Masters Good Girl…??

So. It’s late coz i stayed up to watch Survivor, and realized i didn’t have this written yet and this is gonna be rambling and ….

Now to the meat of my missive. See the title? Master’s good girl? i am. Sometimes i amaze myself with my goodness. Like yesterday, when i was at Petco. Wait. I need to back up a bit. Before i get to the part when Master sez “Petco, the D/s outfitter ….”…and so, a bit of history. It’s short. Bear with me.

The last time Master and i had a long time together, like for sex and stuff? He started to tickle torture me..  And believe me, it is truly torture. He used his fingers. He used his mouth. He used his tongue.

He had a toy to use but it wasn’t (by His standards) tickly enough. (It was, tho, it really was.)

So why, by all that’s holy, did i find myself on Saturday evening, in Petco, looking at cat toys?

C’mon…i have faith in my smart readers here…

Did you guess it?

Did you? Yeah, i bet you did… i found….


First, i looked in the craft store but they were crappy. If we lived in England, i could have gone to a hatters (what do they call those places? Milinary shops? dunno. Could google but it’s late and i am too tired to google) and gotten a great feather there.

ON a side note, did you watch the Wedding? My brother, whose sense of humor is as wacky as mine, put on his FB page a pic of a blue hat. He’d captioned it with “Only in England would you see a woman walking down the street with a vagina hat on her head. It must’ve been cold coz that gi-gi was blue!”

Where was i? oh, the feather. Right.


Why do this to myself? I think of kaya and her own D/s craftyness that oft leads to her ‘destruction’ and i see i am following in those footsteps.

Coz you know i didn’t find any old feather.

It was in this long cup holding thing, you see, the kind that they keep flowers in at the grocery store? The feather was attached to the end of a crop. Actually multiple feathers. Several long and curling to a soft point, and a bunch of soft down feathers.

But there’s more.

There was another one. A mini feather boa. Brilliant pink.  It attached to the crop with a removable chain.

Which means the crop can be a play-alone toy, or the boa can be fastened to the end and used to torment ones sub.

Yes. i bought them both.


Today we got to have a little meet. No sex stuff.

Didn’t buy that didja?


Anyway before the sex stuff, we met at Starbux. He bought me a drink, brought me a bagel, and we ate and chatted and …

i punked my Master.


It was freakin’ awesome. It was a feat that …oh gosh i am so proud of me for.

See, i have to get permission to do stuff with His hair. Even if i change the color a bit.

And last fall i got a hair across my ass and wanted a pink streak in it. Now, back then, i was serving two doms, and Master wasn’t my master yet…and BOTH of them said “NO PINK STREAK”.


Pouting didn’t change a thing.

So i was looking at my vanilla email, and what do i see? An email for our local “dollar type store” …with these kewl mini hair clip extensions that are pink or purple or blue or green…..and i thought…*ah-hah* i could do this!

So i did.

i put them in my hair, and they weren’t obvious. I mean they were brilliant purpley pink, but i nested them under my hair a bit. And we’re sitting there and talking and i’m flirting with Him, and tossing my hair, and about 15 minutes into our time, it happens.

His eyes widen.

His jaw drops.

“Wh. Wha…What. Did. You. ….”

And i blush (coz i do that) and i start to giggle. Then laugh. Then full-out guffaws. Bent double in my chair laughing.

His mouth is still open in shock.

“When..when? What were you..”

“yesterday” i say, still whooping with laughter.

And before He can say anything else, i reach up, and unclip the sucker and show him that it was a purple hair extension (about 2″ wide)…and He laughs and tells me i am such a naughty girl.

“And what? Are you fourteen? Fourteen year olds do that nilla.”

and then He laughs. And it’s good.

We head out of the coffeeshop, and move our cars to the back parking lot, and i get in his car, and we kiss and touch, and tease…and my lipstick is gone in 20 seconds flat, and…he’s pinching and hurting…and i say wait, Master! i forgot your presents!

So i pop out of his car, get the stuff out of mine, and jump back into his.

His eyes light up.

His whole face smiles.

Kid in a candy store.

Dom with a fucking feather.

and a crop.

“fun times ahead, nilla”

He did a little practice run of the feathers, snapping His fingers,

“gimme the foot, slut”

OH fuck.

“You are sooooooo pissing the  bed when I run this baby between your toes.”

Good times, ahead, indeed.


Oh, you wanted to hear about the sex stuff? Beyond kissing? Geeze, we were in a public parking lot guys. You don’t really think he put his hands under my skirt and rubbed my clit until i had an orgasm, did you?

Or that he shoved his fingers up inside of me and gave me a fast, brutal finger fucking?

You don’t think He would do that in broad daylight do you? You do?


good on you.

(good on me, two orgasms!)

He says they are the last O’s i get until our Friday night phonesex.

I wonder if He’s punkin’ me?

Payback is such a bitch!