Musical Chairs (6)

“What is He doing?” She turned to her friend Debbie, her eyes stormy. Was it need, or aggravation turning her friend’s cheeks pink, Deb wondered.

“You know i can’t answer that. I’ve got no idea what the Big D’s are up to.  I will say that Sir J really likes him. They went off looking like kids planning mischief, that’s for sure.”

“Ha! Maybe it’s YOUR turn to get tormented then. Though you at least got to cum. Lucky bitch!”

They grinned at each other.


They turned to look at the woman who came up their table. She had shoulder-length curly hair, and wore a short black skirt, skimpy scoop-necked top, and kick-ass boots.

Sam loved the look of boots, but with her leg and ankle issues, it was often hard to find ones that suited. These were stunning, knee-high, and cross straps around the calf. And the heels were killer high. Luscious to look at, to be sure.

“Hi!” Sam and Debbie greeted the newcomer.

“i’m Alix, and i wanted to say hi. And, well,” she paused, smiling. Her voice was mellifluous, and sounded gently of the south, her soft twang matching her welcoming smile.  “I’m also by way of being a messenger. Your Master has sent me over to…’fetch’ you. And i know if you’re at all like me, that word makes you cringe, it did me too…but He was quite specific in his word choice…” Alix looked at Debbie, apologetically.

She held up a forestalling hand when the women tried to interject.

“Wait, there’s more.  Sir Dom has also requested that i ‘fetch’ you as well. You’re both to come with me.”

The two women looked at Alix, who looked back at them with her beautiful smile.

“I wonder what that Man has in store for me now,”  Sam grumbled to her companions as they left the table and followed Alix.

They made their way from the main room, down a corridor through a second room, and into a third room.  Here the mood was different. The crowd was thinner, and there was a ton of bondage equipment lining the walls. Alix turned to them.

“This is called Dom-town for obvious reasons. Kind of a D/s ‘mancave’. Your Dom’s are down here at the end. Ah, i think they have something special for you two…”

That was all the warning they got, as they came to two strange bondage frames.  Sam parked her wheelchair.

Master Jakob stepped forward, and grabbed Debbie by the chain that dangled between her tits. The one end was fastened to the “O” ring  on her collar, the other end was now wrapped around his fist and he tugged her forward, hard.

The other two women watched as Deb was manhandled by both Doms, as she struggled and fought, resisting being shackled to the strange stand. Sam knew that this kind of play was something that turned both Deb and Sir Jakob on, but Alix actually gasped when Sir J slapped Deb hard across her face, and grabbed her left arm in a punishing hold.

“it’s okay…they both like this rough play,” Sam whispered softly to Alix.

In moments, Debbie was lashed to the metal frame, her arms pulled behind her, and secured to the metal pole that rose like a maypole over her head.

Despite her kicking and whining, her legs were splayed open, and buckled  to the sides of the “A” frame base, secured by a mounted spreaderbar on the frame. A single pole rose between her spread legs, though its purpose was as yet unknown.


Sam looked up to see Sir Dom looking at her. His hands were extended. She reached up and placed her palms into his. He pulled her from her chair, not with the sharp yank she’d expected, but with a slow and steady pull, allowing her to get her footing, and maintain her equilibrium. He guided her halting steps to a metal contraption similar to the one Debbie was mounted on, except that this one had a seat to accommodate her lack of leg strength. She sat, finding that the split “vee” of the seat ensured that her legs were splayed as widely as Debbie’s were. Her arms were fastened behind her, also like Deb, and her legs were strapped securely to the frame to hold her steady. The two women were facing each other, one standing, one sitting. Deb was panting, her cheek flushed red where she’d been slapped. Sam felt her own wetness begin to flow once more. Just being here was stimulating. She wondered what would happen next.

“We’re going to play a little game, sluts. No, Alix, don’t leave.” Sir Dom called to Alix as she turned to leave them to their amusements.

“You’ll be our little assistant,” He continued.  He handed her two extension cords. “Plug these in.”

“Yes Sir,” she complied instantly.

While Alix was busy, Sir Dom attached a bulbous-headed ‘massager’ into the metal tube which sat between Sam’s legs. The head pressed against her captive pubes.

