Not Afraid of the Dark

this is not a relationship piece, nor happy ever after, even. It’s pure, raw, unvarnished, dark D/s sex. Here be  very large dragons…~n~

She called the number from the card she’d gotten at the last munch. On it was just enough information to tantalize, and that, she supposed, was the point.

Not afraid of the Dark (side)? We can help with that.

Not getting enough from Him to twist your nickers? We can help with that.

Not getting hurt, bruised, beaten and fucked to meet your wildest, darkest dreams?

We can help with that.

On the backside, a phone number.  Okay, she did have dark and wild fantasies. She wondered how much of that she wanted to keep fantasy, and how much was true primal animal sex need. She’d been Masterless for  a long while, had played around a lot. Spanked, or fucked, whipped or tied, all the play she’d had for ages was on the “light” side. Doms who needed a bottom for a scene during a play party, that sort of thing.

But this?

This intrigued, even as it scared. Her pussy felt the familiar tingle that fear gave her. She’d been carrying the card for close to a month, taking it out, reading and re-reading it, and putting it away.

She listened to the trill in her ear as the phone rang again. After 5 rings, voicemail picked up the call.

Are you afraid of the Dark?

You should be.

Leave your name and number if you dare.

She hung up. The dark, deep and disturbing voice sent a shock of chills up her spine. She felt her pussy grow damp as she stared at her phone and the card in her hand. She hit redial, and spoke quickly, quietly into the phone,

“Melanie. 5558883”

This time when she hung up, she felt tremors run from her fingers to her clit.

It took less than five minutes for her phone to buzz an incoming call. Number, blocked.


“Melanie…you’re a very brave little girl, aren’t you?”

She drew in a shuddering breath at the newly familiar voice.  “Yes.”

“This isn’t a pretty little meet n greet at the Briars. This isn’t a little coffee klatch at Moonpennies.  This the real deal.”

He went on to tell her what to do, where to go, and hung up on her. No details about what would happen. How long or how intense things got or if there was a safe word and all those other questions were nipped cleanly in the bud.

She had two choices. Show up, or not.

***   ***   ***

The shorter-than-short skirt was one she’d only worn once before. It barely, only just barely, covered the bottom curve of her ass. Her shirt was a tee-shirt, with short cap sleeves. The bottom had been raggedly cut to her midriff, exposing her belly button. The hose was held up by garters that were exposed by the shortness of the skirt, and the 5 inch heels were absurd–and sexy.

She parked her car in the corner of the lot, where two broken lights cast a dark circle. Her headlights swept the lot, and then plunged it back into inky blackness when she turned off the engine. She got out of the car, locking it, and looped her purse around her shoulder.  she stood, uncertain, heart pounding.

From the street came the slash of lights as a dark van cruised slowly past the lot, and kept going. She followed the trail of the back lights as it turned right and went down the other road, then the return of light as it turned into the parking lot from the opposite side.

Her heart was pounding now, a heady mix of adrenaline and fear and, incredibly, lust.

The van slowed to a stop and the lights went out. The side door opened and suddenly there was a blur of movement. Something was pulled over her head, arms grabbed her and threw her into the vans interior.

“Go go go…” came the urgent tones of the one who held her down, and the van skidded out, turned left and sped down the road.

What if this wasn’t…o gawd, was she being kidnapped…The thoughts zinged around her head, even as she began to struggle.  Hands were touching, reaching up under her skirt, touching her cunt, pinching her tender inner thighs, and more hands ripping apart her shirt, grabbing fistfuls of tit and squeezing cruelly.

She heard a strange sound and then felt something wrapping around her throat. she realized it was tape, thick duct tape, holding the bag over her head. It was hard to breathe, her hair was everywhere, and the hands were pinching and hurting and everyfuckingwhere.

“Fuckin’ cunt is wet.”

