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HNT ~Torture~

Hurt me, pinch me, bite me, squeeze me, mark me, make me. Ohhhhhhhmmm..*gasp*….mmmmm hurts hurts so good… when You torture me with Your love. molding, shaping, bending me- making me Yours

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You don’t think?

You don’t think I can do this, do you? You don’t think I have that kind of power, that kind of control? You still stand there, thinking that I can be coerced, denied what I want? You see me laughing? … Continue reading

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The Right Stuff

“i can’t fuckin’ believe it. Not A-gain. Geezuzzzzzzzzzz” His protests were silenced quickly as he was mashed against her cunt, as she pushed him, hard, against the dark and wet chasm of her pussy. It was really, really wet in … Continue reading

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He wouldn’t….did He?

cough medicine gives me wicked dreams. i woke up Friday morning with this story in my head, and jotted down the basic text before i forgot (i’ve forgotten two, not one, but two stories because i didn’t write it down … Continue reading

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“No.” “No?” His voice was incredulous. “No…Sir.” There was a pause as she breathed in the word, the defiance of it.  Tried to draw strength from the air in the room. “i….won’t.” She watched Him shake his head slowly. There … Continue reading

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She was the most exquisite creature he had ever laid eyes upon. She danced amongst the butterflies in his garden as the heavy heads of Echinacea and Rudbeckia bobbed in the soft evening breeze. As she reached on tiptoe, her … Continue reading

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Pet (2)

He tried to regulate his breathing, tried to calm his racing heart. After all, he had put his arms into the loops that now fixed him to the bed. He had willingly let her attach the second loops around each ankle. He … Continue reading

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HNT 7/23/11 Double Trouble

He makes me laugh and moan and cry and sing. He makes me hurt and feel soooo good too. He makes me…happy.    He also makes me flat-out exhausted..He and his trusty camera…caught me cat-napping… Happy HNT!

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The Assistant pt 5

it’s been quite awhile since we last checked in with our intrepid news reporter…i hope you enjoy the next part of her story. know that i always appreciate your replies, but i am currently a bit under the weather, (being … Continue reading

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Nice ‘n Naughty

She straightened up slowly, her ass a throbbing, painful entity. It reminded her constantly of how she had spent her weekend. But here it was, Monday again, and she was at work. At work, and showing Mrs. Carmichael, once again, … Continue reading

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