Dominant (1)

i couldn’t believe it.

Somehow, i’d cleared all the hurdles in my personal life, and adventure had finally come to full fruition. i was here. in M’s home.

The butler (butler? omg!) had me sit on one of the dainty chairs that lined the long hallway just inside the palatial double doors. The floor was black marble, and instead of finials going up the wide marble steps, there were little black columns.

Fancy digs, i thought.

We’d been talking online for ever. i hadn’t really fully understood just how dominant a Dominant can be. But i was swept away under the powers of submission. Time passed so swiftly whenever we were ‘together’ on cam. Not that i got to see…but i was seen. It was an odd dynamic, and yet, for us, it worked.

First, talking. It changed, over time, from “how is My little one?” to orders…often issued curtly, swiftly. i would fumble to obey as the terse “strip” slammed through my headphones. My heartrate would speed up, i’d sweat nervously as i hurried to comply, and be graceful, simultaneously.

Usually i would be rewarded with an almost purring “gooood, good my little one”, which never failed to soak my already wet pussy.

Why did i need that approval so much? Was my ‘vanilla’ life so drear that those five little words, and the tone of them, would sustain me? Obviously so. And it was decadent. And hot. OH, so hot. Sometimes we’d play into the wee hours of the morning, me posing and teasing and being hurt on command…and it didn’t matter too much if i wasn’t allowed to cum.

And now this. After all this time, to finally meet in person. i’d taken a two-week vacation from vanilla-land, and come here to meet, and at long last, serve at the feet of my Dominant.

i tried not to feel like a rube, the village oaf, as i sat amidst the splendour of this truly fine house. The beautiful stained glass over the front doors caught my eye, and i was dazzled by it. And then my eye caught pictures cleverly contained therein. A breast, nipple clamped, with a golden chain trailing through the scene. A cock, engorged. The rounded curve of an ass, with a suggestive dark spot between.

Oh Goodness me!

i wasn’t in Kansas anymore.


After what felt like an eternity, trying to not wriggle and squirm with impatience, for i’d been taught better than that, i heard footsteps from above.  i wanted to jump up and see. i wanted to twirl and shout and laugh and hug.

i sat.

“What a good little girl I have waiting for me.”

i almost shivered with the praise. Her voice flowed over me like warm honey.  Slowly i heard Her coming downstairs,  the long, slow descent torment for me.  In my head i  was chanting, ‘hurry, hurry, Mistress” but outside i sat, still and patient, trying to keep my heart in my chest and not leaping out my throat in its excitement.

She came to stand in front of me, yet i held posture. Her finger tipped up my chin, and she inspected me. No other word would work but ‘inspected’. She had seen each me on cam for a year and more, but this was the first time i had ever seen the face of my Mistress. She was beautiful, tall, and strong, and commanding. She looked me over carefully.

Gently She kissed me. Stars and moons stopped in orbit as her ruby lips pressed against mine.

“Two weeks, right, little girl?” Her voice was husky and sensual. So much richer than via earphones.

My voice dried up and left. I could but nod in answer. She seemed to sense my overwhelming awe, for She merely smiled.

“Come,” She said, and She turned and headed back upstairs.

i followed, her obedient “little girl.”