Sadist’s Playground HNT

Our time together is short, a day here and there on occasion; playdates are time, stolen.When we play, we play for every hour we get to be with each other.

He plays hard and fast and deeply with His toys, yet always takes the most perfect care of them.

All of them.

He wraps the shoes in tissue, and places them with care in His bag.

He tenderly guards


(i know this firsthand;   i’ve tried to find it, and hide it!)

And He takes care to let me rest and recoup a bit…

until starting over once again.

i’m glad to be

my Sadist’s playground.

Adults? and a bit of HNT to Boot!

Despite not being quite a “newbie” anymore, after two years in this life-style there are many things that i’ve never, ever done.

Today, after spending all day with Aisha in where-she-lives, i can scratch one of them off my list.


(You should know i thought about ending this post here. Just for the drama of it, mind you…and the laugh i’d get reading your responses!!)

We went to an adult book store, and greatly amused the staff there.  Laughing like loons at some of the toys (really? omg, are you kidding me???)

And the two guys manning the store, i’m sure, had no clue what to make of these two older gals, not *that* old, mind you,  giggling and guffawing like teenagers.

When i stepped up to pay for my purchases, i made some glib comment, and he replied “Lady, you weren’t quiet at all…!”

To which i replied, “i’ve been told that before, you know….” and then went off into more gales of laughter.

There is more, so much more to tell, but frankly, nilla is exhausted. Up at 3 a.m. Wednesday to drive to the airport, i’ve been awake more hours than i care to tally up at this point in time.

So hopefully tomorrow i’ll be in better shape for writing, but for now, this little girl is heading to bed…and lest i forget, it *is* HNT day…

another of my “blue scarf” photo’s…..hand picked by my Master.