His Girl

here be dragons….~n~

She struggled against him, not mock fighting, but seriously trying to get away. He was bigger, stronger, and taller than she, plus he had the added element of surprise.

She’d not been expecting him to attack her.

Spinning her around, his arm hooked around her throat, choking her. In a panic, she stopped struggling, pulling futilely at his steel-strong arm. He dragged her back into the bedroom, as she gasped for each breath of air. It wasn’t enough, and she began to feel lightheaded, dizzy. Spots danced in front of her eyes,  and she felt pure terror lance through her.

He might just kill her.

In seconds, however, he reversed his grip and threw her onto the bed. Disoriented, gasping to fill her oxygen-starved lungs, her fingers curled against her throat, she didn’t resist as he grabbed her right hand.  Quickly, efficiently, he fastened a wide leather strap around her wrist.  Nor was there any fight when he did the same to her right ankle.

He moved around the bed, and quickly fastened her left ankle, as she began to come to awareness. He was done before she could kick out at him, and she lay with her legs gaping obscenely, on his bed. She tried to slap at him with her left hand, but his large hand cuffed her wrist, easily pulling it over her head, and securing it in the thick leather strap.

“You fucking bastard!” she raged at him. “I trusted you. Jess trusts you. What the fuck are you thinking?”

“I’m thinking that Jess is one lucky son-of-a-bitch to have a hot cunt like you, and that its time we shared the bounty. And I’m thinking you’re going to be fucked. Hard. And I’m thinking that if you don’t shut the fuck up and get respectful, that two things will happen. First, I’ll shove this gag into your pie hole.”

He held up a large brass ring, with leather straps on each side.

“When I put this in your mouth, it’ll become another hole for me to fuck, and no worries about you biting my dick. ”

He held up his cell phone.

“Second, I’ll speed dial several friends of mine. My fuck club buddies. And they’ll be thrilled to come over here and fuck “Jess’s girl”…we’ve all had a bit of fantasy, thin king about you and Jess gettin’ it on. And to find out that you’re his sex slave? That he uses your holes all the time? Not a girlfriend that he needs to buy dinner and flowers for, but a fuckdoll to shove his cock into whenever the mood strikes. And knowing Jess the way I do, I know that the mood strikes all the fucking time.”

Tears rolled down her face. Jess-Master- would be so pissed about this.  His best friend, going to rape her. She rolled her head, shaking it no.

“Oh, yes, my little slut, you will be well used. Jess is away for the weekend, and he asked me to take care of you. Keep an eye on you.  Trust me, I’ll be watching you all weekend! Watching you suck my dick, watching you take it up your cute little ass, watching my cum leak out your well-fucked pussy.”

His grin was feral, a predator about to consume the prey he’d captured.

He smirked as she pulled at the restraints.  Watching her struggle made him hard as hell. He unbuttoned his trousers, unzipped the fly, and slid them off, along with his boxers. He pulled off his polo shirt, dropping it carelessly on the floor on top of his pants. Naked, he stroked his hand down his belly to his cock,  pleased to see her eyes widen at his size.  Naked, he strode over to his desk, opened the drawer,  and took out a pair of silver scissors.

Returning to the bed, he made a few test snips in the air, pleased to see fear return to her eyes. Who knew it would be such a fucking turn on?  Slowly, he cut her skirt from hem to waistband. His fingers searched underneath the slice, found her panties, and cut through crotch and waistband.

“My first prize,” he laughed as he pulled them out from under her. “Well, my my my, look at that.” He looked at her, mockingly. “She fights the cuffs, but her little hole is leaking sex juice.”

He lifted the crotch to his nose, inhaling deeply. She closed her eyes, turned her head away. The slap against her pussy caught her off guard.

“Open your fucking eyes and watch me.”

A tear slid it’s silvery path down the side of her temple, gliding into her hair. Her eyes watched as his tongue pointed from between his lips, and touched gently on the fabric of what had been her panties. Watched as he put the crotch into his mouth and sucked on it. A shudder ran through her at the sounds he made.

“What a tasty little cunt you are. But my work is far from done here.”

He climbed up on the bed between her sprawled thighs. One hairy knee pressed against her pussy, while with his other, he straddled her leg. His cock bobbled menacingly above her belly, a dark promise.  He rubbed the knee against her, remarking on the heat, the wet. She moaned when he pressed against her clit, whimpered as he banged it repeatedly with that knee, like a soccer player knocking a ball.

“Will you cum, little whore? Just from that? My, you are a horny piece of ass, aren’t you?”

He continued to bang at her opening, then stopped and pressed, rubbed. She came apart on his knee, feeling her  muscles clench and convulse, hearing the wet sound of her orgasm as his knee continued to torment her now-soaked pussy.

