Lap Dance

just a note…i’ve recently joined WordPresse’s  PostADay Challenge…yanno, since i post every day anyway. Giving a lot of thought to doing NaNoWriMo, but not sure i can stay with a single theme for 30 days! I’ve got 10 days to make that decision, so for now, just enjoy this little bit of naughty…

and …oh my….

here be dragons…if you are afraid of them, just turn away now…!

She lay on the bed, spread wide. Her cunt throbbed, ached for release.

She stared through tear-blurred eyes at the closed bedroom door. Gods He was so pissed. She blinked, and the tears joined others, running in rivulets down the sides of her face. She sniffed, swallowed, coughed, tried to rub the tickle of them off her face, but her arms were too widely apart to make appreciable contact.

The door opened and He stood there, staring at her.

He was fully dressed.

“Need to cum?” His tone was brusque.

“yessir,” she whispered.

“You were a bad girl.”

“yessir,” she breathed slowly, trying to hold back the tears. “i am sorry, Sir, so so so sorry…”

“Yes,” he said, matter-of-factly, “you are, and you will continue to be. Contrition can be a good quality. You will receive your punishment shortly.”

He turned and strode out the door. In a second, she could hear His footsteps clattering down the stairs, and into the kitchen.

She heard, because she was straining to, the clatter of His keys, and the back door opening.

He had left her here? Alone, tied to the bed?

That violated every rule about their D/s. Okay, she’d fucked up, but still….she felt the first surge of true anger when His car started up and the engine purred out of the driveway.

That fucking asshole!

She strained at her bonds, but knew she was caught tight. The ropes around wrists and ankles were intricately woven cuffs, the loops slid up and over the tall posts on the bed. She was stuck.

She started to cry, sobs pulling up from her belly. Tears of remorse and anger flooded her. So caught up was she in her misery, that she never heard the sound of nails on the stairs, and cried out in shock when a cold, wet nose was pressed against her underarm.

Her eyes flew open and she stared in surprise at Bogo. “You don’t belong up here, you know better, boy,” she said, as he looked at her with dark, soulful eyes.

He leaned against the bed, his snout snuffling along her arm, up to her armpit. He loved the scent of her, and would often nuzzle her there when she sat on the couch.

Now, naked, the cold nose and snorted breath tickled. A giggle escaped, and she wiggled and writhed to get away..

“Bogo! No, no, stop…”

Thinking it was a new game, Bogo leapt up to the bed, straddling her. His long, long tongue fell out of his mouth, and he slurped from the side of her overhanging tit up to her armpit.

“OHMYGAWD” she giggled, writhing. “Down, Bogo, get downn”…yet his seeking tongue, lapping at her tender, ticklish underarm convulsed her into giggles once more.

He tasted a tear, and immediately followed the trail of it, from her neck, up the side of her face, and over her eye.

“Bogo!” she began, then coughed and turned her head as his lapping tongue entered her mouth briefly.

He licked her face carefully, tenderly, until every tear was gone. Following the tear-tracks down the other side of her, he discovered a pool around the base of her throat and neck, and spent time nuzzling her. So good was it, that he sat down on her.

Her breath came out with a whoosh, as his full mass lay upon her.

“Bogo, ogg…off” she gasped. He weighed a solid 97 pounds, and she felt every pound of him on her small frame.

Reluctantly, he rose again, sliding to one side of her. And discovered another armpit. He snorted and snuffled and licked to  his delight and her torment.

She screamed, and Bogo lifted his head, when another canine nose touched the bottom of her foot.

“Nonononononononoooo…” she moaned, as Oho, Bogo’s brother, snuffled her foot, her leg. In a trice, he was up on the bed with his brother. Bogo went back to work lapping her arm, her breast, and back up to her throat. Briefly the two dogs touched noses over her belly, then Oho began sniffing her pussy.
“NO! OHO, no no no…bad dog, go…go down…” her words were cut off as Bogo once more tongued her mouth. She twisted her head to the side attempting to evade the questing tongue, even as she felt Oho’s tongue slide up her slit.

She was soaked; Master had brought her to the edge two, three times, and let her hang. He’d laughed as she’d humped at the air, seeking release, the bastard.

Bogo went back to her armpit, tickling the fuck out of her. Giggles and writhing erupted, as his long tongue went back to work, and shrieks of the turn on of having a hot tongue slicking along her pussy.

He hit her clit and she arched up. Both dogs stopped and stared at her a moment, then Oho dropped his head, determined to consume more of the delightful taste.

Bogo found no more sweat or tears and rose, stretching. The relief from the tickle torture was immense, at least until he turned and began investigating what his brother was doing.

“nonononononooooooooo” she moaned as two tongues fought for the taste of her slick wet flesh. Flashes of intense shock as a long tongue grazed her clit, as a cold wet nose snorted and snuffled lower, sniffing under her ass and lapping furiously at the juices that had slid into her asscrack.

She came, hard.

The sudden surging of her juice had both dogs in a licking frenzy, driving her over the edge again. Her body locked in a furious orgasm, she trembled as they continued the terrible torture. She was so fucking sensitive after cumming, yet the tongues would not relent.

She needed a break, needed them to stop….Yet here she was, tied and helpless. And Master was…

“Enjoying yourself slut?”

Her eyes flew open. He stood in the doorway, leaning against the jamb with a huge smile on his face. The dogs heads whipped up, staring at their Master.

“Downstairs you two,” he said, flicking his hand in a simple gesture. In a flash, both dogs were off the bed and skittering downstairs.

Her pussy throbbed. She was covered in dog spit, and her own cum. She was turned on, and embarrassed.

No, humiliated.

Which is precisely what He’d planned, no doubt.  Lesson, learned.

“You left me here,” her voice was husky and low.

The smile that crossed His face was pure sadistic bastard. He shook his head.

“I was here the entire time, slut.”

“but i heard the car…”

“Parked in front of Ed’s house.”

He’d parked at Ed’s house. Ed, who lived next door. And snuck back here and….

“You let the dogs in.” Her shock shone through her words. She’d thought they’d merely taken advantage of the situation. Instead, it was all a part of His punishment, the wiley bastard!

“And you loved it, you little slut.”

“Yes Master,” she replied, flushing deeply.

“Little doggie lap dance there…”

and He laughed as he closed the door and began to undress.

19 thoughts on “Lap Dance

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  2. IT has been a while for dragons and well worth the wait.

    When I saw where the story was going I had to stop and black out my windows, make sure my firewall was up and use a proxy to disguise my location in case the bestiality police were lurking about some where…..hehehehe


    • LOL! Around here it is the unannounced company walking into the room that get me! Oh, and Wolf says the reason this one isn’t dragonworthy for me is that I write too many werewolf stories.

  3. That was an excellent story with all the right combination’s of sex, lust, and just enough pervey thought to keep me smiling. Nilla strikes again!!!!

  4. Wickedly good story ~~ funny that this was on my mind not 20 minutes ago..I had no idea you’d written this. whew~ embarrassed is too light for how I feel!

  5. Good one! I was wondering if he had had someone ELSE drive his car away and have him still inside. So, I was close. As for the dogs, if they are man’s bets friend, what are they to you now after what they ‘did’ to you? Hmmmmm……….. (*wink*)

    • You were one up on everyone else, i think! one of the ‘crown jewels” of bondage rules…though your partner might *think* you are gone, never, ever leave them alone.

      don’t even get me goin’ on my pooch fantasies….*laughs*

      glad you enjoyed!


    • And good morning to you madjesterxxx….i see a theme in the stories you are reading… :)…Guess i need to get back to one of “those” tales…or is that “tails”…?


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