He turned and did the same to Debbie, leaving the final adjustments to Master J.

“The rules of the game are simple. Whomever comes first, wins. The other girl  takes the punishment. A punishment that will be administered by either or both of us. And will vary depending on our whim.

So, if you cum, slut,” He looked at Deb, “then your friend here gets it.” He thumbed over his shoulder at Sam.

Their wide eyes told him that they understood. Neither girl wanted to inflict harm on her best friend.

Sam was worried…she needed to cum, and badly. Yet she didn’t want Deb to take her punishment. Both Doms were grinning widely. They’d created the perfect Dom game, damn them!

The churning hummmm of two powerful vibes filled the corner. Instantly both women threw their heads back and moaned, nearly in unison. Alix watched with awe as both women fought back the urge to cum. She knew the girl sitting, Sam, was in pretty dire need. She’d seen Sir Dom toy with her. It was good to see that He finally found a play partner; it had been a long time for Him, looking for a sub to fill his needs. It seemed as if they were well on their way to pushing through mere ‘play time’ and into something a bit more intense.

Sam couldn’t hold back another second. Helpless as the deeply penetrating vibrations pushed her over the brink, she arched her spine, throwing back her head and yowling her orgasm.

The vibes were not turned off.

Master J pinched Debbie’s right tit, working down to her nipple. The clamp was a clover, and the chain dangled down her body. He took his sunglasses and hooked them through the loose clamp for added weight.

“sorrreeee Debbie,” Sam panted.

“izkay” Debbie panted too. Just before orgasm, her nipples were insanely sensitive, which her Master knew. The bastard. The bulb continued to churn against her clit and with the added stimulation of the clamps on her nipple, she felt herself rocketing towards her own thundering orgasm.

Sir Dom stood behind the frame supporting Sam and slapped her ass hard with the flat of his hand. Six slaps, then four more, all on the same side and virtually the same place. It was useless to try to squirm away, besides,  any wiggling just pressed her slit harder against the vibe.

Sensation slammed through her, the feeling intense and uncontrollable. This time, the orgasm was a wet one. She heard the embarrassing sound of it, splattering on the floor between her splayed legs.

She moaned as the vibe kept humming against her sensitive clitoris. She was unable to focus on poor Debbie, who whimpered as her other nipple was clamped. She opened one eye, to see a different style clamp being attached. The chains snaked down her belly, moving and writhing as she twisted just a bit trying to get away from the grinding rod that was fucking with her swollen nub. She came with a yodeling scream and Sam braced herself for yet another swat. By now her clit was a throbbing mass of tissue, and she felt herself headed up that mountain of pure lust.

Yet, rather than another series of spankings, Sir Dom clamped her nipple. She wasn’t sure at first what he was doing, fiddling with the end of the chain. He wasn’t using it to clamp her other nipple. He stepped away, and then she could see that He’d actually clamped the free end of Debbie’s clamp chain to a third chain, and the other end of that third chain onto her own clamp chain, effectively attaching her and Debbie together.  If either of them  pulled they would further torment the other.

Both girls were whimpering, moaning, begging. Drool slipped unknowing from open mouths, gasping for air and begging for it to stop, please stop.

“You needed to cum, slut! I can’t shut you down now!” Sir Dom’s voice was silky and sly.

“Fuck fuck fuck!” she screamed as she came again, and she heard Deb scream as a crop hit her tits. Snap snap snap snap! She heard every popping one as Debbie came, came again, and hard. She felt a sharp snap on her breast, feeling her own tit receive blows at the hand of Master J. He struck hard at her nipple and she cried out at the beautiful pain of it.

At long last it was over. She didn’t remember Sir Dom releasing her from the Forced O tower, but when she came to her senses, she was sitting…in his lap.

He was resting in a recliner, and she was sitting on his lap.

He looked down at her with those sexy honey colored eyes.

“Been playing Musical Chairs all night, little one. Thought you wouldn’t mind ending up in my chair.”

He held her tightly, as if he wasn’t planning on letting go.

“no Sir, this is lovely,” and with a smile, her head dropped back down on his shoulder, like it had always belonged there.