Mechanic, parts

Part two is here

Leaving the big-titted slut in the kitchen to cook  was part of the plan to improve his life for the weekend. The next was getting the sumbitch boyfuck to help around the house. He and the boyfriend left her there, and headed into the hallway between the kitchen and living room. He looked back and saw her checking out the kitchen. She looked good, He thought watching her.  The remnants of her ruined blouse hung from the waistband of her rumpled and cum stained skirt. Her big tits bobbled as she turned from stove to fridge, and she blushed deeply when she looked up and saw him looking at her.

Naked house sluts. What a fucking fine idea, he mused. He turned to the he-slut.

“You, dickhead. Go into the bathroom, get your clothing off, and come back here. If I’m not here you put your forehead right here on the fucking wall and wait for me. Yes. Naked.” He understood that flushed look of panic. For whatever reason, it made his dick hard all over again.

He pointed out the way to the bathroom, then went back into the kitchen.

“Slut.” He enjoyed the startled look, the fear in her face as he advanced on her. She stood, hand filled with an egg, ready to crack it, frozen. He reached around behind her, unzipped her skirt, and pulled it off. She stood now, naked except for hose and heels.

Fucking grade A prime fuckmeat, if he’d ever seen the like before. She was classy, he gave her props for that. His hands cupped her ass as  his mouth suctioned at her tit for a minute.

It pleased him that the little resistance as she leaned away, was not evident in her hard nipple. Oh, she was getting into it. She’d die before admitting it, he knew that, but her hard nipple, and the scent of wet pussy was pretty clear to him.

She was getting off.

Fucking cunt. He spun her around, and curtly admonished…’cook.’ While she broke and scrambled the eggs in a bowl, he fondled her tits, sucking along her shoulder. She poured the eggs into the waiting skillet, and the moment she set the bowl down, he bit her.

She jolted, tried to pull away, but there was nowhere to go. Hands fisted around her pillowy tits,  teeth biting hard into her shoulder, he felt his cock throbbing, aching for her pussy.

He released a tit, unzipped and felt for his shaft. Harder than it had been in a coon’s age, he got it out of his pants, and slid it into her asscrack. He fucked in the slick channel between her legs, and finally found what he’d been seeking.

She was wet, hot and steaming wet. His cock slid home easily, and deeply.

She moaned.

What a slut!

“Don’t you fucking let those eggs burn, whore,” he ordered, as his mouth left her shoulder. The imprint of his teeth was clear, and spots of blood where he’d broken the skin dotted her pale flesh. He ground his belly against her ass, his cock filling her tunnel, as she moved to stir the eggs before they cooked down too much.

He fucked her in short little thrusts, never moving much more than a few inches. She came, hard, squirting onto the floor. He came almost as hard, holding her around her waist as he pumped thick rich wads of his juice up inside her.

Panting, he laid his head on her shoulder, as she turned the eggs to off. His cock slipped from her, deflated, exhausted. Poor overworked pecker, he thought with a grin, no fucky for a month and now twice in the same day!

He pushed away, and grabbed her by her hair.


She looked at him, her eyes wary.

“Clean this fucking mess up.” He took the pan, grabbed a fork and started eating from it. He was starving! She moved for the towel hanging from the fridge handle.

“uh uh” He shook his head ‘no’, mouth full of eggs. “use your fucking mouth. Consider that…your dinner.”

He watched, eating the eggs, as she began crying again, then knelt and began lapping at the cum on the none-too-clean kitchen floor.

Was this the fucking life or what?







13 thoughts on “Mechanic, parts

    • *laughs*

      yeah, i kinda squicked myself out with that part…but turnabout being fairplay, the guy had to do it at the garage….i’m nothing if not fair…


    • Yes it was! Hope you enjoyed. There are at least two more installments in the pipeline, but it will be a bit before i get to them…


  1. This story is just what a old guy like myself needs after a weekend away. Now I’m primed, and looking for Mrs. Tip. I think I heard her in the basement….Later Tip.

    • Thanks Andi…i’m glad you enjoyed this one…a bit more on the dark side, but its a fun, naughty story to craft!
      Glad you’re enjoying it!


  2. Myyyyy goodness!

    If this were Creighton and I and we were the wretched captives, Creighton sure as heck better Dom up and chop that guy into little pieces. This girl licks no floor 🙂


    • that made me laugh aloud. Somehow i can’t picture C as being anyones “fuckboy”…yanno? Thanks for the smile, Ellie!


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