The Pain Thing

He’s been tasking me with a few painful things of late. Nothing that, on the surface, seems all that painful.

But fuck yeah.

Two nights ago, i was to clamp my spare tire, affectionately dubbed “the kitties”, which is a work in progress to get rid of, coz really?

it’s a toy for Him.

a target.

a handle.

All, verrah dangerous. That Man has a grip like…like a steel trap. He’ll grab my middle and of a sudden, i’ve risen to my tiptoes without the benefit of high heels.

Now, i’ve lost a lot of weight, but that tire is still there, a bit flabby and rather unattractive (who looks in a magazine and goes, whoa, isn’t that spare tire on that woman sooo sexah? Right. No one. )

So i’m working on toning it and it’s not happening fast enough for me.

Back to the task.

You know my clamps with the rubber mouth right? The ones with the heavy chain that He’s not put on my nipples in ages, right?

He sends me a text and says…”you get two O’s tonight, little girl, pins on nipples (clothespins, not safety pins, LOL!) and clamps on kitties…place one vertically, and one horizontally…”

And i stop there and reread. And text Him.

“‘seriously? Really Master? Clamps? on my ‘kitties’…??”

“I’m not fucking around here nilla. Clamps on the kitties.”




So there you have it, a complete visual of “clamped kitties. And yes, it sure as fuck hurt!!

My orgasms that night were, how should i say it? Hmmmm…

Spectacular? That’s almost an understatement. Certainly, ‘explosive’…definitely a WOW of epic proportions.

Then of course, the clamps had to come off. And i so didn’t want to. OMG, it hurt. I’m still bruised, days later.

Somehow, He’s turned my sexual beast on so much that i’ve spent days being really, really turned on. Like, even more than usual, turned on.

i know, can you imagine? *laughing*

The next night i get His O instructions for the night. Usually after a very intense O session, He’ll back off and make the next night “o, lite” which only cranks up the volume for me.

Not last night tho.

Last night was “same as the night before, but switch sides with the clamps”…so instead of clamped kitties on my right side? They were clamped on my left.

For what-evah reason, the left side hurt way more. Like from the moment i put them on.

i reached into my little peg-box and fished out my clothespins. Now, bearing in mind that i do this in the dark, and that some of my pegs are old and very tight, and some are younger and ‘gentler’…what do i manage to pull out?

On my right nipple, soft and tender, the peg nipped at me, then settled into a delightful soothing squeeze. And on my left nipple, a fucking oldtimer, biting into my nipple like a horse grabs an apple.

Fucking A Ouchies!!!!

And all focused on my left side. And i start to perform as He directed me, and i cum right away the first time (the night before took quite a bit of work for the second O, close to 30 minutes, hovering on the edge, dying to fall over…).

The second O comes fast. It’s powerful and very intense, and i squirt. My side is throbbing like a bitch, my nipple aches, and i’m rolling on my bed in an excess of sensation.


Now i have to take the clamps off, and i’m shaking from having two O’s back to back…it took less than 10 minutes for both.

Off come the pegs, the gentle one first, then the painful one.

i wait for the slap of pain…and it is a wave that makes me stagger back a step…except i’m laying down…but that’s what it felt like, a punch of pain.

And i dread taking off the clamps.

i *know* it’s gonna kill to take them off.

It does.

The first one comes off like i’m taking flesh with it…and i’m moaning and kicking my feet a bit….and i pull, gathering up the chain with my free hand, and release the other clamp….

oh my fucking GAWD… GAWD… GAWWWWD…

and suddenly i’m having *another* orgasm!!! Squirting and intense and wicked and omg, omg, omg…

and i’m fretting because he had said TWO orgasms, but this, this was out of my control.

i don’t think i’ve ever had an orgasm from pain alone. Not without penetration or some other stimulus….

and this was *wicked* intense.

Grabbing my phone, i called Him (i’d just been on the phone with Him 15 minutes prior)…and He’s all “what nilla…” and i’m gasping and crying a bit with the force that is still shaking through me…

i’m not sure i made sense to Him at first, but then He gets it, connects the dots, and He laughs.


Ha ha?

This is funny?

And He tucks me into bed, and orders me, softly and sweetly to’ go to sleep now, little girl’…and that is the last thing i remember ….

i guess i feel like i crossed some big milestone…i always knew i liked pain, but to cum with pain alone?

i guess i’ll need to do some more processing of that one…as will, i’m sure, Master.