HNT 4-28-11 The Shoes Have It All Goin’ On

This pic was over on my other blog, i think, but since i’m soon to see my Master (so close and yet so far away!) (who, me, anxious??)….

…. i thought i’d show you mah shoes once more. A new outfit is in the planning for the next visit and Himself is promising more pix for all you pervie friends.

So i thought i’d take an informal poll today and see who likes which shoes best…these gorgeous “original” nilla-slut black n whites or…

the “newest” addition to Masters growing ‘nilla-shoe’ collection, the red strappy ones? You can see them close-up  in the header of the blog but i do have a fondness for this particular picture…*cheeky grin*…

and then there is this pair, which are not “mine” by virtue of His not purchasing them specifically for me, but dayam they are uberfuckinghawt….7 inch heels and worn only to lay down in, yanno? (this is the header for the Snow Blog)

so Happy Half-nekkid Thursday and don’t forget to vote for YOUR favorite shoe! (You’ll make Master smile, too!)