Musical Chairs (4)

“I’m not done with you, yet.”

The words rang in her head, long after the exhilaration from the suspension and subsequent ass-fucking had ended. It took her a good forty minutes to return from subspace, and attend to the conversations swirling around her.

At one point, Deb had prodded her.

“Looks like you keep drifting away… going anyplace special?” and then she’d laughed that wicked laugh of hers.

Sam found herself blushing.


How strange was that? She rarely blushed. And being embarrassed about the blushing? Made her blush deeper, and more pronounced. It was visible, even in this dim lighting.

Fer gawdsakes, she was a woman grown, sexually mature, and experienced.  Yet there was something about this Dom…

She smiled. A dom named Dom. How appropros.  He certainly got her juices flowing, and that didn’t happen with just any canny Man.

Okay, it sometimes did.

She was a horny slut, after all! Still, there was this…knowing…inside of her.  She wasn’t really into all that mystical crap that Debbie espoused from time to time, but still…she felt the tingle.

And no fucking way was she even mentioning that tingle to Deb. She glanced at her friend, who was staring, entranced, across the room.

“What?” she hissed, sotto voice, at her friend.

Deb just nodded her head. A tall, statuesque woman wearing a ginormous strap on was face fucking an ardent sub. That the man was wearing only a thong, and his wrists were behind him, was only part of the show. The main event was the repeated disappearance of the pale faux cock sliding deeply into his mouth, his throat. All the while, he stared, his expression ardent, at his Mistress.

Ah, love and lust. Often so inextricably intertwined, she thought. Still the trust and caring were palpable. This was a couple and not a one-hit wonder such as she had been with Sir Dom.

Her pussy throbbed.

‘shut up ” she all but growled to her cunt.

“I’m not done with you yet,” her pussy reminded her of His words. The cadence, the intensity, the promise.


She shifted in her chair, slipping a hand under her. Yes, wet as a guppy.  She remembered again the feeling of floating in the air, the pressure of his cock filling her, filling her, the almost-there feeling just before her release…and the sudden empty feeling as he pulled his shaft out from her grasping ass.

She remembered, looking up in to those honey-glazed eyes,  questioning wordlessly as he’d pulled out,  His look of almost violent triumph as he’d all but ripped the condom from his  swollen dick, just in time to spurt his juices onto her.


She blinked. Debbie was looking at her, with her chin cupped in her palm. Her eyes were serious.

“He really got to you, didn’t he?”

“No!” The word burst from her.

“Well, okay, yes. But…” her voice trailed off for a moment, then continued after swallowing, hard.

“Deb? He makes me nervous. And horny. Needy in a way…i’ve never felt before. He’s strong and he’s bossy and he’s such a Dominant.  He played with me, played so fucking good with me! Unexpected, that’s how it was…unexpected that it would be so good, that He got it all……got it right…my legs, my needs…”

She sighed again, shifting subtly on her still throbby slit. She wondered if the wet spot would be visible. Or smell-able.

“Now i’m all jumpy, like a cat on a hot tin roof! i mean, what the fuck am i thinking? of Him. Like that? He’s…”

she thumped the side of her head with force enough to make Debbie wince.

“He’s stuck in here! And nothing can come of this…we’re not from the city. Remind me, Deb. Tell me why this won’t work anymore than the last 2 relationship fails wouldn’t work, will you…?”

Debbie stared at her friend, wide-eyed and a tad amused at her vehemence. She straightened suddenly, shoulders back, tits thrust forward, back into her ‘proper’ posture.

“Well, don’t look now, sweetie, but Sir Nothing-Can-Come-Of-This is headed this way! And look who’s here…Hi Sir! We were just talking about You and your fabulous rope work.”

She felt his hands settle on her shoulders, as Deb segued into light conversation with Him, as Sam fought to regain her wits.

Even this light touch sent shockwaves through her body.

Damn the man!