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Yeah, i know, the title says it all, doesn’t it? It’s one of those so-embarrassing human things we all do. *waves* Hi, i’m nilla…and i fart toot. Okay, i’m blushing while i write this. Oh, and i should add this to … Continue reading

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Make New Friends…(1)

She wasn’t certain she remembered going to bed. When had Nick left? Had she fallen asleep waiting for Shane to come to bed? She felt a bit muzzy-headed, something that always happened when she drank that damn Mexican beer they … Continue reading

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Signed (7)

She stood frozen as Reggie stared at her. She thought, maybe even hoped, that she might die of embarrassment. His looking was thorough…down..pause…down…pause again…all the way to her pink-tipped toenails, then slowly his gaze swept up. She closed her eyes, … Continue reading

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HNT 7/28/11 It was all it was cracked up to be…

He promised pain. and delivered it He promised tickling. and delivered that, too He promised to turn the crank up. ow ow wow – did He ever And He promised the ass-fucking of the decade. *nodding* Every moment etched in … Continue reading

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i simply don’t know where to begin! So much stuff was crammed into one full day…i went to a garden…an estate run by the Horticultural Society, and spent a lovely hour walking paths filled with all kinds of gorgeous plants, … Continue reading

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Not Afraid of the Dark

this is not a relationship piece, nor happy ever after, even. It’s pure, raw, unvarnished, dark D/s sex. Here be  very large dragons…~n~ She called the number from the card she’d gotten at the last munch. On it was just enough … Continue reading

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Wow. Tonight my blog broke the 175,000 mark by almost 100 hits…Wow. I know, i said that already. And i know, yeah yeah, webcrawlers etc…but still…i can be happy about this sort of milestone…and i am. Thank you, loyal readers, … Continue reading

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Signed (6)

She knew he was around somewhere but she was too mortified to go looking for him. She had sat while he’d unbuttoned her blouse, pulling it from her, giving him his fucking ‘boon’ damn him to hell. Then he’d pushed … Continue reading

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Good morning fellow pervie reader! You’re up and reading my blog…..and i’m up and primping. Yes, primping. Finally, after a long, interminably long 7 weeks, nilla and her Master are getting some play time. Am i nervous? Geeze. What kind … Continue reading

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Don’t Lose That Number

i’ve been having a fun little run this past few weeks, interspersing stories that have a relevant song to go with them. Nothing like Steely Dan to bring me down memory lane…and inspire this little stand-alone piece…enjoy! ~n~) She stared … Continue reading

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