The Shortcut

it’s been a while since i wrote a rape story. Not for the faint of heart, my friends…

She was late. Again. She glanced at her watch, grimaced at the readout. Fuck! Practice had gone over, long over what she had told her ride. The rule was, if she wasn’t there within 5 minutes of the pick up time, Janine would just take off.

She hated when practice went over by this much. Now she’d have to scramble to get to the bus stop before the last bus swung by. The sky was  the color of dark denim, and a few stars popped out towards the east. The sun’s glow was only a memory as she decided to take the shortcut down the alley behind the old theater. Too early for footpads, too late for most, she figured she’d be the only one scurrying through.

Even with the shortcut she’d still be cutting it close on timing the bus.

She picked up her pace. Her purse jangled as she near-jogged, and she heard her keys rattle. That wouldn’t be good, losing them here in the inky blackness of the alley. She could see the road at the far end, and took her eyes away from that beacon for a moment, to settle her keys more deeply inside her bag.

She slammed into something.

A pair of arms grabbed her, and something was stuffed into her mouth. She tried to fight but it was no use. She was being held too tightly, and in the darkness she could see nothing. She tried lifting her knee, twisting and turning.

She felt hands putting something on her head, pulling it down, taking away even the light of the stars. No words were spoken, only the loud thudding of her heart. She was lifted, something wrapped around her ankles before she could kick out.

Her mewling was loud in her head, but too quiet to be heard. She was thrown over a shoulder, breath whooshing out with a hard gasp at the sudden contact, and then dizzied as her head flopped down. She heard the bang of a door, the sound of feet scuffing on stairs, a low voice, a soft laugh.

“As easy as that?”


More laughter. She was crying now, and thought she might puke. Fear and her head bobbling along, bouncing off this guys butt made her stomach do flip-flops. Somehow, tossing her cookies didn’t seem like  a good idea, held like this, and mouth already full of some disgusting tasting fabric.

Another door opened, and there was the murmur of a tv in the background. She was dropped unceremoniously onto something that gave under her. The sudden change in position disoriented her further, and before she could take advantage of the freedom of movement, she felt hands on her.

She fought to take the cover off her head, but the punch in her belly made her double up and moan around the gag.

“You don’t fuckin’ move unless you’re told to, got it cunt?”

Weakly she nodded.

“You do, and so help me you’ll be messed up so fucking bad you’ll wish we killed you. We won’t. We just wanna have a little partay with you, sweetums.  Been awhile since we had us some fine uptown pussy.

Hands were touching her breasts through her clothing, groping at her crotch.  She whimpered, trying to shake her head ‘no’…to move away. But there was no away.

She tried to pull a hand off her chest, only to be slapped, hard. Her ears rung, her head spun. Her nose throbbed where it had caught the edge of the blow.  The hands turned from caressing her to ripping and tearing at her. She heard the shocking sound of fabric being shredded, felt the cool air across belly and thighs. Her slacks were gone, her shirt, gone.

A cold metal touch made her whimper in fear. The knife played across her chest, then sliced through each bra strap, then danced across the rounded tops of her tits.  It slid, slowly, between them, and ever so gently, parted the garment as if it were made of butter.  Her tits fell free from the restraining cups, and several loud, lewd whistles filled the room.

“Wooooohooo! Look at them tits!”

“Man, you fucking hit the jackpot to-nite, man! I can’t wait to tittyfuck those motherfuckers! My cock jes got hard as a rock. Oh man I love them big knockers!”

She wanted to melt into the mattress with humiliation. Her large breasts had been the bane of her life. The first hard smack of a hand across one full tit made her arch with surprise, and pain.

“Lookit it bounce! ” There was a second slap and a flurry of others. Their amusement at the heaving of her chest in response was further embarrassment. And then her fucking nipples responded. It was the shock, the cold in the room, she was sure. But as soon as her large, distended nipples rose up, they were pulled, bitten, sucked, and used to lift her big tits up, and drop them, bouncing, to her chest.

The bag was pulled off her head, the gag removed. The room was dimly lit, but from what she could see, there were four guys on the bed with her. And a very large, dark cock right in front of her face. The head looked as big around as her fist.

“You’re gonna be a good fuck-bitch and suck my dick. You’re gonna suck it good and hard and with effort, and if you use teeth on my cock, I’ll rip your ears offa your head, and when you let it go, my buddies and I will knock and pull every fucking tooth outta your fucking mouth with this,” and he brandished an evil-looking set of pliers at her.

“Got it, cunt?”

Wide eyed, she nodded fast, yes, she got it. “Then what the fuck are you waiting for, open that fuckin’ pie hole, you dumb fuck!”

Her eyes widened, her mouth opened and he began to force that big head between her lips. His torso completely blocked out whatever else was going on, but she felt a second cock pushing at her pussyhole. She wanted to scream to yell, but he was still holding that fucking tool in his hands.

