Good morning fellow pervie reader! You’re up and reading my blog…..and i’m up and primping.

Yes, primping.

Finally, after a long, interminably long 7 weeks, nilla and her Master are getting some play time.

Am i nervous? Geeze. What kind of question is that?

of course i’m nervous!!!

Did you know that? Nerves always flutter in my tummy, as i slide my sapphire eyeliner under my lower lashes. Anticipation makes my mouth dry as i paint on my lipstick. Nerves make my hand shake as i secrete my phone in my bra, make sure nothing can be seen in my knitting bag. Gods forbid my ass plug finds its way to the top–and i have to explain that it’s a radical new pom-pom maker!!

My tummy clenches at the thought of His mouth biting into my shoulder. He takes a no-holds-barred attitude about this, and it is intense and erotic and delightful and painful. I anticipate, and crave, and yes, fear it a little too. It. Fucking. Hurts.

Really erotically charged, grade A hurt.

My ass trembles at the promise of being forked, spanked purple, and fucked.

As i walk out the door, slip into my car, i wonder, what kind of person does this…TTWD…goes off to be brutalized. Longs for it. Yearns for it. Needs it so fucking badly? You know i think this every single time.

And i smile…i know what kind of person needs this…

i do.

A slut.

A mommy.

A wife.

A knitter.

A writer.

A friend/sister/daughter/cook/gardener/hippie/50+ horny slut….

all of the parts that make me, me?

Needs this.

Enjoy your Sunday, fellow pervie folks…i know i’ll be enjoying mine! You know, perhaps, this being Sunday and all…i need to spend some extra time in bed….