Golly Goodness….

So last night, i posted my post right after i wrote it, but a few seconds before midnight, i think it was.

And it was “todays” (Sunday’s) post, which is when most of you would have read it.

But unfortunately, it doesn’t “count” on WP as Sundays post since it published at the tail end of Saturday.

(which was a night of ZNN for this subgirl and trust me i’m dyin’ for an o tonight!!)

So, all that said, with tomorrows post now written, it will look in the calendar like i wrote NOTHING today…and ya’ll know (see my Southern is still “on” …LOL!) that lil miss nilla cannot STAND to miss a day of posting…we’re heading for a two-year daily post record here.

So, all that being said, my clamped nipples and i are heading over to gmail to see what directions my Master has given me for tonight.

Pray that its “O” (when you read that? it should sound like a chorus of cherebum (angels) saying it, making a great, harmonic, dynamic sound!!!) instructions, ‘k?

Night all!