Smart Master…

Sunday evening, 916 p.m.

i came upstairs, intent upon working on my “snapshots” post, trying to hit upon some of the key things that happened during my visit with aisha, and donna and Bill…

*pause for a smile*

yes, it was fabulous. 

But there was a text waiting for me from Master. It says, in part:

BTW, small ass plug in whenever you’re writing…and Oh yeah, clamps on your nipples, no weights; you won’t be so wordy.

In other words…He wants me in bed early tonight (though He is pleased that i took a two=hour nap this afternoon!) and not sitting on my computer for hours and hours writing, etc.

And He knows that He’s not clamped my nips in …hmmm…it must be at least two weeks now, so they are unused to this feeling. And the ass plug is both a turn-on and an annoyance when i write. It keeps me way more body focused than i like to be.

And trust me, i have OOOOdles to say about my trip. And OOOOODLES of fodder for stories.

And how can i talk about Ms. Constance (my GAWD what a woman!) in just one post? Guessing i could write for a month and never cover all of her…she is simply that dynamic a Top/Domme/Owner. Smart, very smart. Her wit is as sharp as a rapier, yet she is sensitive too. And funnah…did i mention how much i laughed at luncheon? i did, i’m sure.

And then there’s the delectable donna and the Domly Bill. They are what i imagined…yet more. Nothing here captures the sheer vibrance that comes from being in the same room with donna. She is …air, dancing. He is Earth, holding on.

If *ever* there was a living demonstration of yin-yang, they are it. In all honesty, i’ve never seen as attenuated a couple as they.

And i’m sure i have essays about the Domliness of Doms. Although i’ve seen “it” in my own Master, i’ve always assumed that it was just me learning Him;  grokking His body language.

And in truth, that is part of it.

But they *all* have it.

Although i’m not a “trained” observer in the way a lawman would be, i am an observer of the interactions of people…to be used as story fodder, yanno? And i’ve now met more than a handful of Doms/Dommes/Tops…male, female–it makes no difference.

and i can’t do it justice in just so few words.

and my nipples hurt.

Thank you, Master. Although, You know. Ouch.

Anyway, what i’m trying to express is a certain je ne sais quoi* that the Tops all seem to have. This is not to say that the subbies (to use a single unifying word) are wimps cowering at their Master/Mistressess….okay i’m just gonna say “Tops” from here on out….Tops’ feet.  Subbies, like ALL people, are a unique and diverse group (as are Tops)….however…

every singe Top i’ve been privileged to meet has that intangible quality that lets a subgirl know that a Top is in the room, thank you very much.

and lets a subgirl know that “enough” is “Enough”.

and lets a subbie know that now means “Right. Now.”

So MUCH of this is nonverbal, at least in the group i saw. It’s a change in the face…not thunderous, mind you. It’s a change in the eyes. NOT angry, either.

It’s a very mysterious…magic…that makes this subgirl sit up and take note, and it wasn’t even directed towards me!!

But i don’t have time to go into more details about this, and it’s a subject that simply fascinates me.

i could go on and on and on about the things i saw and did … but i’m trying to remember that it’s all fodder. It’s in my head and ready to be called upon at any time.

Just like i could tell you all that aisha is just like she appears in her blog…calm, thoughtful, kind, loving, caring. She listens. Yes, i know she is a therapist, but beyond that sort of thing, she is a woman who takes in, and has just the nicest way of letting her opinion flow out without making it hurtful. Without making it judgemental.  That’s not as easy as it sounds, since we both talked a long, long time about the flap over at sins blog.

She is a person i’m glad to call…no…excited…thrilled, and honored to call, my heartsister. We truly are kindred spirits.

And i could (and will at some point) talk more about her, my special subsis.

But for now, my smart Master’s nipples are hurting quite a bit, and i’ve finished this piece in 20 minutes, and must be away.

i just know taking these things off is gonna be a bitch.

Thank you Master!

(isn’t He just so clever ?!)


* Noun. je ne sais quoi (uncountable). An intangible quality that makes something distinctive or attractive. She has a certain je ne sais quoi about her