HNT ~Torture~

Hurt me, pinch me, bite me, squeeze me, mark me, make me.



hurts so good…

when You torture me with Your love.

molding, shaping, bending me-

making me


14 thoughts on “HNT ~Torture~

    1. yes, yes yes!!

      so wonderfully painful…i love pegs…inexpensive yet quite able to deliver a reminder, a rush, or both!


  1. The pegs look amazing..
    the bruise on your breast looks painful ~very much so!

    I find I say things like that as well.. before he has begun, before I know even an eighth of what he has in mind to do to me…IF i knew.. i would be very quiet~~

    1. the pegs *were* amazing…old and with a very tight pinch…that bruise lasted for two weeks! Was painful when my breasts bounced…i go braless several days a week to let the girls (and my lymph nodes) flap and flush… and i felt them when i walked…

      i never know what He has planned…just as well…living in the moment…and not ‘dreading’ what will happen next…merely anticipating it!


    1. mmmm, but delightful ouchies! Those were “old” pegs…so they had a hard bite…and my eyes were closed when He put them on and it was quite the surprise, i’ll tell you that!

      And it all just added to the heat of the day…*smiling in memory*

      Thank you, heartsister.


    1. *smiling*

      Your compliments are delightful, and much appreciated! There is a ton of emotions between us…and things are really, really good. i am truly blessed.


  2. I guess I can only say it doesn’t get any better than this except in real life, real hands on experience, touch and feel. Pretty damn near speechless. Mrs. Tip please call 911 and have them come get me now, I think I have seen heaven. Just Wonderful, Tip

    1. This made me giggle. Out loud, downstairs, while family was elsewhere…i nipped over, and checked email and there was this reply and i laughed. Tip, you never fail to make me smile at your outrageous compliments!! Thank you for being one of the pleasures in my life…


  3. Owwww!
    Nope, not on my nipples, no not never… And I nursed my babies… ooowwww!

    However, if it does it for you Nilla, by all means…. go for it!
    Love you!

    1. there is a direct corrolation between my nips and my pubes.

      not sure about how i got wired that way, but boy o boy..pegs on the.nips do it…(so does biting…*grin*)


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