The flash of scissors drew her attention. Her pussy was throbbing, and she was flushed with embarrassment. Master had made her responsive to all kinds of stimulation, but …this was so unfair. She shouldn’t be responding to this…this assault. But the throb in her cunt continued, and she knew that another orgasm was imminent. She felt her pelvis lifting, just a little, into the probing leg.

He laughed.

“Such a fucking needy whore! My God, do you have no shame? Jess is away and here you are, humping my leg like a needy bitch in heat.  I’m beginning to think I am  going to need assistance with you. You are a lot of cunt to handle.”

He snipped through her blouse, then picked up the cell, waggling it in front of her face.

“No! please, no no…please…” she stuttered at him, but already the next orgasm was cresting. Her head rolled back and forth, as a long low moan slipped from her. She didn’t notice the snip as he cut through her bra, or the wash of air as he pulled it from her ample tits.

When she came down, became aware, she was naked.  His knee was pressed hard against her pussy still, and He knelt over her.




His mouth descended onto hers, biting her lips, making her cry out at the pain. His hands grabbed her tits, squeezing them hard. She knew he would be brutal and was not wrong.

His fingers plucked at her nipples, pinching hard, then pulling up to release them with a snap. Her tits dropped and bobbled, but even before they stilled, he was back. His mouth left hers, as he crouched back, watching his game. Pinch, pull, stretch, stretch, stretch until the oils on his fingers let them slip away to fall back to her chest.

He watched the tears begin to blacken with her mascara. Such a pretty sight. Her tits were reddened,  her nipples already bruising. His knee pressed against her cunt, and he felt the tremors begin, presaging another cum.

He slapped her tit then. Just the left one. Left tit, knee to the pussy. Slap, rub. Slap, bump the cunt. Slap the tit, bump and press. Slap and rub that swollen clit. Swollen so hard he could feel the thing throb against his kneecap.

Her head arched back, her back bowed, and she cried out loudly as she came. The hot squirt of her liquid sprayed against his leg.

He leaned over her again, one hand pinching her right nipple, his lips at her ear.

“You are a fucking slut. A needy whore. A hole that wants to be fucked. Tell me. Tell me you want me to fuck that throbbing hole. Say it, fuckhole. Say it!”

His words hissed into her head.  No, no! She didn’t want this. Didn’t want him. She cried out as his fingers tightened on her tit. His fingers dug deep furrows into her tender skin; she could feel the slow trickle of blood as his fingernails pierced her flesh. She was dazed with pain.

His eyes burned into hers, as his hand bruised and bloodied her tit. He lowered his mouth to her other breast, sucking the nipple between his teeth.

“Say it” he hissed, pulling her nipple taut, his words leaking around her captured bud. She wondered if he would bite it off if she refused to speak.  Fear made her queasy, and pain flooded her.

“fuck me fuck me fuck me” she whispered, lost in a furious red haze. The chant continued, soft and barely audible. “fuck me fuck me fuck me…”

He slid into her, his cock harder than it had ever been before. He thrust hard and deep, stretching her taut pussy walls with the force of his intrusion. He felt the clamping around his plunging cock, knew she was cumming again. His fingers once more pincered around her tits, around her nipples, his fingernails biting hard into her tender flesh.

She gurgled and grunted as she came hard. His cock plowed into her, a thick piston ramrodding into her tender belly. Her clit was so sensitive she was emitting a thin steady cry, even as she grunted from the force of his fucking.

He felt her cum again. Geezus! He’d never, ever felt a girl cum like this slut. He moaned as her pussy clamped around his shaft, tight as a visegrip around him. She was hot and wet and tight, and he drove into her, withdrew, drove deeply. He wanted her to remember this fuck, to crave it. She might be Jess’s girl, but she was also a slut. For now, his slut.

When he felt the familiar boil begin in his testicles, he pulled out, thrust back into her again, hard. The end had to be brutal. His cock demanded it. His hands fisted tighter around her tits, the flesh between his fingers purpling, as he slammed deeply into her fuckhole, then pressed forward, grinding his hips into her. His pubic hair ground against her tender clit and she arched again, crying out.

Cumming, again, he knew, and that was the end for him. As her pussy grabbed at his shaft, his cock grew impossibly hard, longer. His balls drew up his semen and forced the eruption up through his aching cock, spraying her receptive womb with his seed.

The heat was incredible. Her pussy hugged his cock hard, an embrace designed by nature to suck all the juice from him. He shot into her, hot embers of lust mixed with sweat and the thrill of possession.

She was His slut now.

inspired by the frigging annoying soundworm that has been in my head for two days…”Oh I wish that I had Jessies’s girl..” by Rick Springfield. Want to hear the entire dirty inspiration? here