A Dream

Thursday night i had trouble sleeping. Bone-tired from a very physical day moving furniture and reorganizing, i had a happy little smile on my face…and i wanted to sleep so badly.

And i couldn’t. Earlier i’d spoken to Master, briefly. And we texted a few more times. And i lay there, and tried to spin a fantasy, but couldn’t–i was that tired.

i texted Him one last time, and He sent this little “song” He hums to me when He wants me to sleep –just the first six words-and with a smile in my heart, i fell deeply into sleep, feeling Him there ‘with’ me.

And woke with Him with me too. Just as i began to return to awareness, i caught the tail end of a dream…

He opens the door after my third knock.

“hi Master,” i say. Always a bit nervous, a bit shy, and a lot happy as that door opens. What happens behind it…oh my.  Knowing that when i cross that threshold, i’m Master’s plaything–there to please Him in whatever way He chooses, always brings a nervous flutter to my tummy…and wetness between my thighs.

He threads His hand through my hair and pulls my head back. Forgoing my mouth, He kisses my throat, licks up to my ear, turning my head by that fist locked in my locks.

Hurts and feels so fucking good.

His lips slide down my neck to where my shoulder curves in and He nips. A painful, ouchy nip. Nuzzling under the edge of my shirt, He nips again. And a third time.

It fucking hurts, yet i’m panting like a bitch in heat, my pussy is throbbing and wet.

Releasing me, He takes my bag, putting it into the bathroom, and turns back to me.

i see the gleam in His eye.

“what….?” i inquire, my voice husky with lust, mingled with nerves. Already the Lion has begun to show in Him, biting and licking at me. i’m so turned on i can barely stand.

“What are You…”

and suddenly He is grabbing my wrist, and i understand. He’s not going to let me get all “huggy and kissy” on Him, not attempt to score coup in our little game of that. Well, my little game of it, anyway.

Dipping under His arm, i attempt to pull away, but His grip is like iron, and now i hear the scriiiiiiip of the velcro cuffs.

“no no no no…You Bastard! That’s cheating,” and suddenly,  i’m giggling and struggling. But one wrist is cuffed before He releases me.

The Lion loves to play with His food. He loves stalking His prey. Glancing quickly around the room, i take in the bed, the small couch, the chair. There’s a nook behind the desk, but i’ve learned that lesson.

Aha! If i go into the little lane beside the bed, i can roll over and across it and fly into the bathroom…and  suiting actions to words, i sprint across the room.

He makes a grab for me, misses. Likely intentionally, just to lull me. With a giggle, i slip into that little lane, and wait. He’ll think He has me trapped, i think to myself, trying to not let my ‘plan’ show in my face.  He knows how my mind works, and it’s likely not much of a plan, but–it’s all i’ve got!

He’s blocking off the entry to that little ally way, and His eyes are glinting. Thus far He’s not said a single word. He looks at my face, smiles as i bite my lip nervously.

We wait a heartbeat.

And another.

On the third, i leap across the bed.

He pounces, and i am caught under Him. Giggling, struggling, i am quickly rolled to my belly, my other arm captured, wrist cuffed to the other behind me.

“Hello, little girl,” He says at last.

He shifts on me, turning  to sit on my ass, facing my feet. His hands pull up my skirt, then move over my bare butt, pinching and kneading.  i know this is merely foreplay, as i squeak and writhe under His incredibly hard-gripping fingers.

A line of bruises will soon appear from those ‘nipping nails’ and i feel myself growing wetter with every painful pinch. He shifts again, and i feel His warm breath on the back of my thigh, and then His teeth, biting hard.

Arching up i cry out, but He continues to feast on me. A bite, a lick. His hand slides down my leg, grips my ankle.  Slowly, ever so slowly He slips off my shoe, my sock.

“Great shoes, little girl.”

i feel His breath on my ankle as He bends my leg back towards His lap…..

of course this is where i wake up, before the biting of my feet, before the tickle torture…we know it’s going to happen, but the scene faded to black, and my eyes opened.

is it any wonder i started the day with a big ol smile on my face?


Post Script, Monday evening

Sunday i had a bit of “face time” with Master. Dontcha know that the foot scene played itself out a bit IRL? We closed Starbucks, and He walked me to my car. Intense pinches and deep kisses, little muffled squeals and standing on tiptoes as He worked on my underarms, tickling and pinching.

He spins me about and shoves me into the backseat of my car, then grabs my ass.

Every time my head popped up…He shoved it down. My leg was bent at the knee so that my heel pressed against my ass.

“Oh, what’s THIS?”  He says with a smile in His voice.

Rut roe.

i cannot move. Head almost on the floor, body bent over my daughters carseat, i’m pinned. He loosens the sneaker, pulls it off with a naughty laugh…and begins to tickle and torment the bottom of my foot.

Upside down, i’m giggling and groaning and writhing, and trying to push up…unsuccessfully, until finally, He relents.

i almost pissed my skirt.

Dear Gawd, that Man knows exactly where to touch to bring me to my knees.

Isn’t that grand?