short, intense, ….~n~

Her tits hurt.

More than hurt, really. They were throbbing, aching globes of pure fire. Her head hung low, and her breath made an audible sound as she sucked air through the mask that encircled her head. No sight, no sound, and very little air made her supremely focused on the sounds and feelings of her body.

She was afraid.

Yet much of the fear was replaced at times by the pain. Arms up over her head now, legs splayed wide, she could feel the cold metal around her ankles holding her in place.

The smack on her left tit made her moan, made her dizzy with the hurt of it. Trying to exhale slowly, else she’d blow into the mask and balloon it out, making it twice as hard to inhale. The whimper came out with her breath. Shaking her head ‘no’ she tried again to pull her hands free.


She couldn’t remember her safeword. Did she have one? She was buzzy from lack of air. Another smack on her tit. The struggle for air into her starving lungs.  Another smack on her tit, then the other, the pace quickening. The tug of the chain that held them together, such incredible hurt there.

Tears leaked from her eyes, sticking the mask to her flesh, her breath squeaking its way through the breathing holes.




PAIN!  – bright colors behind her closed lids, fireworks exploding in her body. Reds and yellows and blinding white, all centered on her abused tits, and erupting in her head.

Fingers behind her pulling her ass apart, a cock sliding through her slit. The voice distorted by the mask, by the music buds buried in her ears, just a sound without meaning.

Slapping on her tits, and a cock probing behind her. Slap! And it found her hole and began spearing up inside her cunt, as another slap hit the clamp on her nipple and almost broke her.

The scream keened out from the mask holes, and the cock kept fucking in, out, in, out, a slapping rhythm filling her, emptying out, filling her, and out.

A tooth-jarring sensation as a powerful vibe was set against her pussylips. Every thrust from behind her pressed her mons forward, harder against this newest torment. The vibe squished against her clit, then barely touched, pressed again, following the tone set by that hammering cock.

And still the blows rained upon her tits.

Pleasure and pain mixed, a heady cocktail at the best of times, and now, in the darkest of times, even more intense. She felt it building inside of her as she was worked over. Cumming fast from the whirring bulb against her pussy, clamping hard around the impaling cock, her hot hole slick with her juices, she screamed again.

The blow to her tits went unheeded as her orgasm took her under. Her breath wheezed in, out, the mask inflating, deflating around her heaving gasps.

She awoke to the light.

Hands touching her, soft and tender caresses on her aching flesh. They were so good to her, her Owners.