She was so fucking scared.

“Hey! This cunt is wet! What a fucking whore you found us, bro!”

Hands pulled on her tits, as the big cock in her mouth began to move deeper. Gods she had never deep-throated anyone before and she was terrified he would choke her, kill her.

She saw the headline. Women suffocated on unknown substance. Wouldn’t that look good on the local news at 5 a.m. She felt the gag, the retch as he hit the back of her throat, the pain of her muscles closing trying to swallow reflexively. At the same time, she felt her cunt stretching around a second large cock. So hard to focus…no breath, and pain in the pussy.

“You in?” she heard someone say. Her body was lifted, turned shifted by the men and she felt fingers poking at her asshole.

Now she did scream around the choking cock. He pulled back, then pressed forward again, her scream trapped by the head of his dick.

He moaned. ‘Oh baby, yeah, I love it when you yell around my cock…the vibes run right up the head and into my balls. Go ‘head, and scream, sugarpie, only makes it better for big Daddy.”

He pulled out as she gasped for breath, tears, snot, spit greasing her face. He grabbed her by her hair and pressed slowly into her mouth.

“Mmmmhot and wet. Use your tongue to lap around my head as it slides inside you. That’s right, whore, just like that..gonna go slow and easy so you feel my cock gagging you. You breathe coz of me, cunt, and I’m not gonna let you forget it. So you work my cock good, and if you make me cum, I’ll give you a nice reward.”

More poking at her asshole distracted her. The man buried in her pussy hadn’t moved since he’d bucked his pole into her, but a third cock was joining the party.

And shamefully, she felt her pussy get wetter. A lifelong masturbation fantasy. Gods she hoped they didn’t kill her. Intentionally or by overuse. How much could a girl take, she wondered.

She felt the cock press its way up into her backside, stretching her backdoor wide. The burning, ripping feeling  made her moan around the cock in her mouth, making him moan. Hands grabbed her tits, using them for leverage, as she was suddenly the foci for three cocks.

As if by unspoken decree, they began fucking her in near-unison. The cock in her mouth, slowly heading deeper and deeper into her throat. The cock in her asshole pumping fast and furious, and the rod in her cunt at a pace somewhere between the two others.

It was discordant. It was painful. She was so afraid.

She was so turned on.

The cock in her mouth twitched in warning, and he pulled back, and poured his juice into her mouth, across her face, jetting the last globs onto her titties. He watch the thickness ooze across her, then rubbed it into her cheeks, her nipples.

Sliding up, he sat on her face. “Good job whore, time for your treat! Stick that salty tongue up my asshole now. You tonguefuck my butthole good, slut, and my cock’ll be hard in no time!”

She shuddered. What choice did she have. Her tongue lapped at his anus. It did not smell nice and freshly showered, but like an ass that hadn’t been washed in some time. Stale urine, body odor swirled around her, and she gagged. Her tongue stretched forwards again, and he farted.

And laughed.


In the brightness of morning, she blinked, bleary-eyed. The sky was a blue beacon above her. The pavement was cold under her ass. She was wearing a white tee-shirt and nothing else. Her purse, with a $20 sticking out of it, was beside her.

Getting slowly, painfully to her feet, she made her way to the bus stop. She smelled booze. They must’ve given her some to drink. Her head hurt. Her jaw ached. Her lip throbbed. Her pussy and ass hurt, and felt sticky and gross.

At home, she looked in the mirror. Bloodshot eyes, and a bruise on her cheek. Her lip was split and swollen. Her tits, when she slipped off the shirt, were covered in bruises and bite marks. White flecks of dry cum painted her body.

She showered for a long time.

It was while she was drying off that she remembered the $20. Odd, she’d had the bus fare of $4.50 in the front pocket. She didn’t remember having a $20 in there.

She pulled it out. A postynote was stuck inside the folded bill.

“Got your address off your license. See you around….”

i always feel like i gotta say the politically correct thing after a piece like this. Remember…it’s fantasy folks. i don’t condone non-consent. But let’s face some facts…the percentage of us who have rape fantasies is very high. I’ve done it, you’ve done it, he’s done it, she’s done it. By done it, i mean thought about it. It’s a fantasy, boys and girls…nuff said. ~n~

7 thoughts on “The Shortcut

  1. And it’s an intense fantasy, as all your fantasies are, ‘Nilla. Leaves me a little squirmy even though I don’t much want it to.



    • i understand. Made me squirmy to write it. (especially since i was on O denial for two days!!)

      Enjoy your weekend with sfp!


  2. I believe your postscript hit it all dead on, who here doesn’t think in the extreme often, or we wouldn’t be reading your post at all. Very well done nilla, Tip

    • thanks Tip, i appreciate that feedback! You are so right…if we weren’t kinky, no one would be here reading what i am writing, be it sweet and smutty, or dark and twisted…yet my stat counter says that people are coming, (hee…) and reading every day.


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