More about Hair

Ya’ll (please note proper usage of this term!!) remember when i took a poll about a month ago regarding cutting my hair, right?

Actually, i was very surprised at the quantity of votes…and the overwhelming majority were for cutting it.

Appointment was set for the night before i went to visit aisha.

That Sunday (after the poll, before the haircut) i had time with Master. We were necking in His car (mmmm–nothing like a bit of D/s necking! pinches and kisses, pussy-punching orgasms, and fingernail “bites” up my butt crack…).

Okay, i’m getting all turned on remembering. *breathing slowly*

It’s dark, we’re in a parking lot where all the stores are closed. We’re in the back corner of the lot. Private, quiet, secluded. We have but an hour together before i need to head back and pick up the kiddo.

And we were all over each other. Needy, greedy. It’s been a while since our last “behind closed doors” and will be a long while before we get there again.

These little visits are stop-gap measures to keep us sane.

We’re turned towards each other, looking at each other, when He twirls His finger.

“Turn around.”

Compliant, i turn my back to Him. His hand strokes down my hair, once, twice. Then He grabs a giant fistful of it, wrapping it around His hand like a rope, and pulls me back onto His lap. He pulls down and down, so that i am bent into an arch over His legs. My knees draw up and open, trying to hold my balance, as He bends my head and neck back.

Open, exposed.


He whispers, almost to Himself, i think. He’s consented, and He doesn’t go back on His word, not ever.

“God I love your hair.”

Soft words drifting down to me where i lay, controlled by His fist in my tresses.  It wasn’t long after that, that His free hand began pinching and twisting my tits and nipples,  then finger fucking me, all the while still pulling my head, hard.

Yet the words vibrated inside of me.

And i knew then that, no matter the polls, the votes, and His “okay” to cut it, that i wasn’t going to go through with it.

i don’t think anything i’ve ever done for Him has pleased Him more.

i guess this post isn’t really about my hair after all.

It’s really about pleasing Him. And that’s what this lifestyle is all about, at least from the view looking ‘up’…., right?

It is about putting aside my wants;  being His true submissive in the ways that i can be. And i’ve found, more and more often, that pleasing Him, pleases me.

Since we aren’t a 24/7 live-together couple, these little things that i can do, be it forgoing a haircut, or not having an orgasm….those are tasks which satisfy a need in me to offer myself to Him.

In my thought process, it means more (to me) that i’ve given that submission in such a way that i’ve suppressed my own desires in order to serve Him as a submissive.

What a convoluted way to say what i really mean……in giving up something, i get something better.