This is ‘stuff’ but….belated. i had intended to post this on Tuesday, and then with the fuckup with Master, decided to post that instead. So this is actually by way of being a prequel to yesterday’s post. And i have stories to tell, but suddenly my real life is just exploding with stuff to say, to work through.

You know, kinda like a ‘real’ blog. *giggles, snorts*

So many stories in my head again…not that i was “blocked”, but vanilla life was overwhelming last week, and being overtired is hard on my brain apparently……

and i needed to come here and work things out in my head. So if you’ve been missing Kinky Camp in Maine, or any other stories, i promise they will be coming…there are many that are in the mid-point, and right now my biggest issue is time…or lack thereof.

And so with this post, i’m not sure where to start..but then again, you’ve read this far, so that is the start.  But i mean to say, there is other stuff to share. For instance, there is more to Masters fantasy, but this time i’m gonna share it here.  Because this almost defies storytizing. Because in His own words, it is so hot to me.

It boils down to a sentence or two, really.

He and i were talking before Friday Night Fuck, and it was getting pretty hot, and He says:

I need to correct you, nilla.

“Oh, Master?”

Well, it is your blog, and you can write whatever you want, but…I just wanted to clarify one point.

*long pause*

i know He hears my breathing deepen. He knows He has my full, undivided attention. We’ve been talking the scene back and forth for awhile, and frankly? i’m already so wet i can feel my sheets dampening, my thighs are wet…yeah, great goddess, it was awesomely intense.


Anyway, after a very long pause, He smiles into the phone, i can hear it in His voice, that …that …tone that tells me “caution, mind fuck ahead”…and i’m holding my breath and He says:

I never said that the knock would be on the outside door. You know, nilla, many handicapped rooms  have adjoining rooms for people attending to a handicapped person. . .

He continued on in that vein, painting various scenarios until i was panting like a bitch in heat, and almost ready to cum just from His words.

Mah gawd…and HE says *i’m* the storyteller? He is deep and dark and gawd gawd gawd…just *thinking* about the scene He’s created in my head gets me all hot and bothered.


***                                         ***                                      ***

He’s been traveling this weekend, and so we didn’t get our regular chatting time on Saturday. But we had texts flyin’ back and forth, funny, lusty, sexy, and mundane.

You know, life stuff.

And then when He had to get quiet, i decided to bother aisha, and we spent some fun time texting, as i tormented her a bit about her Sir sending her to a statue.

She’s been forewarned that that is a scene sure to be recreated in a story. Not HER in the story, of course not. I never put friends in stories…

Whoa…was that *lightning*???!!!!


Okay, i’ve been known to do that to my peeps, but i promised i wouldn’t so when you read that story at some point, just don’t picture it as aisha and we’ll all be good, okay?

See aisha, what i do for my dear and beloved heartsisters? Selfless, i tell ya.


***                                          ***                                         ***

The leaves are changing color and falling, and my allergies are kicking my ass. i *hate* that. Seriously hate it. i don’t take anything for them anymore, i hated the side effects enough to put up with the runny eyes, the sneezy…and i stay in the house for the most part, other than my walks. Eventually i’ll have to go out and rake, but it’s been either too windy or too wet to do anything yet. But the season is s-lo-w….still haven’t had a killing frost yet.

That bugs me.

i dunno why. It just does. Maybe coz i had to pull up my garden last weekend and there were still green tomatoes on the vine that would’ve been ripe by now…but the rules are ‘done by Columbus Day weekend’….it’s not been a factor in years past since we usually have frost by then.

***                                            ***                                             ***

And aisha might come up to visit me next summer…is that the kewlest or what? It makes my heart sing to think of it.

Despite not using her in a story.


Okay, that’s enough stuff for today. New stories posting at some point, and there’s new flash fiction (micro fiction?) on my alt blog, nilla swirled on the sidebar if you’re desperate for stories! Catch ya on the flipside!

12 thoughts on “Stuff…

  1. You know I love your stories. However, there are days that I love the real life nilla stuff too. I giggled over the “mind fuck voice” and then had to explain why I was giggling to Wolf. He of course has that sub-vocal rumble he does that hits me just right and makes me squirm and damp. And, he had to use it too as he laughed. Awwwwgghh!!!

    As for using people in stories… I do it all the time. Wolf says that sometimes I barely change the names! (true…) Real life is so much more fun than some fiction. LOL. I look forward to more stories though!

    1. a big bunch of stories coming…wrote 5 yesterday to ease my ‘blues’…..ans thanks for the great comment!!

      big hug…


    1. both perhaps?

      The fact is…i watch and see lots of mundane things that wind up here…some are converted into kink, some are just “dressing”…*smiles*


    1. thats quite an offer Sam–not so sure you have room in that yurt…..and i am not overfond of the odor of camels…..


    1. i was in a yurt once. for an hour or less but they are neat. energy efficient. i think there is a vacation place in NH or VT wherre you can rent a yurt raather than the more traditional cottages… sounds like fun…someday. scusde typos–today is left handed reply day per the Masters rules.


  2. Just one bit of caution here. If you do end up in a bathroom as you have mentioned, just be aware of the lip at the door that prevents water from getting out of the bathroom, since the shower area just the entire bathroom. When you trip over that lip, it hurts like a son of a gun. I am sitting here picturing you hoping around grabbing your toes, trying to keep your balance with your massive heaving chest, and in my mind it is quite funny. Tip

    1. i have to type with just one hand tonite-Master humor- but let me`say, Tip–is there more than a wee bit of Sadistic Bastard in ya??!!! i did laugh, but geeze….you tops think your funnah..don’tcha???


  3. Your Master knows just how to get you, doesn’t he? I love that about him…

    As for using my adventures in your stories – you are more than welcome to them. I know you’d NEVER put anyone from RL in one of your stories… {bursts out laughing…}

    Did you pick your green tomatoes and fry them? Make them into green tomato marmalade? Or green tomato ketchup??? Surely you did, right??



    1. i know this will be a disappointment to you…but i didn’t. Told the wifey about green ketchup and she got this green look on her face, commingled horror and grossed-out-ness.

      They’re up there making new soil for next year (aka compost!!)


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