Fingers jabbed into her fuckhole, making her yelp. They fucked in and out hard, fast, deep. She cried out, moaning and whimpering. Her hips were grabbed, lifting her ass up and impaling her on a fat cock. His hips jabbed at her, rocking back and forth like a jack hammer. He was pounding and grunting, his fingers squeezing around her ass, pulling her onto him, even as he hammered into her.  Her head and shoulders banged along the bottom of the van. She felt the stretch around his thickness, and savored, for a moment, the complete fullness she felt there.

Fingers pinched at her nipples, pulling her tits by them, and while they were pulled up, slapped at them. Hard back and forth slaps, and the mix of pleasure, of pain sent her spiraling up into her first frenzied orgasm.

The cock inside her pulsed and released his seed. He pulled out and pumped more of his hot sauce onto her belly, her tits, and dropped her bottom back onto the floor of the van.

The van stopped with a jerk, and she heard the sound of the side-door opening. she was pulled up by her nipples, forced to move or have them ripped from her body. Staggering in the heels, and blind, she followed like an obedient puppy. Hands slapped at her ass, and her head. A finger slid inside her slick cunt and pulled her forward that way.

The ground grew uneven under her feet and she stumbled. They laughed, forcing her along. She heard crickets, and wind soughing through trees.  And then they stopped. Hands were pulled away and she was alone, untouched.

“Hello?” she called though her voice was raspy. Her hands reached up to her throat and began unwinding the tape. It took some time, but she finally unwrapped herself, freeing her head. She sucked in lots of the cool evening air, feeling a little shiver run through her. She couldn’t see a fucking thing. But she was naked except for the hose and shoes. Even her purse was gone.

“hello? please?”

There was a hiss behind her, followed by the sharp painful burn across her back!

“Walk. Forward.” The voice came from behind her.  Another slash of the whip stung her ass and hip.

“OHGOD!” she yelped, darting forward on shaking legs.

She moved jerkily through the dark woods, but he never missed with the whip. Ass, back, legs, and twice, her tits received stinging blows.

“She loves to be kissed,” came one voice behind and to the right.

“She’s gonna love a lot of things after tonight,” came a voice from the left.

Ahead there was a faint glimmer of light.

“Get up on the platform, bend over it.” She moved into the clearing, and saw what looked like a sawhorse. She went up to it, pressing herself over it.

There was a hand rubbing her ass, even as she saw feet come to stand in front of her. A fist grabbed her hair, lifting her up.

“Open that fucking pie hole and suck. Do a fucking good job with my dick or you’ll be sorry you were even born.”

Her heart beat fast. This was not what she had imagined. A thick-headed cock butted her lips peremptorily. She opened her mouth wide, and still she felt a tiny split begin where her top and bottom lip met, the sharp copper tang of blood as it tore on his hard thrust into her. Then she was far more concerned about snatching a breath as her mouth was raped.

Choking on a throatful of cock took most of her attention, but when she felt the press of another cock at her asshole, she began struggling to push it out, to scream her denial of this. No lube, no prep, just a hard cock preparing to screw her ass.

He grabbed fistfuls of hair and began fucking her mouth like a pussy. Slam, out, slam, out, making her dizzy with lack of air. Tears formed and ran unnoticed down her face. Snot slid down her nose, over her lips, adding a gross lubricant to his forced fucking of her face. Her lips were swelling, hurting, cut on her teeth with every press of his pelvis against them.

His cock pressed into her throat, as the second cock broke through her anal ring and banged up into her fanny. She screamed at the pain of it, making her assailant groan.

“Aaah…so fuckin’ gooood babydoll when you scream like that. Fuck her ass hard again, bro, I’m loving what it does for her oral skills”

He pulled out, and fucked in hard and deep, matching the pace of the giant up her ass pipe, and she screamed again. Her butt was a burning tunnel of pain as the invading cock reamed her.

Her belly was rubbed raw over the old wooden sawhorse as she was dicked at both ends. At long last the two assailants filled her with their cream.

