*MY* Girl (part one)

wordwytch got tired of waiting for me to finish this post and wrote her own version of what happened when Jess got home! Her vision of what transpired comes in part from her Wolf….and i figured, since i had 300 words already written, i might as well give my version of this! It’s funny, i hadn’t planned when i wrote “Jess’s Girl” for there to be a follow-up, but of course, there had to be, right? I can’t imagine any Dom letting someone take his sub without His permission…not without repercussions, anyway…And  i went to my Master for confirmation of that, and asked HIM what would happen if this scene played out with His slut…

whoa…trust me…what i finally came up with is a very watered down version of what my Owner said would happen if someone fucked with His toy….

Jess knew something was up.

Something was wrong with his girl. He’d been watching her since he got home mid-day. She was nervous, and….fragile. He’d not seen her like this in a long, long time, and he knew it wasn’t just from going away that caused this kind of reaction. He traveled frequently for his job; and she was a confident little tart.

He finally cornered her at the sink. Sunk almost to the elbows in hot, soapy water, she jolted when he slipped up behind her, silent, as was his way. Some training never got lost.  Seven years in special forces had taught him how to read people, how to move silently, and how to handle things, talents he put into his job all the time.

He’d had to use them to tame her after a gone-south relationship had dented her ego, damaged her heart, wounded her spirit. That was years ago, though, so this was something recent.

He had his suspicions as to the cause of her distress. He’d made the mistake of  teasing his friend, telling Brett that he should keep an eye on her over the weekend. It was all in good fun, in part because he’d been oogling her for a long time.  He’d made a few unappreciated comments about stealing her away, but Jess knew she’d not be swayed by Brett. He was pretty sure she didn’t really even like him. Besides, as her Dom, it was his choice to share or not. He’d never chosen that route, he preferred to hold and keep what was his.

He planned to get to the bottom of what was bothering her. And if it was Brett, he’d get to the bottom of that, too.

As his hands settled on her hips, she yelped, almost a scream. Soap bubbles flew every which way. Several large globs landed on the window, adding a surreal aspect to the gilded evening sunset.

“You’re making bubble murals, little one.” His lips brushed her ear, his voice low, soothing, taming her racing heart.

“i-i didn’t hear you, Jess…Master…” Her voice was husky, raw sounding. She said it was a ‘throat thing’, but again, he knew she was skirting the truth.

“What happened to you?” His voice was soft against her ear. He felt the pounding of her pulse in the little hollow as he pressed a kiss behind her lobe, and nipped the way He knew drove her crazy.

“Missed you,” she moaned.

“Tell Me what happened.”

His voice shifted from soft, to command mode. She stiffened in his arms, but her head fell forward after a moment, and he felt the sobs where their bodies meshed.

“i’m sorry, Master, so sorry. i fucked someone without permission…”

He turned her.

“Did you go willingly?”

Her eyes slid away, she shook her head.

“But, Master….i responded.”

“you’ve been trained to respond. I’d expect no less from you.”

He pulled her from the sink by her hair, leading her from the kitchen to the bedroom. He shoved her across the bed, then quickly released his zipper, his belt.  He lifted the nightgown, while falling atop her, still clothed. His cock poked out from his jeans, and stabbed into her heat.

He took her hard and fast, as she wrapped herself around Him. He knew that possessing her this way would calm and sooth her in a way no pretty words would.

Yet inside, He seethed.

No one played with His stuff without permission.

*****                                     *****                                        *****

At three a.m. He woke, and rolled out of bed, soundless in the dark. He slipped out of their bedroom and downstairs, snagging his cell from the charger on his way.  

In the kitchen, he kept the light off, moving to the island in the dark. Palm braced on the surface there, He made one call, low-voiced.  The night hummed with the call of insects, desperate for one last mating before frost. 

Done, he shut down his phone. His mouth lay  a grim line. 

“So be it,” he murmured after a moment, and turning from the room, he slipped back upstairs and into bed with her.

*****                                  *****                                   *****

He took her to the club. She’d not been out since He’d gotten home, but it was time to move her past that.  Tonight was the night to restore her to confidence. He loved that sassy lil slut, and He would help her back to that.

She slid out of their car, tugging the hem of her skirt down fruitlessly.  He would insist that she wear this one, her shortest. The iridescent fabric drew attention to her ass, snuggled in there. She felt like there were pigs fighting under a blanket with every step she took, but there was no arguing with Him when He insisted. He led her inside, fingers twined in her hair.

Her blouse was dark, flowy and loose. She loved this shirt, even though the hem fell way shy of the top of her skirt, leaving her lower belly exposed. The gold slave chain around her waist winked in the low light of the club. It coordinated with the strappy gold heels she wore.

