Whore Shoes

His fetish is shoes. There is a variation in His styles that i’ve not completely ‘mastered’ yet…although on several occasions, shoe styles that i’ve sent pix of have earned His “Very Close” award.

He told me a week or so ago about a pair of “whore shoes” He’d found in His D/s closet. (Yes, He has a closet of D/s stuff!)

pure filth, nilla, not classy, just –they say ‘whore’ and ‘fuck me sailor’….

Sometimes i think He’s a bit like that witch in the story of Hansel and Gretel? Laying down a trail of crumbs for me, little tidbits to lead me deeper into the woods….and isn’t that His “role”, really? To lead me deeper into His desired places?

Yeah, i think so, too.

That was the first ‘crumb’. And then there was the next, a pic of said shoes. He’s right. They are very much ‘streetwalker’ shoes. Once more, i’ll say it aloud,  i have NOTHING against prostitution, and feel it should be legalized, but that’s a whole different post and not one i want to be derailed by today.

No, this is more about a role. A vision of what He sees. It’s not just a pair of shoes, it’s a way to treat a piece of meat.

A piece of meat.

Of course, i’ve heard that phrase before. F had used it with me during the Triad days, and a few wanna doms (that one from Fetlife that was so freaking persistant and annoying)…but my Master has never used that phrase before now.

It made me shiver and curl my toes.

It made me pause, just a moment. His voice, for that second, was deeper, darker, perhaps even…dare i say it…sinister…in tone.

and hot damn it made me wet as Niagara Falls!!!

And i think to myself (and have been thinking a lot about this)…should i? Will i?

The choice to don the shoes is mine. It’s a dangerous path, leading to rough treatment, hard handling.


Holes. His to use and abuse however He chooses.

Not a beloved fuck toy, but a whore.


i sat and stared at that last line for a minute or two. Pretty bald. Very raw. Boiled down to the bare essentials.

Can i take it?


Do i want it?

hell, of course i do!

Does it frighten me?

sure it does…and fear is a HUGE turn on for me. That’s why i love being blindfolded.

Will i do it?

back to that question once more.  Maybe. The vote is definitely in favor of it at this point.

Remember, He keeps feeding me crumbs. He could lay it out there. He could be silent. He could order me to put on the shoes, and i’d do it without hesitation.

But this way, He gets to feed us both with the thrill, the anticipation. And build the want and desire in me.

Oh, He’s a very smart, very controlling Dom, and i rarely see the iron fist in His glove…yet…even knowing that it’s there this time, what lies ahead, those crumbs entice.

i want to be everything for Him, to be His willing, playful slut. To be His giggling fucktoy. To be His moaning, crying spankee.

And now, i very much want to be His whore.