Yeah, i know, the title says it all, doesn’t it?

It’s one of those so-embarrassing human things we all do. *waves* Hi, i’m nilla…and i fart toot.

Okay, i’m blushing while i write this. Oh, and i should add this to set the stage, perhaps? Master sent me a short email at noon today (Tuesday)…”any writing that happens after 1 pm must be done with your butt plug in place. Wouldnt’ want your ass to ‘forget’ …”

I see your ears and eyes perking up.

Forget? Forget what, nilla?! A few of you are jumping up and down going ‘tell us tell us!”

Okay, i got mega fucked in the butt. . .and, um, i liked it. The hardest part is that first entry…breaking through, right? and getting your body to take it, and not let your hiney think ‘hey there’s something in the poop shute and i gotta push it outta dere….” It simply won’t work. OH, you can push all you wanna, but when He puts His cock in the asshole, it stays until He wants it out.

He played this little game. The pop in and out game. In pop. Out pop. In pop. Out pop. Like…ow.

“why do you Dom’s like this little game, Master?” i said. Maybe i might’ve even whined a bit about it.

“What game is that, slut?”

“You know, Master.” i feel the blush starting somewhere around my navel. i hear silence, and if ever silence is demanding, it’s Dom silence!

He pushed back inside my ass, and i grunt. I’m blindfolded, and can’t see what He’s doing. My ass hangs over the edge of the bed, my legs up on His shoulders, and damned if He doesn’t pop out again!

“That! Right there, that, Master. That popping in and out of an asshole…”

“Is that right?” He drawls. “Like this?” He pops out, then in, then out..(is this getting repetitious yet?)

“yes, yes YES…”  i mewl out, arching my back as He continues to pop his cockhead in and out of my ass.

“And other Doms do this? You know this for a fact?”

I swear, the Man is fucking my ass, and we’re talking like a couple over the breakfast table. Tho my voice was several octaves higher than it usually is at breakfast. He was calm, controlled, and greatly amused.

“Really? This?”

In.  Out.  In.  Out.   In. Fucks hard.

“Oy…!!! Yessss…Master i’m cumming….”

sounds of satisfied Master laughter…


So all that in and out has a natural, normal HUMAN outcome. It’s kind of the same theory as a balloon pump, really. A plunger pushes air up the chamber and into the balloon….and if the plunger is pulled out (eventually)…the balloon will release the air previously pushed in.

Ergo, the fart.

Eventually, He changes position, stacks some pillows on the bed, and hauls me (like a rag doll!) around the bed and up onto the pillows, on my back.  (and more science…heated air rises, and my ass was now higher than my head. Stop laughing, i can hear you…)

He starts slowly now, fucking deeply into my ass, and i feel it coming.

The fart.

“OHMYGOD MASTER! i’m gonna fart…” and i am beet red, and He’s snorting and laughing at me…and He pulls out and encourages me to “fart away” or some such.

By now i’m so embarrassed that i can barely stand it, giggling and blushing and sweating and and and….

no fart.

Can’t make it happen, maybe i giggled it back away. He gets up and goes away, i hear water running. He returns and slides his cock deep into my pussy.

Ohgod…so good so good. i’d had a bunch of orgasms while he fucked my butt. It’s strange, and naughty and so intense…and yes, as Himself says…i’m an ass-fuck-slut…coming like crazy whenever He sticks his dick up my backdoor.

But having His cock in my pussy, which had been clenching and clamping on nothing…feeling neeeeeedy for His thickness inside of me…oh so good. So good. I’m pressing up as best i can with my ass raised on the pillow, and i feel it building… a giant orgasmic wave building inside of me…

and i fart.

Not a dainty little girl fart, but a big old Dom  Man   fart.

You’d think that’d be the biggest turn off ever, right? He laughs, the Bastard. Then i hear it. I shake my head, no. No. No.

“You’re going to blog this, right little girl?”

Hell no….