Another Real-Life Friday Post…

*we interrupt this sex blog to test the emergency vanilla system. this is only a test.**

Much goings on in the nilla-verse this week and …not all of it good.

Someone went into my bedroom (my refuge) and found my stash of lingerie which i wear for Master. And the bag of stuff that has my collar in it, tho it didn’t look like that was opened.

And … into my toybags and pulled out some of my toys.

Now, it could be a kid. The toy bag incursion was one day, and my dau was up there “goin’ potty, mom”….

The lingerie is a mystery. If my wife was the one why not say anything about it? Was it my teen? My dau? Who knows. The only thing pulled “out” which alerted me, was a pink nightie. And the bags were left “pulled up” from the pile of quilts which had hidden them, which makes me think a kid was responsible, and fled in a hurry.

I was called into work unexpectedly on Tuesday, and it was while i was getting ready for corner time later that night that i found the stuff and did a mini freak out. I simply cannot imagine my wife “tossing” my  quilt box like that, and not saying something. She would have left it out on the bed.

This is the nightie that was pulled a bit out of the bag….

So, after my panic ebbed, i found a new, totally kid-proof place to hide the lingerie, and stashed my toys behind the head of the bed. I might move them someplace else on the day i go to work, but sheesh. You’d think there would be one place that would be inviolate in my home, wouldn’t you?


On that same vein, my alt blog, snow9, has been bandied about my family…and extended family at that.

My sis-in-law told me that my MIL was *pissed* and saying how i had “changed” so dramatically… (i  had told A about having a sex-story blog last fall, but did not give her the address). Apparently, my wife mentioned it to her mom, and my MIL is all freaky about it. (duh…she’s 77…and as Puritan as they get…..why would she do that to her mom?)

Now, i’ve had very limited contact with my MIL, who i have a good relationship with. I’ve gone up to visit with her tons, but she has a boyfriend (and a sexual relationship at that!) now, and her time is more given to him, so i haven’t made the 5 hour round trip to go visit…between my limited time, her limited time, the price of gas, and her lack of general “neediness”….i’ve not been up there since the Fall. But now she knows about the blog, too. Or that i write sex stories.  Or who knows what? Since i’m getting all this third hand, i’m not completely worried. Part of me longs for a confrontation. Go ahead. vilify me. i. do. not. fucking. care. Your daughter “left” me long before i started writing “smut”.

Okay, mini rant, over.

As a result of all this mini drama (and none of this has exploded on me, as i say, it’s all very hush-hush) i’ve made the  snow blog private, as the task of putting any posts that have “nilla” or reference Sir or Master are too numerous to make them private.

At some point i will set up a new blog and repost those stories there.  Snow has melted under the heat of repression. sigh.


i’ve spent an hour setting her up, my new “alter ego”… is the successor to snow…no…don’t go look …there’s not much there as yet. But i’ll work on getting something wonderfully naughty posted up there next week, k?


Isn’t all this the snore?

I’m boring myself to tears here. Geeze. Okay, i’m not gonna say much more today.  Coz i need to write a story for tomorrow. Something juicy. And hopefully next week will get back to work,  finishing up another of those hanging stories…like Fertility Clinic, or Stranger…after all, we left her under the bar sucking cock while that floozie tried to engage her former Dom!!…or…what else? what other story have i left hanging that you’re dying to know what happens next?

Do tell!

Happy weekend, everyone! (here’s hoping i get to spend a bit of time with Master Sunday evening…we’ll see…cross your fingers…)

*This was a test of the emergency Vanilla system. If this had been an actual emergency, you would have been notified where to turn next for updates and emergency smut fixes. This was only a test. We now return you to your regularly scheduled smut*