snapshots from where-aisha-lives

I started writing this while still at aisha’s home, so the timelines are a bit wonky…you are reading this on Sunday, so all of this is a week old. And yet, i wanted to share a bit more of our visit, our time together. Don’t pay attention to the timeline, just let it flow over you!


In no particular order, but scenes that have been imprinted on my personal “memory chip” (since i forgot my camera…i need to remember this..)

And i’ll add…it’s like drinking a heady draught…feeling the buzz, and the happy;  being able to openly “live my kink” for 4 full days. Alternating between vanilla events and kinky ones, for the first time truly living out of a life-imposed ‘box’… i think i’m kind of high on friendship just now, my inner happy meter is full to bursting.

i started writing this on Friday evening, before we headed out to my first munch.  Tomorrow will have  a big vanilla event, helping at aisha’s volunteer gig, something i expect to be a personal transformative experience. And aisha’s Sir X is here helping her get ready, and i’m smiling, and so at peace with life. Soon, all too soon, it will be time to schlepp back to the airport, and sit back and process all that i’ve experienced during this week. This partial week, really, that’s gone from whipping through at turbo speed, to moving slowly, fully.

okay, snapshots…remember, not in any kind of time order here!

  • the glowing look on aisha’s face as she introduced me to her Sir X
  • the play of light in the late evening (the sun sets much later here than at home!)
  • the quilts at the exhibit
  • Ms. Constance
  • the river, the traffic, the museums, the laughter
  • giggling openly on the phone to Master, as aisha sat typing in her office
  • oh, the “Adult” store where i was anything but “adult”, giggling my way through a thousand dildo’s
  • the feeling of “whoosh” in my belly as the plane took off
  • fabric!!
  • heat, unexpected
  • walking, walking, walking
  • cake
  • 50 people at a munch, all kinds of peoples…Tops and bottoms, switches and Dommes, leather folk, tat’s, piercings, and a feeling of belonging.
  • being told to “sit” right at Ms. Constance’s side, a very special treat
  • laughing
  • Donna
  • Bill
  • the waitress at the breakfast restaurant
  • the interweaving of vanilla and kink during our first visit with Donna and Bill…so much to say, and never a moment of awkward silence
  • cemented friendships
  • a midnight O with Master on the phone
  • the volunteer gig-powerful stuff


Those are the highlights–some written then, some recalled now. So many sweet and wonderful moments in between.  i may not have remembered every moment here, out loud, but there is much magic in kinky friends getting together…if there is a Kink-con someday, i’ll do all in my power to attend.