i simply don’t know where to begin! So much stuff was crammed into one full day…i went to a garden…an estate run by the Horticultural Society, and spent a lovely hour walking paths filled with all kinds of gorgeous plants, and got to see a ton of my personal favorites, daylillies. Add a hummingbird, and small flock of wild turkeys, and a cloudy, blessedly cool day, and it was heaven.

From the front portico, i stood looking over the view below me…the reservoir, the mountain behind…lovely in the misty morning air.  i called Master, since i still had no idea of the “when” of our meet, only the where.

He invited me to come early and we’d hang out at our starbucks…which we did for several hours. We talked and i teased, and was generally a naughty silly girl. For which i would pay dearly for, later.

We went to the hotel at last, and had a few minutes to settle into the room. i didn’t dare even kiss Him, coz i knew where that would lead…so i unloaded my stuff, and got my gear ready, but didn’t change out of my streetwear, including sneakers and sox. I was protecting the “piggies” as He calls my toes. I gave him my toybag, and He already had that look in His eye.

You know the one, right?

And i got my glasses off and then He was on me, and we fell to the bed, a tangle of limbs. He pinned me as he bit my lips and hiked up my skirt.

“Little slut! You’re wet already,” he says, embarrassing me, and making me even more turned on. And of a sudden, His fingers are in my pussy and He’s finger fucking me fast and He growls “NO CUMMING” and gawd. I’m bucking and writhing and trying to get away…i can hear my voice mewling and begging and finally, He relents and i cum. But of course, just like in my stories? He doesn’t stop fucking me. He pushes right through that orgasm, and the next four or five.

Yes. Four or Five. Lost count about the time i lost the top of my head…

Can you say spaced out? Coz trust me, i was half-way to Jupiter, no space suit required.

He gets up, calm and cool, looks down at me with a dark gleam in His eye. He’s already got me in my place, limbs sprawled, gasping for air, weak in every limb.

“Look at you, you little whore.” And He laughs.

“i am YOUR whore, Master,” i respond, but my voice is dreamy soft and weak.

“I’m going to get ice,” He says, and starts looking for the ice bucket. Takes Him awhile to find it, and i was too blotto to help. I hear the door open and close, and toe off my sneakers. One–thunk. Two–thunk.

For now, my piggies are “safe”…or so i think. Slowly, i get up off the bed, and He pounces…

“OH! PIGGIES!” He says, jumping out from behind the wall which He’d ducked behind.

OMFG! I turn and leap for the bed, attempting to hide my feet under the pillows. Did He leap on the bed and grab my ankles?

Hell no He didn’t. He held out His hand, snapped His finger and said (in a quiet, firm, COMMANDING tone) “give me your foot.”

And then He peeled off my sock and proceeded to torture it. Um, my foot, not the sock! Running his finger softly and what might be mistaken for “tenderly” up the sole of my foot, over and around the tops of my toes, and the dreaded between the toes. All the while making soft “hmmmm” noises to Himself, totally ignoring my shreeks and whimpers and attempts to get away. The Man has a grip of steel.

This time there was no “sporking” of my feet…but i’m under advisement to expect it next time we’re together.

ah, fuck.


A lot of “stuff” happens when we are together in the same place…lots of pinching, squeezing, spanking. Sometimes when it is least expected. He’s working on getting me more fit, and so He grabs my “spare tire” and pinches it fiercely, “so you’ll remember when you’re tempted to eat something…” -isn’t He the clever Man?

I have a ring of bruises around my middle now, and soon will break out my workout video and work on shaping my shape. He’s subtle, i’ll give you that.


He loves me for who i am, but He refuses to let me backslide and put back the weight i’ve lost. He takes owning me seriously…so how can i be less than serious about maintaining and improving His property?

The photo sessions (oh, some great shots for future HNT’s…) are a chance to touch and tease and play…and there is this…bristling intensity about Him as He moves me, and watches while i try some ideas…and oh…that intensity gets used up later.  i love watching Him play with me this way…it’s an unexpected bonus to see Him in this light.

There is more, oh, so much more to share about this, but for now i want to hold the experience close to me and guard it, and hug it and dream of it….later, not too long later, i’ll write the post that He has charged me with, the one about the fart.