The Balancing Act

I’ve been floating back and forth about writing this. Coz, yanno, i don’t really do all that much “real life” stuff…

and really, this is pretty superficial.

But also? It’s not.

Y’all know i am an owned submissive slut. Y’all know my Master has taken strong ownership of His property. And y’all know that i live a vanilla life with my lesbian partner of over 30 years.

And for the first time in these two disparate relationships,  the first time in a year and a half in my D/s relationship, i have a conflict.

My wife thinks my hair is “too long” and is “swallowing up” my face.  It’s hitting mid-back now, below my bra strap.  Just like Master likes. (see the conflict beginning here?)

Recently i got a pedicure. My FIRST pedicure, and it was awesome. See?

 Aren’t they the awesomeness?? And i see you, scratching your head and saying, uh,  nilla? Pedicure? Thought you were talking about your hair??   Work with me here!  So,  the pedicurist is the sister of the woman who cuts my hair. Who happened to see my very split ends when i went in. And advised that it “really was time for a haircut”….


Master *loves* my hair long, and it can’t *be* “too long”, ever, for Him. My wife likes my hair shoulder length, maybe a bit longer. My hairdresser likes my hair looking healthy.

What’s a slut to do???

C’mon, i’ll give you three guesses. (and the first two don’t count.)




If you guessed that i turned to my Owner for help?

You are right!

i went to my knees to my Master and asked Him about lopping off 4 inches (the thought of that makes me gasp.) He’s approved layers around my face, and the four inches…and wants no more than that taken, less if possible.

So i’m keeping the ball balanced for another 6 months or so. *smiles* Master rules, because, well, He’s the Master. Wife gets less vote here coz…

total honesty?

i don’t think that someone who hasn’t any “stake” in a sexual role with me should have a say in how i look. Someone who is more quick with a chore list  than a compliment.

Thank You, Master. For helping me find the balance, however “unequal” it is…it works.