Her head throbbed where His hands had grabbed gobbets of hair. Using them as handles, He drove her face relentlessly onto His cock. Her pussy throbbed in time to the drumbeat in her head, yet she held posture.

His cock was hard and heavy and hot in her mouth.

Her jaw ached from the strain of keeping teeth away from tender flesh, her lips were rubbed raw from the repeated scraping of each hard thrust.

Her throat gagged and trembled each time the head of his cock slipped lower, slipped deeper.

He paused, cock buried in her face, fingers clenching hard in her hair. He groaned, and she sucked slowly, gently, pulling air out of her mouth and adding suction.

His groan grew louder.

“Goood, good cocksucking slut…” and He ground His pelvis hard against her face. Her nose was smushed against crinkled hairs, tickling her and making her want to sneeze. The faint taint of piss came to her, along with the musky smell of cock.

He pulled out and she gasped a fast breath. She knew, from experience, that now He would fuck her face like a cunt, hard, fast, deep, without curcease until He came.

Each thrust was a torment of twisted pleasure and pain. Her throat grew sore with the scraping of cock on tender flesh, and her repeated gagging.

Her pussy was dripping now- she felt it splash onto her ankles. He fucked her mouth harder, and it was all she could do to stay upright. Her hands were bound to her thighs, her knees were sore.

She felt the telltale tightening, tasted the first drips of cum. He ripped out of her mouth and stepped back, spouting gouts of cum onto her face, her tits, her hair.

“Cumslut,” He grunted with each expulsion, until she was coated in His juice.

He freed her left hand. “Find it, and eat it all, slut,” His voice was dark and hard as He sat back into His chair and watched her capture each line of cum, and eat it like the hungry whore she was.