She looked up at Him, suddenly nervous again.

“Master,” she spoke softly, hand on his chest. “Master, please can we just go back home? i’ll give you the best blowjob ever…”

“I know you will, but it will be here…and you always give me your best, slut,” he smiled down at her. He was proud to see her swallow hard, and nod.  Such a good slut.

*****                              *****                                *****

He stepped out of his apartment with a swagger. Jess had called him an hour ago, telling him he’d be at the club and why didn’t they hook up.

Meant the little fuckdoll hadn’t mentioned their little tryst while her ‘master’ was away, and maybe he’d get another —

His thoughts were interrupted as an arm came around his throat from behind, and a bag was tugged over his head.  He fought, but in seconds his wrists were cuffed from behind.

“What the fuck?! Who the fuck …?” His voice grew loud as they tied the bag tightly around his throat, yet before he could cry for help, the world went dark.

Two men bent over his limp form on the sidewalk, wrists cuffed behind him, head covered.

“Think you hit ’em too hard, One.”

“nah, he’ll just take a little nap and it’ll save us from listening to his bullshit whining. You can always tell a whiner.”

The grin lit up the night. In unison, and silent once more, they lifted the still form and slid him into a blue van. The van disappeared into the evening driving west towards the hills and vales of mountain country.

*****                              *****                                *****

They left the club at 2:30, sated, happy. She had waited for Brett to show up as was his wont, but he never did. She snuggled with her Master on the way home, happy that He’d made her take the first step.

The light was blinking on his work phone when they got in. She went upstairs and got ready for bed while Master made his calls.

“You’d think the Man could rest for a night or two,” she muttered, scrubbing off her make up.

“You’d think, eh?”

She jolted, dropping the cloth. “Master! i didn’t hear you!”

He smiled at her. Then stepped into the room, running His finger from her ear to her shoulder. “Pretty girl,” he murmured, tenderly.

“I have to go. They need me to check on a project. I’ll be gone a day or two…how about you go visit your mom, rather than hanging here alone?”

She cupped His cheek in her palm, tucking her head under His chin as she moved into Him.

He was so good to her.

13 thoughts on “*MY* Girl (part one)

  1. Very good so far. I’m looking forward to the rest. 🙂
    Some day you’ll have to give us the full version of what your Master said. Not surprised he was as brutal if not more than Wolf was. And yes, I watered my version down a bit too. Had to. Squicked me! Marines are very protective of their women/loves/sluts… What do they put in the water/food at marine basic training?

    1. exactly…what is in that water?

      it was very, very brutal…mine resembles His–kinda, sorta– but very diluted.

      glad you’re enjoying it…i couldn’t just throw out 300 perfectly good words, could i?

      (btw–it took me three *days* to write part two, when it usually takes me an hour tops to write a story….*shudders* …Marines!!)


      1. I understand. I mentioned to Wolf that you were writing your version with ‘assistance’ from your Master. He grinned this feral grin and then said, “Don’t ever mess with someone a Marine loves. Ever.” in that low growly subvocal voice. *shudder!*

      2. yes, exactly…and the ….um…relish? of how they get? that…”lemme at ’em” kind of thing? its scary and appealing at the same time.

        After i sent Master my final version of the story, he sent me a wee bit more….which i did not include, since i don’t write snuff pieces…made me shiver.

        He ….wow….yeah. Don’t mess with a Marine, indeed.


    1. Thank you, thank you…its funny, coz it generated the most…intense…email i’ve ever had from Master….i read it, blinked. then thought…”how the HELL am i gonna write *that*????”

      Part two is very dark…but compared to his version? Pure vanilla!



  2. I think this epitomizes what the vanilla world, in general, doesn’t “get” about TTWD. They see a woman being used and treated as property and want to raise arms, but miss the part where the Master loves his slave; treats her as a precious possession; one to be cared for properly.

    I know this story is dark, but it makes me smile because it reminds me of what being a submissive really is to me, of being safe, and belonging wholy to another.

    1. Exactly! That whole knowing that someone will take care of you with love! Sounds very much like a conversation I had this evening with Wolf when we were discussing this story.

    2. exactly! you summed it up beautifully.

      Sure, some day Master could decide to share me. And i’d be okay with it. But until that day? I ‘m his property and as he reminded me the other day? He takes care of what is his. Such a nice thing, too!

      hope you got to read the final chapter, i accidentally ‘overposted” on Tuesday, so the new story was buried. sigh. its in the sidebar, however. as mygirl part 2…


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