Moving Violations (pt2)

He was laughing.

Laughing at my little fit of pique, the bloody rotten jerk. My happy mood had finally, fully evaporated. Between the stress of being lost, the upset of being stopped for speeding on the back roads of West Bumfuck USA, and now being transported like a common criminal in the back of the State Troopers 4X4? It all just put me off my game.

So I pouted.

Sue me.

And when he laughed? That grumpy-assed cop transformed from a craggy, self-righteous asshat to a very sexy Man.

Of course my pussy noticed, I told you before that I’m a slut! So there I am, pissed as hell and doesn’t my fucking cunt decide to wake up and start drooling over this guy?

I wasn’t sure where he was taking me, and wasn’t sure if they could book me, in these little mountain backholes, for speeding. Anyplace else, they write you a ticket for umpteen bazillion dollars, and send you on your merry way.

Here, they arrest you?

I must have dozed off, in my fit of pique, with the falling of the sun, the steady hum of the wheels under me, for the next thing I knew, the door was opened and he was reaching in to steady me so I didn’t fall out.

I shook my head, trying to clear the cobwebs. Airplane, car rental…where the fuck was I? There was the humming chorus of insects, the whisper of wind through the pines, and oh, maybe a trillion stars overhead. The sky was black and soft as velvet, and the light from the stars dancing there was stunning.

There were no lights around us.

It took me a second to process that. He just stood there, watching me watch the sky. His profile was outlined against the starry night, and I couldn’t see his face.

“It’s awe-inspiring isn’t it?”

His voice, whiskey-rich, sent shivers from my spine to my pussy. He understood my amazement at what I was witness to.  I looked at him, then back to the firmament  before me.  It was hard to stop looking at it. Back east? We never saw sky like this anymore. A huge downside of being part of the megalopolis.

I tried to look around, but there was nothing but darkness this close to the ground. The only illumination was from up there. His hand closed around the back of my neck and began guiding me forward.

“Where…” I began to ask.


And for whatever reason, I did.

From his pocket I heard a faint click, and lights came on inside a small building. A shack? A cabin? Hard to say. He led me to the door, and then pulled me inside, his hand still curved around the back of my neck.

“You did something very dangerous today, and somehow I don’t think a ticket will get your attention any more than the speed limit signs.”

But I always paid my tickets, I thought silently.

He pushed me through the little mud room, and into the single room of the shelter. A bed was there, made of rough-hewn logs, debarked, and rubbed to a shining glow. On each corner was a long thong, wrapped round the post several times, and ending in a cuff, which lay open.


I looked up at him, bemused, my heart kicking up a notch. No. Fucking. Way. The cop was gonna fuck me to beat the ticket. This was…I tried to stop the smile but it sprang free of my control.

This was slut heaven, really!

His look was undecipherable.

“Strip. Everything. Right down to skin. Then get on the bed. It’s time someone taught you a lesson, girl.”

I cocked my head at him, sent him a coy smile. I wanted it not to matter that he watched me inscrutably while I stripped but nothing changed the look on his face. Not even when I slowly, oh, so slowly, slipped my bra straps down my arms, reaching behind to unhook, and then even more slowly, let it slide off my tits to fall to the floor.


If they trained that kind of response out of a guy at the Academy, maybe they took more than tuition from him. He could be the ball-less wonder, with a big cock. Or a piss-tube. Or…this was getting silly. I felt humiliated now, since he wasn’t playing to my tune.

I felt the blush rise as I slipped off my skirt, doffed my underpants and shoes.  I trembled a bit, so unused to having a man, any man, be unmoved by my body. I looked damn fine, and so what if I was proud of it.

He reached up and took a nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

Aha, I thought, now, finally, we’re getting somewhere. He’s at last paying some attention to the girls.  He walked towards the bed, and I remembered that he’d told me to get on it when I was done.

His lack of reaction had unsettled me enough that I’d forgotten.

He didn’t look or touch more than just the nipple, pulling me across the room. I thought for a moment about being defiant and pulling back, but he had a pretty significant grasp going on there. Best not to piss him off any more. I really liked my nipples and wanted them to stay where God, in all his infinite wisdom, had put them.

A quick fuck would settle me, get him off my ass, and hopefully, he’d send me back on my way to my friend’s house.

Ha, if only it had been that easy!

14 thoughts on “Moving Violations (pt2)

    1. *laughs*

      i know, do a few stand=alones, and suck y’all in…this concludes tomorrow this time…no lengthy affairs this week!



  1. Now with your great picture of yesterday just below this mornings sexy post, it sure does paint a beautiful picture. What a nice way to travel off into the great Maine woods for the weekend. I look forward to catching up. Tip

    1. Safe travels and beware those blackflies getting into unmentionable places…..wait.

      this is a sex blog.

      there *are* no “unmentionable places” here!!!

      Have fun (weather looks a bit iffy sunday, so i will hope you stay safe!)


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