Real Life Friday

Sunday i met the Man.

mmmmmmmmmmmm. It was lovely to be with Him again. And tickle torture sucks. Snotty nosed, crying, laughing, screaming, writhing…the Man was *merciless*. For fucking hours.

No kissy when we met for coffee. Okay one kiss. Polite. Yet, it was lovely to sit with Him as he worked on his computer, as i read my kindle. Just being with Him, until our hotel room was ready.

And once in the door, while i went potty, He dug out his supplies…and fuck if He didn’t handcuff me the second i stepped out of the bathroom.

And threw me on the bed.

He admired my new shoes. Gosh they are sweet. Summer sandals, no heel, bought at Walmart of all places. Along with losing weight, my shoe size fell down to size 6 1/2… and all my old sandals were too loose.

They’re black and rubber heeled…and He took them off me so gently. As i look over my shoulder, trying to see Him from the muddle of hair in my face, i see Him, turning them, looking at them…and then His hand is at the small of my back pressing down, hard, and *WHACK*!!!

Doesn’t the fucker laugh?

“GREAT shoes, nilla.”


“Ohhh, lookit that, these are wonderful shoes, little girl!”

And i’m moaning and whimpering and egads they fucking A hurt!!! And isn’t that the moment He starts to tickle me, as i’m trying to cope with the totally unexpected pain of my abused butt?


Bastard! Sunofabitch!! OMFG!


This is what i looked like after tickle torture and more spanking…

Can you say ‘nap time’? i was drained and the day was only beginning.

There was more torture, spanking, my first caning (light, but omg…fucking OUCHIES!!!)

Now, you remember the infraction regarding the Cadbury mini-eggs last week? One of my punishments was to look up, learn to say, and memorize “discipline” in 9 different languages. Thanks to google translator, i did that. And i practiced and practiced and practiced them.

Wouldn’t you know, i figured He’d forgotten about that assignment.


As we cruise into hour 9 of our meet, after i’d had a zillion orgasms, from finger fucking and His relentless mouth on my pussy and fucking….

i’m on my back, ass hanging off the edge of the bed. My legs are on His shoulders and He is deeply fucking me. i’m moaning and groaning through orgasm after orgasm, my pussy so sensitized by now that i could cum just from being looked at….

“Oh nilla…”  He says.


“It’s time…”

and i wonder? Time? Time? i’m so deep in subspace, so lost, so dazed…

“remember your homework assignment. Now.”

now??? NOW?”

He laughed in response.

In the end, i recalled 6 of the original ones…and made up three more that made Him laugh…

And i am forgiven.

But i’m still off chocolate until 70 years from now.