost vomiting.

He played his stream of gold down her body, focusing it on the triangle between her thighs. She was covered in his piss, and shivering from the forbidden lust it stirred in her. She was so fucking sick. She hated the smell of it, but loved it cascading down over her flesh.

She loved the warmth of it, as the trails of urine slid down her tits, dripped from hard nipples, ran in rivulets between her legs.  However warm it was when it hit her,  piss cooled quickly, and her goosebumps rose, as she knelt in the tub, covered with his morning water.

He stepped into the shower, turning on the warm  water at last, and took her by her ears. His cock, still holding a bit of urine, thrust into her mouth, soft for the moment, and released the last gush into her. She choked again, but swallowed anyway, knowing well the penalty of resisting.

He fucked into her mouth as the shower spray beat down upon them, trying not to drown every time he pushed balls deep into her, tilting her face up to receive the bounty of the spray in her face.

His laughter rumbled through his body, through his cock, into her throat as he came, hard and deep, into her tummy.

10 thoughts on “shower

    1. *grins*

      was that a good wow.

      or a holy shit that ooked me out wow.

      or a holy shit that ooked me out and now i want to try that wow?

      inquiring minds yanno?

      PS thanks for delurking and commenting!

    1. how did i know that would squick you out??


      i know, it’s a sick fantasy isn’t it? yet. and yet.


  1. When I read this yesterday, all I could think is that your next meeting with Sir B, will be quite interesting, if it wasn’t going to be already. Hey, Mrs Tip, want to take a shower? Tip

    1. LOL!

      i’m not sure that Himself is into giving the golden shower…pain, yes, pee? not so much. Perhaps in time.

      i do know i’m getting the shit whomped out of me for being a wicked terrible smartass subbie on the phone…but frankly, if it made us both laugh that hard…it will be worth him breaking my new pink hairbrush on my butt…



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