The Fantasy Pt 2

Cuffed to the toilet, i look at Him, knowing i’m wearing that ‘deer in the headlights’ look.

Is this another mind-fuck? Did He order room service or something, just to fuck with my brain? But He slapped my face. He clamped my nipple hard, cruelly, even.

And i know in that moment that there will be another Dom behind that door.

“Coming,” He says towards the door, and as He slides the blindfold over my eyes, He says in a low murmur, “cumming, indeed, whore. You’d best keep those shoes clean, no matter what happens here, understood?”

And He chucks me hard under my chin.

“yes, Master” i whisper, fear shutting off my voice.

No giggles today. Today is pure, hard-core, D/s dynamic. The door to our room opens, i hear Him, sotto voice and strain to hear any response.

It’s quiet. Too quiet. My heart is racing, the puddle between my thighs is growing. Scared and turned on.

He’d asked me that, back in January. What turns you on more, little girl, fear? or pain?

And it was so hard to answer that one question because i crave the pain. But the fear adds a level to the pain, and it was that which i chose so many months before.

Was i fucking insane?

And then i hear it, feet coming my way. It cannot be Master, He is the epitome of silent invasion. i can smell cologne, something musky and earthy. Not Master.

Master’s scent is indelibly impressed on me, and whenever i get a hint of it, my mouth waters.  This smell, well, it makes my spit dry up. The tremor runs through me, fast as a tornado, and i shiver.

A hand pulls upon the chain, lifting my tit a bit, and i try not to make a sound, but the pain is too much to hold back, and i moan. There is the sudden sound of flesh on flesh, as a hand slaps my tit, while still holding the chain and i cry out. Another hand grabs and squeezes my free tit, fingers clawing deep into my flesh.

“nice tits…”

“Thanks” says Master.

More pulling,  more pain, and i lean back my head and try not to wail. And then he drops them. The burning heat of pain washes over me, but doesn’t drown out the sound of a zipper being lowered.

There is a pause, and i feel a probing between my thighs, fingers digging into my pussy, searching for my clit. With a pinch, he clamps down on it, fingernail grasping my sensitive bud firmly, and i open my mouth to moan again.

A cock fills my mouth, and a hand grabs my hair, pulling me forward onto the shaft. I cannot struggle, hands bound far apart to the bars on the wall in this handicapped bathroom. i can only take.

Cough, gag, tears, drool.

He pulls out, yet i feel another hand on my head, but still there are fingers in my pussy. Rubbing. Teasing my hole. I’m torn between the pain, and the pleasure.

The lack of air as the cock slides in and deep this time, makes me lightheaded.  He presses hard, to the back of my throat, and though i wish i could relax, i tense, and choke again.

He laughs. This amuses him. Fucking Doms. Why does a sub gagging on a cock please them so?

i feel a long string of snot slide from my nose, tears trickling under my mask, as he continues to leisurely fuck my mouth.  The fingers in my pussy are busy too, and soon i feel on the edge of cumming. It won’t take much to push me over the edge, but i’m gagging with every stroke now, as he pressures me to take more.

“Take it all, you fucking whore,” he grrrowls at me, and his hands tighten in my hair as he begins pumping hard into my mouth. Can’t get away. Can’t breathe, Can’t take it, Can’t.

Don’t have a choice.

i’m wearing the whore shoes.

and today i’m a piece of meat.