Antiquities IX (fini)

That night, she told Him everything.

He’d either think she was a total nutjob, or He’d get it. She told him about her trek to New England, the funky little antique store, and her binge on objects d’art.

And the Meissen fish in the bathroom. All about the Fish. And Gene. Genii.

He looked at her. She couldn’t quite read him.

“Look, Sir, i needed to tell you this because i need to do something, something extreme. And the only way it will work is by making a wish for it to happen. And when it happens…you’ll understand that i’m really not a nutjob. At least, i hope you will.”

“A genii. In a fish.”

“Right, one of his previous owners figured out how to move the capture spell to the fish, and it kept him there. Then they broke the original bottle, so he was trapped.”

“And you get three wishes?” He continued to look steadily at her.

She wasn’t sure if he was humoring her or not. Perhaps it was, at this point, a mere suspension of disbelief. That was okay. He only had to see one wish to make him believe. She hoped.

She rather doubted he would run. They’d been together for three weeks now, and not once had they reason to be apart other than work time. They braided their lives together so well that it was as if they had always been meant to find one another.

And she knew that Gene was finding something similar in Michael, whom he still called ‘my Adonis’.  She could see that Gene was in love. Really in love, not just lust. She always saw the sadness in his eyes when he came home to the loft, too.  And thank goodness she’d told  about Gene’s origins last night, because this morning, Master had found him in the bathroom without hearing him ‘come in’ during the night. There was  no other way to explain that except the truth, and she was glad she’d lain that in His hands *before* he’d found Gene.

Now, Gene stood against the long kitchen counter, one ankle crossing the other, hands in his pockets. She was trying to be calm, but underneath, her heart was racing, and she was sweating bullets.

She watched her Master’s gaze shift between them.  It was time.

“Gene, i want you to switch my hair back to how it was when you first saw me, and then put it back the way it is now. Wait 3 minutes before you switch it back so Sir can see that it is real hair and not a wig  or some other kind of trick.

Sir, please come stand beside me, so you can see both of us. ”

Once everyone was in place, she nodded to Gene.  He made an elaborate show of waving his hands this way and that, weaving them in the air, around himself, into the air over his head.


Her tone was a bit…admonishing…but with a hint of giggle.

He smiled, slipped his hands back into his pockets. Her hair was back to the over-dyed blonde it had been upon their first meeting. Her Master threaded his hands into the mass and tugged. He checked every inch of her head.

“Change it back.”

Instantly her hair was long and red again. Again, Master searched her hair.

“Holy Gawd” was all He said.

He looked at her, cupping her chin in his hand.

“I believe you.”

She smiled up at Him, turning her cheek into that warmth.

“Then You agree?” She asked him softly.

She’d told him what she wanted, what she needed, because He’d demanded all of her. And Gene was a part of her, now.


He released her face from his grasp, and stepped away as she rose from the table.  She went into the bathroom, and returned moments later, holding the porcelain fish behind her back.

“i’ve decided on my last wish, Genii.”

“Well, don’t blow it on Mr. Man over there, coz sweetie? He’s already yours, though I think you both know it already, yes?”

She smiled. “I do, and i can’t say thank you for that, not in thousands of words, over a thousand years.  And i know that my last wish…releases us from each other. But you will always be my friend, and in my heart, Gene.”

“okay, so you’ve finally decided on the million dollars? The yacht? What?”

“Gene…you know me better than that.” She wisked her hand from behind her back, holding the fish in the palm of her hand.
“I wish you to be free to be human, living with your love, Michael.”

And with that she threw the fragile china fish to the concrete floor with all the force she could muster.

There was a loud *BOOM* and smoke filled the kitchen.


The sounds of coughing from various points around the room alerted her that everyone had survived that surprising turn of events.

Waving her hands, she could see the smoke was clearing, fast. In a moment, it was all gone. Master was a few feet from her, with a somewhat frantic look on His face. He grabbed her into a bear hug, squeezing her tightly.

“Gene” she managed to gasp out when he gave her room to breathe again.

“here…” came a quiet voice behind her. He stood, looking as before. Except he was smiling.  Clearly joyful, she watched as he twirled.

“HUMANNNNNN” he hollered as he spun.


He twirled, laughing, until, dizzy, he teetered and fell to the kitchen floor. His hand landed on a shattered bit of glass, and he winced.

“OUwwwww!” He held up his bleeding palm. She took his hand, wiping at the small smudge of blood with a tissue from her pocket, kissing his palm softly, and smiling as he winced.

“Baby!” she teased him gently.

And the doorbell rang.

“Better go and get that,” his former Boss said, laughing with delight..

“i think your destiny has found you…at last.”