More about Hair

Ya’ll (please note proper usage of this term!!) remember when i took a poll about a month ago regarding cutting my hair, right?

Actually, i was very surprised at the quantity of votes…and the overwhelming majority were for cutting it.

Appointment was set for the night before i went to visit aisha.

That Sunday (after the poll, before the haircut) i had time with Master. We were necking in His car (mmmm–nothing like a bit of D/s necking! pinches and kisses, pussy-punching orgasms, and fingernail “bites” up my butt crack…).

Okay, i’m getting all turned on remembering. *breathing slowly*

It’s dark, we’re in a parking lot where all the stores are closed. We’re in the back corner of the lot. Private, quiet, secluded. We have but an hour together before i need to head back and pick up the kiddo.

And we were all over each other. Needy, greedy. It’s been a while since our last “behind closed doors” and will be a long while before we get there again.

These little visits are stop-gap measures to keep us sane.

We’re turned towards each other, looking at each other, when He twirls His finger.

“Turn around.”

Compliant, i turn my back to Him. His hand strokes down my hair, once, twice. Then He grabs a giant fistful of it, wrapping it around His hand like a rope, and pulls me back onto His lap. He pulls down and down, so that i am bent into an arch over His legs. My knees draw up and open, trying to hold my balance, as He bends my head and neck back.

Open, exposed.


He whispers, almost to Himself, i think. He’s consented, and He doesn’t go back on His word, not ever.

“God I love your hair.”

Soft words drifting down to me where i lay, controlled by His fist in my tresses.  It wasn’t long after that, that His free hand began pinching and twisting my tits and nipples,  then finger fucking me, all the while still pulling my head, hard.

Yet the words vibrated inside of me.

And i knew then that, no matter the polls, the votes, and His “okay” to cut it, that i wasn’t going to go through with it.

i don’t think anything i’ve ever done for Him has pleased Him more.

i guess this post isn’t really about my hair after all.

It’s really about pleasing Him. And that’s what this lifestyle is all about, at least from the view looking ‘up’…., right?

It is about putting aside my wants;  being His true submissive in the ways that i can be. And i’ve found, more and more often, that pleasing Him, pleases me.

Since we aren’t a 24/7 live-together couple, these little things that i can do, be it forgoing a haircut, or not having an orgasm….those are tasks which satisfy a need in me to offer myself to Him.

In my thought process, it means more (to me) that i’ve given that submission in such a way that i’ve suppressed my own desires in order to serve Him as a submissive.

What a convoluted way to say what i really mean……in giving up something, i get something better.


19 thoughts on “More about Hair

  1. And isn’t that the essence of life?

    i love when you talk about your real life, ‘Nilla. Only partly because there are no mean police officers or cunt-licking dogs in your real life… mostly because I appreciate your insight.



    • i do have a dog in real life….

      *dramatic pause*

      but no, he’s not a cunt licking pooch. He’s way more interested in cat food than pussy.

      This was a great comment, made me smile, laugh, and nod at the compliments….You are such a great friend, and funnah, too!


  2. I’m giggling at the comments from Aisha and Sam here. Tentacle sex and the dogs. (Please Nilla do a Pomeranian next!)

    I totally get what you say here about the submission to be found in giving something, in suppressing your own desires to give something he wants.

    And I agree with Aisha, btw, that I like the stories about your real life.

    • i appreciate teh feedback.

      You will grin, knowing that i’ve been trying to figure out a way to “make it work” with a Pom. Driving home from grocery shopping the scene playing out in my head, i finally “got it”…so at some point…there will indeed be a pomeranian…and i hope you cum with laughter tears leaking from your eyes!!


  3. To add to the others, I like your hair, all of your stories and being a fan of H.P. Lovecraft I even like tentacles. OK, I like the whole package!

    • *grinning*

      i appreciate your ‘fandom’!!! and there is an aspect of tentacles that i do find hot (partly its the bondage aspect, of course.)

      Remittance Girl wrote a dynamic piece some time ago…if i can find it again, i’ll link to it…i found it so compelling that it got me over the “squick” of it…


  4. Tentacles bring out my inner Warrior Woman and I swing my sword to cleave the mass of writhing tentacles from the body of the beast.
    Then I bread them and fry them and serve them to Bill, because as much as I hate tentacles, he likes them (for supper) and it pleases me to please him.

    *Warrior Woman bows, sheaths her sword, and does the dishes.*

    Love you,

    PS Your hair is beautiful.

    • *laughing*

      i can so so so so SO picture you donning your flaming sword and slicing them to ribbons. And really? I wrote Sea Witch while being totally squicked about the idea.

      now? Not so much. Not sure it will ever be a complete erotic turn on for me…but it’s at least over 50 per cent now….and hell, if you feed ’em to Bill, then naught is wasted.


      You are sweet about my hair. i am overly vain about this one thing. Yet, i also appreciate, and know, that i am blessed becaause Master likes it enough to not make me cut it.


  5. Amazing that in most Vanilla relationships- pushing the “wrong” buttons is what most people do best- but in D/s.. the smallest of selfless acts.. like not cutting your hair when it means so much to your Dom, brings the most joy. It is why I love Master and this lifestyle and why I am so complete content in my choice to be his slave.

    Great Posting! and I agree with Donna- your hair is beautiful!!


    • i appreciate your commentary, faithful. it is in those littlest of acts, i think that is our “proving ground”…because sometimes the small acts are the ones that are almost harder to budge on…finding that place of acceptance and peace that comes from it…that is what the lifestyle is all about, to me at least.

      i trust Him to take care of me…and seeing to HIS needs is almost payback in kind, i think.


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