It’s Monday.

Memorial Day. A time to remember all those who have given their lives in service to America. As the daughter of a military guy, i admit to having more than a wee bit of patriotic fervor.


Thank you, all you guys and gals who have given the ultimate sacrifice in service to us all. It is a gift of valor, of honor, and it means something to this subgirl.

And yet….that’s not really my topic for today. I just wanted to be sure to say that up front. Coz that is important.

It’s Monday.

And my best friend has had her second chemo treatment. And is losing her hair.

And I am left feeling…?

I ache for her.

I hurt for her.

I want to make it all better. That’s what we do, women, right? We fix boo-boo’s, kiss and bandage and make it all better again?

The big C won’t win this fight. She’s had her surgery, removed the small nodes that had begun to grow in her breast.

She could have decided against chemo. She was right on the low-end of the spectrum. But she wanted to give every single chance she could of laying this dragon to rest.

She chose chemo.

And she’s losing her hair, but winning the war.

Another patriot, fighting for a life of freedom.

Freedom from the big C.

16 thoughts on “Monday

  1. Dear ‘Nilla,

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your friend today. I’m glad she has you, and I’m sure that having you there helps. You “accompany” her on this journey – which is not an easy thing to do.



  2. Sending you and your friend and every other person dealing with this lots of love. I was 13 when my mom was diagnosed, all these years later it still hurts me to watch her deal with the side effects of treatment.

    As for her hair 🙂 I’ve never seen a more beautiful woman than one who does what she needs to do. Flowing locks or not. So from the South (from someone who has had east length hair and none) a bug hug I support and encouragement!

    1. Thanks Andi….we know it will grow back, (and i’ve heard, often very different than it was before treatment)…but it is almost as shocking to deal with as one’s master suddenly shaving their sluts head….

      ps…hard to go through that at 13….my heart goes out to that 13 y/o Andi….

    1. Ah, she’s my friend from long ago and far away…(nilla believes in reincarnation….and W- and i have a shared memory of a place that we only told each other about a few years ago…)

      Thanks Ava,


    1. Thanks Roze…that means a lot. I *know* she will be okay, but the getting there…that is the hard part…


  3. Prayers, and hugs to all that have contacted this terrible disease. My Sister had it twenty five years ago and beat it, I sure hope your friend can as well. Tip

    1. Thanks Sir Tip… i appreciate that. Things look good for her, though each treatment is harder…she’s half through the chemo now.


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