Once more she was pulled up by her hair, and led over to a thick-trunked tree.  Her welted back was pressed hard into the nubbley bark, making her cry out in pain, and her wrists were pulled backwards to the back of the tree. She felt thick cuffs wrap around her, but her attention now was on the man standing in front of her. Light shone onto her face, leaving his in darkness.

“Afraid of the dark yet, pussycat? You will be.”

His fingers dove up into her pussy, fucking her hard and brutally. Fast as a piston, he pumped in and out of her, until she felt her orgasm slam through her.

And still he didn’t stop.

“You’ve got plenty more where that came from” He spoke through gritted teeth, punching his fingers up inside of her. Her cunt was convulsing again before she knew it, his fingers never stopping as she flew through orgasm after orgasm.

She screamed when his fist popped inside of her, and he began fisting her roughly. That cum was intense enough to make her light-headed. Finally he pulled his hand out with a pop, wiping his sticky fingers through her hair, across her face.

“Such a fucking dirty cunt, coming all over a stranger’s hand like that.”

He started slapping her tits. “Bad girl.” Slap slap. “naughty little whore.” Slap slap. “What a dirty cunt.”

The slapping continued, as she began sobbing, as her tits bruised, and ached.

He pinched her nipples hard.

“She’s ready.” And he moved away.

He was big. Tall. Frightening in the dark. He held the large safety-pin up into the light so she could see it.

“Your souvenir.”

He pinched her nipple, then flicked it with his fingers until it was tender and hard.

“Nono…oh no…no no..” she whimpered and wailed.

“Please, scream, whore. We love that.”

He flicked open the pin and slowly, deliberately pressed it through her nipple. Her scream was loud, and made them all draw closer, smiling.

He closed the pin.

His mouth caressed her other nipple, sucking and nipping it to hardness, as he blew on the wet flesh. He flicked open the second pin, and drove it, fast and roughly , through it.

The world tilted, hot fire licking through her tits at the torture. She screamed again, sharp and shrill.

He stepped away. Another came to take his place, and pressed his belly against hers. She felt a cock probing at her cunt, and then slip inside. He fucked her hard, her back banging against the tree bark, feeling it digging into her flesh. His hands pressed and worried at the pins in her nipples, making her cry and moan at the pain.

And she came, hard.

She lost count of how many came and fucked her as she struggled against the ropes that held her to the tree, then gave up. Her thighs were coated with the runnel of male seed seeping from her throbbing holes.

The darkness of the night began to wane, the faintest twinges of dawn beginning to paint the eastern sky when she was released. The van drove her back to her car, but before she was released, a fat plug was shoved up her throbbing asshole. A flick of a switch set it to vibrate, and the sound of duct tape being pulled from a roll filled her ears.

A long piece covered her asscrack up over the plug in her ass, over her pussy and up her belly. Other pieces went across the tops of her thighs, so she could only take tiny steps like a geisha. A third piece went across her mons.

A fist in her hair drew her up to a sitting position, as her ass trembled with the thick invader quivering inside of her.

“That stays in until the battery dies. Got it, whore?”

Her nod of assent followed quickly. The door opened, and she was pushed unceremoniously outside. Her purse, and a tee-shirt followed.

she never did remember the drive home, the quick mincing steps  up her walkway, her contorted movements as she moved as quickly as she could up the stairs to her apartment. She fell into bed and slept all Saturday, waking in the wee hours of Sunday morning.

The darkness in the room greeted her like a lover. Her nipples screamed with pain, her ass and pussy pulsing.  The vibe in the plug taped into her throbbing asshole was still rattling, albeit more gently now. The battery was dying, and soon she would be allowed to peel the tape from her flesh, and release that final torment.

She was confused….turned on and hurting, really hurting,  a newly discovered duality of sensation. She ran her fingers over the safety pins that pierced her nipples so painfully, flicking them ever so gently. Even that gentle touch sent ripples of heated hurt up through her breasts.

She knew now it wasn’t the dark she was afraid of.

It was herself.